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Shell Shock

Original airdate March 1998

Actually, this team-up started at the end of the episode Save Our Ship. Astronema is pondering how to get rid of the Power Rangers for good. “I’ve got to work smarter, not harder. Beat these Power Rangers at there own game.” Then she sees a turtle of a near by pedestal and gets and idea. She tells Elgar to lock the Satellazers on New York City. “New York City?” asks Elgar. “Any place in particular?” “Just the sewers,” Asronema replies.

Elgar blasts a New York City manhole with the Satelazer, which causes it to burst open. Five green lights fly out of the open manhole and materialize into the five heroes on the half shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Donotello asks his brothers and sister if they care to guess what just happened. Raphel says that someone is up to no good.

Now we’re to the beginning of Shell Shock.. Astronema teleports to the bewildered Turtles, bringing some Quantrons and Elgar with her. She introduces herself and says that she wants the Turtles to destroy the Power Rangers. Raphel laughs and says that the Power Rangers are “Pretend. You know, comic book.” (Look who’s talking.) Leonadro adds, “Even if they were real, why would we want to destroy them?” “Becasue,” says Astronema, “as of now, you work for me.” Then she puts the Turtles under a spell with her wrath staff.

The next morning, on the Megaship, Andros is teaching the new Space Rangers how to pilot a Galaxy Glider. The lesson is interrupted when DECA announces there’s a monster draining the power from the Angle Grove Power Plant. “So much for a training session,” Andros says. He shows the Rookie Rangers how to go down the jump tubes and morph on to the Galaxy Gliders.

The new guys get the hang of their Gliders immediately and the Space Rangers make it to the Power Plant with out anyone falling off or crashing. Their fight with the monster, Electrotrap, isn’t as smooth. The monster kicks their butts with no problem at all. But when Electrotrap is about to finish them off with a ball of electricity, five green lights appear in front of them and deflect the ball. When the smoke clears, the Rangers are shocked to discover their rescuers are none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “You want Rangers,” says Leonardo, “you have to go through Turtles.”

With their Ninjistu and Shniobi fighting moves, the Turtles kick Electrotrap’s sorry butt. Electrotrap fires a ball of electricity at the ninja reptiles, but Leonardo catches it. Leonardo throws it to Raphel, who throws it to Michelangelo. Michelangelo puts it on his head and Donotello uses his bo as a golf club to hit the ball to Venus. Venus kicks it at Electrotrap and makes him explode.

Cassie, Ashley, Carlos, and T.J. rush over the Turtles congradulate them on their victory. They can’t believe that they’re real. The Turtles say they couldn’t believe that the Rangers are real either, but since they are real, would they mind taking them back to New York. The four Rangers say sure, but Andros isn’t so sure that’s such a good idea. He thinks it was a little too coincidental that the Turtles showed up right when the Rangers needed them. T.J. tells Andros to lighten up and then tells Alpha to teleport themselves and the Turtles on board the Megaship.

Once on the Megaship, the Turtles begin asking questions about how it runs. This makes Andros even more convinced that they are up to no good. His suspicions are confirmed when he sees Donotello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo reprogramming DECA into an evil surfer-dudette. The three Turtles chase after Andros, intending to capture him, but Andros gives them the slip by climbing up a ladder into an upper level of the ship.

Meanwhile, Cassie, Ashley, Alpha, Venus, and Raphel, are on the Bridge. Suddenly, the Megaship changes course and its defenses are lowered. Venus and Raphel confess to being behind the act and proclaim that the Megaship is “Now officially a green machine.” Astronema then appears on the Bridge with an army of Quantrons and orders them to take the Megaship. The Quantrons and Turtles capture Cassie, Ashley, T.J., Carlos, and Alpha, and Astronema tells DECA to set a course for the Chanta Galaxy.

After the four captured Rangers are tied up in the cargo hold, Astronema contacts Dark Specter to tell him that she’s successfully captured all the Rangers and their ship. She suggests that Dark Specter use the Megaship to destroy the Rangers. Dark Specter calls the ides ‘poetic.” Leonardo then breaks the news that the Turtles haven’t found Andros yet. Astronema tells Leonardo to find him or else she’ll throw all the Turtles into the nearest black hole.

Andros, meanwhile, is hiding in the corner of the cargo hold, using his telekinesis power to slide a cutting tool across the floor and cut T.J.’s bounds. Unfortunately, Andros drops the tool before he can free the others. The noise of the tool hitting the floor attracts the Quantrons who are guarding the Rangers. T.J. easily holds them off, while Andros frees Ashley, Cassie, and Carlos. The five Rangers race for the jump tubes and are soon pursued by Leonardo, Venus, and Raphel. The Rangers jump down the jump tubes and into the safety of the shuttle before the tree Turtles can catch up with them. The Rangers launch the shuttle and blast away from the Megaship. Astronema orders Donotello to turn the Megaship around and go after them. Just as the Megaship catches up with the shuttle, they both fly into a reverse polar ice magnetic field, which causes Astronema’s spell on the Turtles to break. As soon as Astronema realizes the Turtles are good mutants again, she orders DECA to self-destruct the Megaship and teleports away with her troops.

The Space Rangers, meanwhile, land on a planet and leave the shuttle (Why? Who knows.). Astronema and her Quantrons apear in front of them. “You left without saying good-bye,” Astronema says. “So I’ll say it. Good-bye.” The Quantrons take that as their signal to attack.

Back on the Megaship, the Turtles are frantically trying to return DECA to normal before the Megaship blows up in twenty seconds. Donotello has one more wire to put back in place, but he can’t remember which wire it is, the blue or the green. Venus uses her Shinobi powers to help him remember that it’s the mean green wire. Donotello plugs the wire back in and a back-to-normal DECA aborts the self-destruct sequence with only a second to spare.

Back one the battle field, Astronema takes out her boomerang and throws it at the Space Rangers. It knocks them down and knocks their weapons out of their hands. The Turtles arrive on the scene and pick the Rangers’ weapons up. The Rangers think the Turtles are still enemies, but to their surprise, the Turtles hand back the weapons. “The green machine has gone clean,” declares Leonardo. The Rangers believe them, even Andros.

Astronema tells her Quantrons to “destroy them all” and the battle resumes. The ten heroes divide into five groups of two-Leonardo with Andros, Venus with Carlos, Donetello with T.J., Raphel with Ashley, and Michelangelo with Cassie-and kick some serious Quantron butt. When it’s all over, the Quantrons are in a pile and Astronema is steaming mad. She tells the Turtles and Rangers that none of them has seen the last of her and returns to the Dark Fortress with her troops.

Cassie says “But I thought you guys were..” “On her side?” finishes Rahpel. “How could we fight against ladies as pretty as you two?” asks Michelangelo, kissing Ashley’s hand. “Besides we good guys have to stick together,” says Leonardo. He extends a hand toward Andros and laughs nerviously. “Right?”

Andros thinks for a moment, then shakes his hand. “Right.” Both Turtles and Rangers cheer.

Venus then points out that “It’s a long space walk to New York.” T.J. once again offers to take the Turtles home in the Megaship, then offers Venus his arm. Venus takes it and the couple leads the Turtles and Rangers back to the shuttle. Later, back on the Megaship’s Bridge and back in the Earth’s orbit, the Turtles and Rangers prepare to say good-bye. T.J. says that he’s sorry the Turtles got mixed up with Astronema. Leonardo says it was a great chance to get out of the sewer and see the universe. Donotello apologizes to DECA for reprogramming her. “No hard feelings, right?” DECA says she’s not programed to hold a grudge, but then she sends an electric blot from a control counsel to Donotello’s shell and shocks him good. “For long, at least.”

Michelangelo asks the Rangers if he could do one last thing before he goes. Andros tells him to name it. The next thing we see is all five Turtles out in space riding the Rangers Galaxy Gliders having the time of their lives and shouting their trade mark “Cowabunga!”



This episode had a lot of humor in it (I especially liked how Mikey hit on Astronema, Cassie, and Ashley) and it was great to see the Ninja Turtles and the Space Rangers team-up. The plot was good to. I liked how the writers of this episode brought the two groups together.


The Turtles were given new voices and Donetello was given a new personality that were completely different than the ones they had in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. (Donnie went from genius to total ditz. Leo did too, a little bit, come to think of it.). They should have used the same voices for this episode as they did for the series and the characters should have kept the same personalities.

Astronema had never been to Earth before this episode and did not announce to the Earthlings that she was the Rangers new nemesis. So, why when she told the Turtles her name, Venus say “Astronema? The Princess of Evil?” How could Venus have known who she was?

Overall raiting: 8 out of 10

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