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Forever Red

Original airdate October 5th, 2002

We begin this story on the moon, where the last handfull of the Machine Empire's Cogs are busy digging out the long burried Serpentara. Their work is being overseen by the Empire's last generals, Gerrock, Teleza, Steelon, and a quiet robot I will call Fire Mattallo (He isn't named in the episode or in the credits). Unknown to them, their actions are being watched by Andros, the Red Space Ranger. At least he remains unkown until he accidently knocks some rocks down a cliff. The noise atracts Steelon and Gerrock who then chase Andros on horseback. But Andros is able to make a getaway on his galaxy glider.

Later on Earth, everyone's favorite bullies turned heroes, Bulk and Skull, are talking about old times at Bulk's pool side restaurant, Bulkmier's, when they recive a mysterious phone call for a costomer who's relaxing by the pool.

In Turtle Cove, the Wild Force Rangers are enjoying some time off when a stranger shows up looking for Cole. The stranger introduces himself as Carter Grayson, Red Lightseed Ranger, and wants Cole to come with him for a spechial mission.

Carter takes Cole to the NASADA spaceport, where Cole is reunited with Wes Collins, Red Time Force Ranger, and Eric Myers, Quantum Ranger. Also there is the Red Time Force Ranger, TJ Jhonson, and Andros.

When Cole asks what's going on, Andros explains that they were all asembled by "a veterian Ranger, our leader for this mission." At that moment, the costomer from Bulkmier's shows up. It's none other than Tommy Oliver, the Red Zeo Ranger. Tommy thanks all the Rangers for coming on such short notice and explains that Andros has tracked down the remains of the Machine Empire and that they are on the moon prepareing to invade Earth. Cole asks how are they suposed to get to the moon. Andros then shows the group his new ride, the Astro Megaship Mark II, fresh off the construction yyards of KO-35.

Tommy points out that the mission will be dangerious and that he won't force anyone to go. But of course, being the selfless protectors of Earth that they are, all of the Red Rangers anounce that they're not backing out.

Andros asks Tommy if there is another Red Ranger on Earth. Tommy says that there is, but it doesn't look like he's going to show up. But then a motercycle pulls up riden by the very first Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott, ready for action.

Meanwhile, on Mironoi, the five Quasar saberes await the day when they will be needed again. But today, only one will be callled into action. The one pulled by Red Galaxy Ranger Leo Corbbet.

On the Astro Megaship, the eight Red Rangers and Alpha 7 are in the briefing room. Tommy gives the team a brief explanation about the Machine Empire, how the Zeo Rangers stopped thier invasion of Earth by destroying King Mondo, and about General Vinjix's plan to invade Earth with Serpentara.

Once on the moon, the eight Red Rangers storm Vinjix's hideout. Vinjix sicks the Cogs on them, but they are no match for them. Each Ranger uses his fighting skills to kick (or in Carter's case, shoot)the crud out of the Cogs.

Carter sees the five generals sneak off to board Serpentara and he leaves the fight to stop them. Vinjix is about to finish Cole off, when out of nowhere Leo and Red Alien Ranger Aurico, riding Leo's Jet Jammer, swoop down, grab Cole and carry him to a temporarily safe spot. The other Red Rangers quickly rush over to join them.

Leo powers down and tells Andros that he and Aurico came as soon as they could, but that's all he can say before the generals find the Red Rangers. Vinjix is surprised that there are now ten Red Rangers challenging him.

One by one, the unmorphed Rangers morph then split into five groups to kick some baddie butt. Cole takes on Vinjix, but quickly gets clobbered. Then Jason steps in to show the rookie how it's done and clobbers Vinjix.

Elsewhere Tommy and Wes are dukeing it out with Gerrock. They bash him around for awhile before Tommy finishes him off with a Zeo flying power kick.

Teleza has her hands full with Eric and Aurico. She sends down a rock slide to crush them, but they easily escape it. Then Eric gives Teleza a farewell gift with his Quantum Defender.

Leo and TJ are locked in battle with Fire Mattallo. Fire Mattallo leaps up into the air and fires down on Leo. As he comes down, Leo leaps up out of the cloud of dust and slashes him. TJ finishes Mattallo off with his Turbo Lightning Sword.

It's a shootout between Carter and Andros and Steelon. The two Red Rangers shoot at the evil general as they duck and dodge the shots he fires at them. They finaly get close enough to do a little bit of martial arts on Steelon and kick his blaster out of his hands. Carter and Andros then say bye-bye to Steelon with their own blasters.

Back to Jason, Cole, and Vinjix. Cole sends a blast from his Crystal Dagger that blasts Vinjix in the chest. Vinjix descides that enough is enough and jumps into Serpentara. He fires it up and take off.

Cole and Jason rejoin the other Red Rangers. Carter says that Serpentara has to be stopped before it leaves the moon and Cole knows just how to do it. He calls for the Wild Force Rider and takes off after Serpentara. Vinjix fires Serpentara's lazer at Cole, who dodges it. Vinjix fires again, but this time Cole doesn't dodge. He flies forward and pushes the lazer beam back into Serpentara's mouth, destroying it and Vinjix.

Later on Earth, the human Red Rangers(Aurico must of gone home already) are congradulated by Tommy on a job well done. With those famous words "May the Power protect you" he turns around and leaves. Cole smiles and says. "So that was Tommy? He realy is the greates Ranger." All the other Red Rangers laugh and TJ's like, "I wouldn't go that far. After all, I was the one who replaces him." Then all the others add their two cents

Jason: "I was the one doing all the work while he was in the Juice Bar kissing on Kimberly."

Carter: "Yeah. Well, at least his haircut's regulation now, right?"

Eric:"My Q-Rex would eat his Dragon Zord for lunch."

Leo:"He never discovered new galaxies."

Wes: "Wait I changed history. So why does he have a fan club and I don't?"

Andros: "Hey I saved two worlds. What about that?"

TJ:"Wait, wait, wait. Did I ever tell you guys about the time I got baked in that giant pizza?"

All other Red Rangers: "Yes."


This was an extreamly well done episode. I espechialy liked the fights with the Cogs and the generals. Whoever coreographed them did a really good job. They were really cool. And I thought that that little piece at the end where all the Red Rangers were boasting about their acomplishments was really funny.

Tommy and Andros are my favorite Red Rangers and in my opinion the most ledgendary Rangers of them all. Seeing just them together in an episode would be a real treat.(Too bad they didn't fight side by side in this episode.) Having the other Red Rangers included was an added bonus.

I've read comments from other Ranger fans saying that they didn't like the way that Serpentara was destroyed. I didn't think it was too bad. Man! That Wild Force Rider is one sweet bike.

I was surprised when I read the credits and discovered that Vinjix was voiced by Archie Kao (Kai), Gerrock was voiced by Walter Jones (Zack), and Teleza was voiced by Catheriene Sutherland (Kat). I never would have guessed. The generals' voices saounded nothing like theirs.

The only thing I didn't like about this episode was that they used costumes from BeetleBorgs for the five generals. I mean, come on. BeetleBorgs may have been gone for awhile, but people still remember what they and their baddest villian look like. (Vinjix's costume was the evil Shaddow Borg. Steelon's was Dragon Borg, Gerrock's was Green Hunter Borg, Teleza's was Lady Borg, and Mattallo's was Fire Borg's.) It just ticks me off that they didn't make new costumes for the villians, even if they had to make them out of parts of other costumes. That would have been better than just re-using five whole costumes.

Raiting 9 1/2 out of 10.

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