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Miscellaneous Pictures

Below are pictures I found on the web or drew myself and posted just for fun. Enjoy.


These two drawings are of the Crimson Rider, a character I created in one of my Fanfics.

Power Rangers

Before acting together in the Red Ranger Team-Up Forever Red, actors Christopher Khaymen Lee (Andros) and Sean Johnson (Carter)graced the same set in the series Safe Harbor.(Chris was one of the series leads, Sean was a guest star.)

Pictures provided by Craig's All Purpose Power Rangers Site

DragonBall Z/GT

It's amazing how some voice actors look so different from their characters. Below are a group of actors who provide voices for some of the DBZ characters. From left to right: Kyle Herbrt,(Gohan, Narator, and World Tournament Anouncer) Chris Sabat,(Vegeta, Piccolo, and Yamcha) Laura Baily, (Young Trunks) Kara Edwards, (Young Goten and Videl) and Sean Schemmel (Goku and King Kai)

Picture and info provided by: PoJo's DragonBall Page


Here's a pic of the first and second season Digidesdens are all grown up. Tai has become a diplomat for the real and digital worlds, Matt has become an astronugt and was the first man on Mars, Davis is the owner of a world wide noddle cart chain, Sora is a fashion designer, Joe is the digital world's first doctor, Mimi is a cooking show host, T.K. is an author, Izzy studdies the Digital World, Kari is a kindergarden teacher, Yolei, is married to Ken, Ken is a detective, and Cody is a lawyer.

Pictures provided by Digital

Lord Of The Rings

Below are some pictures I found from the upcoming Return Of The King movie.

Picture provided by Orlando Bloom Multimedia

Here's a funny picture on the Power Rangers Central message board. Have you ever wondered why Bush is so evil?

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