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Kingdom Hearts 2: Angel Grove

I got the inspiration for this as I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2. This is a Power Rangers level for KH2, and the first episode takes between the first Port Royale and the first Halloweentown episodes (if you’re going by the order of worlds in the strategy guide). This is the part of my Power Rangers level of KH2 that I wrote up last night. Enjoy and please tell me what you think.

Episode 1

(Scene: Maleficent’s Castle in Hallow Bastion. Pete is telling Maleficent about yet another foiled attempt to destroy Sora.)

PETE: ...And then that Jack Sparrow guy shot him. Barbossa thought he’d be okay ‘cuse of that curse on him, but then the Turner kid goes and cuts his hand and puts his blood on that cursed gold. The curse is gone.... and well, so is Barbossa.

MALEFICENT: And Sora, Donald, and Goofy live to further foil my plans. (She growls in frustration). Is there no one in this wretched universe who can defeat them? Squash them into pulp? Grind them.....

(She’s interrupted by her crow who caws as it flies through the window carrying a rolled up newspaper.)

PETE: What’s that?

(The crow drops the paper on the table. The words ANGEL GROVE DAILY are clearly seen along the top. The crow perches on Maleficent’s staff as Maleficent picks up the paper and reads it.)

MALEFICENT: I’ve been sending my pet from world to world to search for warriors who would make strong Heartless. We need people with strong hearts...(she smiles wickedly) and an ample amount of power.

(Scene: Gummi Ship cockpit. Sora, Donald, and Goofy have just made it through another Heartless Ship infested route to a new world. This one was a doozy, and the crew is relieved to have made it through).

DONALD: (sighing with relief) Whew. That was close.

GOOFY: Yeah, for a minute there I though we were space dust.

(Sora turns his chair around to face them)

SORA: Relax guys. You should know by now that you have nothing to worry about with me at the helm. I have fast reflexes and a sharp eye.

DONALD: Sora, watch out!
(There’s a loud thump! and the Gummi Ship shakes).

SORA: (spinning back around to face the view port) What was that?

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy peer out the viewport and see a red streak crash-land on a moon.)

GOOFY: Uh, was that a Heartless Ship?

SORA: (nervously) I hope so.

DONALD: It didn’t look like a Heartless.

GOOFY: We’d better go down there and make sure.

SORA: Uh..... um.. Okay. But let’s not tell ‘em it was us who hit ‘em.

DONALD: What do you mean, “us”?

(The words ANGEL GROVE appear on the screen as the Gummi Ship lands on the moon and disappears as Sora, Donald, and Goofy disembark. They walk across the moon’s dusty surface, heading for the thin column of smoke rising in the distance.)

SORA: Wow. I wouldn’t think a moon like this would have breathable air, or gravity. How is this possible?

DONALD: It just is. Don’t think too much about it, we’ve got more important things to worry about.

GOOFY: There’s the crash site.

(He, Donald, and Sora rush forward and soon see the Red Galaxy Glider stuck nose first in the dust. An unconscious and unmorphed Andros is laying about seven feet away. An Astroblaster is laying five feet to his left.)

SORA: Oh no. Please don’t tell me I killed him.

GOOFY: Don’t worry Sora. Look, he’s commin’ to.

(Andros begins to stir. Just then, Pete and two Armored Knight Heartless appear in a flash of swirling black light.)

PETE: Rise and shine, Pretty Boy.

(The Armored Knights roughly haul Andros to his feet and hold him by the arms.)

ANDROS: Let me go.

PETE: Hmm. You don’t look as tough as Maleficent said you’d be. Can’t imagine you’d make a very strong Heartless.

ANDROS: Heartless?

PETE: Yeah, stripe-head. We’re going to take that goodie-good heart of yours and make it into a fearsome creature, like these guys here (he gestures to the Armored Knights).

SORA: Not today, Pete.

(Pete whirls around and sees Sora, Donald, and Goofy standing by the wrecked glider, weapons out and ready to fight.)

PETE: (groaning) Oh, you doofuses again. Can’t a guy get a break?

GOOFY: You let that feller go right now.

PETE: And what are you going to do if I don’t?

(While Pete’s talking, Andros focuses on his Astroblater and uses telekinesis to levitate it and float it closer to him).

PETE: (still talking to Sora, Donald and Goofy) You’re gonna fight me? Ha! You pip-squeaks wouldn’t stand a chance.

SORA: We’ve beaten you before.

(Andros maneuvers the blaster so that it’s hovering just to the right of one of the Armored Knights).

PETE: I was taking it easy on you then, but this time...

(The blaster fires, hitting the Armored Knight and causing it to release Andros. The blaster fires at the second Knight who also lets Andros go. Andros grabs the blaster out of the air and shoots Pete, who lets out a yelp and falls on his butt.)

PETE: Wha.. How did you... That’s not...

ANDROS: (chuckling) Mess with a Power Ranger and you’ll learn quickly that we’re not so easily taken down.

PETE: (groaning and getting up) Mess with Pete and you’ll learn he has more than one trick up his sleeve. Heartless!
(Several Heartless materialize and surround Andros)

ANDROS: (As the Heartless are closing in) This all you got? (He extends his arm) Let’s Rocket! (He morphs into the Red Space Ranger).


SORA: Cool.

PETE: Flashy lights and fancy costume ain’t gonna save your butt. Attack!

(The Heatless attack and Andros begins dispatching them with his Spiral Saber).

SORA: He’s way out numbered. Let’s get in there.

(Sora, Donald and Goofy battle their way though the Heartless to Andros’ side.)

ANDROS: Who are you?

SORA: Let’s just say we’re here to help you out.

(OBJECTIVE: Defeat the Heartless.
Player gains control of Sora and Andros joins the party as a character you can switch out for either Donald or Goofy. Fight until all of the Heartless are gone.)

PETE: Oooooo! You little punks.

ANDROS: It’s your turn, Pete.

PETE: Uh.. Well... (he doubles over) Ow! Oh, my back! (He’s obviously faking.) Ow! Oh, you four are so lucky my old battle wound is acting up. Otherwise I’d smack you around so hard, your little brains would go flying out of your heads. Ow! Just wait until next time. (He vanishes.)

(Andros turns around to face Sora, Donald and Goofy)

ANDROS: Thanks you guys.

GOOFY: No problem

ANDROS: Call me Andros. (He walks over to his damaged glider.) Ah man, what a mess. I’m gonna have to replace some of the parts before it’ll fly again. (He speaks into his wrist communicator) Astromegaship, come in. (Static) Guys, are you there? (More static). That’s weird.

SORA: Who are you trying to contact?
GOOFY: And what’s a As-tar-o Meega-ship?

ANDROS: It’s an Astromegaship and it’s where my friends and I keep a look out for any trouble in the galaxy.

DONALD: Can your friends transform, like you do?”

ANDROS: Yeah. All six of us are Power Rangers. We defend against the forces of Darkness led by Dark Specter.

DONALD: Who’s he?

ANDROS: A powerful being with thousands of followers, all bent on destroying the universe.

SORA: You Power Rangers sound a lot like us. We fight the forces of darkness, too. I’m Sora, that’s Donald and that’s Goofy.

ANDROS: Pleasure.

GOOFY: Hey, if you’d like, we can give you a ride on our ship.

SORA: Yeah. It’s the least we can do.

ANDROS: Thanks. (He looks again at his Glider) This is going to take some time to fix. It was rammed pretty had from behind by something. Felt like a ship. All I know is that one minute I was flying and the next, something hard slams into the back of my Glider. Must’ve been that Pete guy.

SORA: (Laughing nervously) Yeah. Must’ve been.

DONALD: Sounds more like some knuckle-head who doesn’t watch where he’s flying (he glares at Sora).

SORA: (whispering) Donald!

GOOFY: I’m sure whoever hit you is real sorry and won’t do it again (He winks at Sora). Now, let’s get this flying machine of yours loaded into our ship and get you home. Along the way, you can tell us more about your adventures.

ANDROS: Yeah sure. And you guys can tell me more about the evil you fight.


(Scene: Astro Megaship. Ashley and Zhane are on the bridge and looking over one of the consoles. They’re trying to get in touch with Andros.)

ASHLEY: Andros, where are you? Come in. (Static)

ZHANE: Deca, any idea what’s going on?

DECA: Some sort of interference is blocking the communication frequency.

ASHLEY: I’m going to try changing frequencies. (She starts pressing buttons on the console)

DECA: Unidentified ship approaching.

ZHANE: Put it on the main viewing screen.

(An image of the Gummi Ship appears on the main viewing screen as Cassie, TJ, and Carlos enter the Bridge)

CASSIE: Hey, what's that?

ZHANE: A ship. We think.

DONALD: (over the com frequency) Hello? Anybody there?

TJ: What was that?

DONALD: Hey, pick up already.

ASHLEY: Hmm. Sounds like more static, I'm going to try changing frequencies again.

ANDROS: (over com frequency) Don't. It's not static, just a new friend.


(Image on the viewing screen changes to Sora, Donald, Goofy and Andros in the Gummi Ship's cockpit)

ANDROS: Hey guys.

ASHLEY: Andros? Who are those guys you're with?

CARLOS: (eyeing Donald and Goofy): And what are they?

ANDROS: They're defenders of good from another galaxy. They helped me out on the moon and were kind enough to give me a lift back. They wanted to meet you guys.

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy wave hi)

(Sometime later, Andros leads Sora, Donald and Goofy onto the Bridge. Sora, Donald and Goofy look around the room in awe.)

SORA: Cool ship.

ANDROS: Guys, these are my friends and fellow Power Rangers, TJ, the Blue Ranger, Cassie, the Pink Ranger, Carlos, the Black Ranger, Ashley, the Yellow Ranger and Zhane, the Silver Ranger. Rangers, these are Sora, Donald and Goofy

TJ: (shaking hands with the new arrivals) Welcome aboard.

SORA: Thanks

TJ: So what brings you to this part of the universe?

SORA: Some trouble from our neck of the woods has come your way. His name's Pete and he works for this evil sorceress named Maleficent. They're trying to take over the universe with these creatures called Heartless. We're trying to stop them.

GOOFY: Don't forget about Organization 13.

SORA: Oh yeah. These guys in black robes, known as Organization 13, are making trouble on other worlds, too. But we don't know what their goal is yet.

CASSIE: Great. As if we don't have enough trouble with Astronema.


SORA: Who's that?

(Andros looks at the floor, suddenly sad)

CASSIE: Dark Specter's right hand and the one leading the attacks on our home planet.

CARLOS: Think this Pete guy will go to her to form an alliance? Or to Dark Specter?

SORA: Knowing Pete, that's probably what he's doing right now.


(Scene: The Moon. Pete stands before Dark Specter. Astronema, in her mind-controled cyber form, stands close behind Pete and Darkonda and Ecliptor sand behind her.)

PETE: It's all plain and simple, your excellency. Maleficent. can turn those do-gooder Rangers into Heartless for you, and then you're free to take over everything and everybody.

DARK SPECTER: Your proposition is an intriguing one, but what do you and your mistress get out of it in return?

PETE: Why, the satisfaction of making the universe a miserable place where evil reins supreme. What more can a guy ask for?

DARK SPECTER: What indeed? Very well, you'll work with Astronema, and if everything goes as you say it will, you will find yourself handsomely rewarded. However, if I find you're trying to double-cross me, or you fail me, you'll regret the day you first drew breath. (He breathes fire in Pete's direction)

(Pete gives a yelp of terror)

PETE: Eh, understood, sir. And never fear, those Power Rangers will be out of your hair by sundown. (He turns and walks out of sight)

ASTRONEMA: Are you sure it's wise to trust him, Dark Specter?

DARK SPECTER: The services he's offering are too good to pass up.

ECLIPTOR: But you're Majesty, I already have a plan to destroy the Power Rangers that's already been set in motion. We don't need the help of that buffoon and his witch.

DARKONDA: And what makes you think this plan will work better than any other other of your failed plots, Ecliptor?

ECLIPTOR: At least I have a plan, Darkonda.

DARK SPECTER: Quiet, both of you. I'll have no more of your petty rivalry. Your plan, Ecliptor, is a good one, but it could use Maleficent.'s touch. But all of you, keep an eye on her, and that bloated assistant of hers. If you catch even the slightest whiff of treachery from either of them, destroy them.

ASTRONEMA: As you wish, Dark Specter.

(On the other side of the moon, Pete is talking with Maleficent.)

PETE: (laughing) That Dark Specter. What a sucker.

MALIFICENT: We can turn him and his flunkies into Heartless just as soon as we're finished with the Power Rangers. But tell me, what do you know about that one called Astronema?

PETE: Well, she's cute and she's pretty wicked from what I've heard about her.

MALIFICENT: She may serve wickedness, but there's something about her. Something ...pure.

PETE: About her? No offense, Maleficent., but your witch's sense must be a little off. (Maleficent. glares at him and he cowers) But then, who am I to know? Heh.

MALIFICENT: I want her turned into a Heartless as soon as possible. I won't take the chance that her purity will ruin our plans.


(Scene: Astro Megaship workbay, next morning. Andros and Ashley are repairing Andors’ Galaxy Glider while TJ, and Zhane are repairing some other equipment while Goofy watches. Carlos comes in with a data pad. A yawning Donald walks in after him.)

TJ: (tightening down a nut with a wrench) There. Now all we have to do is connect a couple of wires.

ZHANE: (Mumbling) White wire goes here, purple wire goes here..

GOOFY: (grabbing a red wire) Where’s this one go? (He looks around, then plugs the wire into a nearby opening)

ZHANE and TJ: Goofy no!

(Zap! Goofy yelps as a bust of electricity sends him flying. He crashes into Donald and they both hit the wall and slide to the floor. Goofy lands on top of Donald)

GOOFY: Ah yuk. Mornin’ Donald. Eh, sorry about that.

DONALD: (groaning) Ah, it’s too early in the morning for this. (He looks around) Hey, where’s Sora?

ASHLEY: Cassie took him out to teach him how to ride a Galaxy Glider. They should be back soon. (She wipes the grease of her hands with a cloth.)

ANDROS: Good news is my Glider’s fixed now. Maybe I’ll join them to sure everything’s working properly.

DONALD: (shoving Goofy off and getting up) Everything still quiet down below?


DECA: My scanners detect no abnormal activity.

(The door slides open and Sora rushes in, followed by Cassie)

SORA: Ah, man. That was so sweet!

TJ: (putting some tools away and turning to Cassie) So I take it the training session went well?

CASSIE: Very well. Sora’s a natural.

(Sora blushes, then smiles)

(An alarm sounds)
DECA: A large number of Quantron’s and unknown monsters are invading the NASADA building in Angel Grove.

DONALD: Unknown monsters?

SORA, DONALD, and GOOFY: Heartless!

ANDROS: We’ll find out once we get down there. (He looks over at Donald and Goofy.) You two are going to have to double up on our last spare Glider. I’ll give you a crash course in flying on our way to NASADA. (To everyone) Let’s go, guys.

SPACE RANGERS: Let’s Rocket.

(Scene: NASADA. The Power Rangers, morphed, and Sora approach the building from the air on their Galaxy Gliders. They jump off the Gliders and land in the shadows to the side of the building.)

ZHANE: Everything looks quiet.

CARLOS: Too quiet.

(The Space Rangers and Sora peer through a window and see Quantrons and various Heartless rounding up the NASADA employees.)

SORA: Heartless. And I take it those silver things are Quantrons.

ASHLEY: Yeah. But don’t underestimate them just because they look like scrap metal.

ANDROS: They’re gonna be in a few minutes. Let’s get in there. But, quietly, guys. We want to take them by surprise.

SORA: (looking around): Hey, has anybody seen Donald and Goofy?

CASSIE: (Pointing skyward) There they are.

(Goofy and Donald’s glider dives out of the sky. Its riders scream as it narrowly misses hitting the Rangers, smashes though the window and barrels into several Quantrons before finally coming to a stop. Goofy and Donald moan.)

DONALD: Ooooh. Goofy, you klutz.

GOOFY: Well, Andros said it was a crash course.

(Both cry out as Quantrons and Heartless close in on them. Meanwhile, outside....)

ANDROS: So much for a sneak attack. Let’s go.

(He, the rest of the Space Rangers, and Sora jump in though the window and begin attacking bad guys. The Heatless and the Quantrons forget the civilians for the moment, allowing the normal humans to flee toward the doors. One of the scientists runs up to Sora.)

SCIENTIST: One of those monsters went into or main computer room. You have to go after him. All our important research is stored in there.

SORA: We’ll take care of it. Now go. Hurry. (He calls out to his friends) Donald, Goofy, come on.

(Donald and Goofy follow Sora into a corridor that forks off in three directions)

SORA, DONALD, and GOOFY: Ummm...

DONALD: Which way are we supposed to go?

GOOFY: Perhaps we should go back and ask for directions.

ANDROS: Hey guys.

(The trio turn to see Andros pointed to the corridor to the left)

ANDROS: It’s this way.

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy follow Andros down the left corridor.)

GOOFY: Are you sure the others are going to be okay?

ANDROS: They’ll be fine. What I’m worried about is what’s waiting for us in that control room. We have to be careful or we could end up walking right into a (several Heartless materialize in front of him) trap.

(Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Andros fight their way through the Heartless and Quantrons that appear later to the control room. They enter cautiously, but as far as they can see the room is empty)

GOOFY: There’s nobody here.

(A figure moves in the shadows)

SORA: Huh?

ANDROS: Show yourself.

(Blasts of energy shoot out from the shadows and strike all four good guys. With a sinister laugh, Ecliptor emerges with his sword pointed directly at his victims)

ECLIPTOR: One little Ranger and three oddballs. It’s almost not worth my time to destroy you.

ANDORS: (Leaping to his feet) Laugh it up while you can, Ecliptor. We’re taking you down.

(Sora, Donald, and Goofy slowly rise to their feet, still feeling the sting of Ecliptor’s attack.)

SORA: (wincing) Hard.

(Andros, Sora, Goofy, and Donald fight a tough battle and eventually defeat Ecliptor. Wounded, the black and green bad guy stumbles from the room)

ECLIPTOR: You may have beaten me, but your friends won’t be so lucky.

ANDROS: After him.

(Ecliptor shoots green lightning out of his hand and causes the wall to collapse, creating a barrier between him and his foes.)

SORA: We’re gonna have to go around.

ANDROS: This way, quick.(He leads his friends out another door. He speaks into his communicator.) Rangers, come in. (Static) Zhane, Ashley, anybody. (More static). Uh! That interference again.
(Scene: NASADA lobby. The other five Space Rangers are still fighting Heartless and Quantrons. The Scientist who talked to Sora is standing on a long balcony overseeing the fight with a broad smile on his face. Suddenly the “scientist” transforms into Darkonda. Ecliptor stumbles over to him)

ECLIPTOR: What are you doing here? You were supposed to have ambushed them by now.

DARKONDA: I’m waiting for the opportune moment. That’s all.

ECLIPTOR: Oh? And when is the “opportune moment?”


(He dematerializes and bonds with Ecliptor. Ecliptor’s body dematerializes and reforms into Darkliptor. Darkliptor jumps off the balcony and before any of the Rangers can react, he freezes them in blocks of ice. Darkliptor laughs manically as Andros, Sora, Goofy, and Donald enter the room)


GOOFY: Who’s that?

DARKLIPTOR: The name’s Darkliptor, the fusion of the great Darkonda and that fool Ecliptor. (He laughs again.) At least he was good for something. (He crosses his swords). Now, about you four... (He advances toward the good guys)

(Sora raises his keyblade and casts a fire spell at Darkliptor. The blast sends Darkliptor out the front window. Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Andros follow and attack Darkliptor. A long and very difficult fight ensues, but in the end, Darkliptor is defeated and is forced to revert to Darkonda and Ecliptor. Ecliptor collapses.)

DARKONDA: (panting and chuckling) The victory is yours today. But tell me, is it worth the price? (He laughs and disappears).

(Andros bolts back into the building).

DONALD: What was that jerk talking about?

SORA: (after thinking for a second) Oh no! The Rangers!

(He, Donald, and Goofy race back into the building. Inside, they find Cassie, Zhane, Carlos, TJ and Ashley thawed, but laying motionless on the floor. Andros is racing from Ranger to Ranger, trying to revive them.)

ANDROS: Guys, wake up! (He gently shakes Zhane, then Cassie) Talk to me please.

SORA: What’s wrong with them?

ANDROS: I don’t know. I can’t wake them.

(A sinister cackle echoes though the room and our heroes turn to see Malificent emerge from the shadows with a jar filled with five glittering orbs in her hand.)

MALIFICENT: They won’t wake. (She holds up the jar) Their hearts belong to me.

SORA: Malificent, this time you’ve gone too far.

(Astronema steps out form the shadows)

ASTRONEMA: Oh no, little boy. This is only the first step of our evil plan. You’ve yet to see how far we’ll go. (looking over at Malificent) Turn those hearts into Heartless.

ANDROS: Karone, no. Listen to me. Those hearts belong to your friends, the ones who trusted you, gave you a second chance. Don’t let that witch do this.

MALIFICENT: (eyeing Astronema suspiciously) Karone? I thought you were called Astronema.

ASTRONEMA: I am. (She taps the jar with her wrath staff) No more wasting time. Do it.

MALIFICENT: It will be my pleasure.


(He shoots Malificent’s hand with his Astroblaster. Malificent shrieks and drops the jar. It rolls into a corner. Sora rushes after it.)

MALIFICENT: Stay back, boy. (She disappears, then reappears between Sora and the jar. She snaps her fingers and four Armored Knights appear by her side.) You’re not stopping my plans this time.

SORA: We’ll see about that.

(Sora, Donald, Goofy and Andros fight Malificent and her Heartless. Once they’re beaten, Andros picks up the jar and opens it. The hearts inside float into the air and return to their owners’ bodies. The five fallen Rangers slowly begin to come around. Meanwhile, Malificent is laying on the ground in a heap and panting. She slowly rises and faces Astronema.)

MALIFICENT: You…Why didn’t you help?

ASTRONEMA: This was your mission, not mine. Besides, why should I help a worthless failure?

MALIFICENT: (Growling) I’ll be back, <i> Karone</i> once I’m done conquering the rest of the universe. Then, you’ll pay, I promise you. (She disappears)

(Astronema points her wrathstaff at Andors, who is asking his fellow Rangers if they’re okay, Sora, Donald and Goofy)

ASTRONEMA: Now for you.

DONALD: Not so fast, lady (He quacks and fires a lightning bolt at Astronema)

ANDROS: Donald, no! (He jumps between Donald and Astronema. The lightning bolt his him in the shoulder. He falls to his knees as the other good guys cry out in horror.)

ASHLEY: Andros!

(Andros groans and puts a hand on his injured shoulder. Behind him, Astronema’s cold gaze suddenly softens. She lowers her staff.)

ASTRONEMA: (whispering softly) Andros, you… Why did you do that? You could’ve…

(Ecliptor, unnoticed by everyone else stumbles into the room. Seeing Astronema, he approaches her, grabs her waist and pulls her away from Andros.)

ANDROS: Karone!

ECLIPTOR: Time to leave, my princess. (Both he and Astronema vanish)

(The rest of the Space Rangers, Sora, Donald, and Goofy gather around Andros. Zhane and TJ help him to his feet)

ZHANE: You okay?

ANDROS: I’ll survive.

DONALD: Why’d you do that Andros? Why’d you jump in front of her? She was trying to kill us!

ANDROS: Because, she’s my sister.

SORA, DONALD and GOOFY: Your what?

ANDROS: My sister. She was taken from our home planet when she was little. She was taught to be evil and molded into Dark Specter’s Princess of Darkness. When she discovered the truth about who she really was, she came back to the side of light. But she was kidnapped again and brainwashed.

CASSIE: Sorry, guys. We should’ve told you sooner.
(Images of Riku flash across Sora’s mind. First of Sora and Riku playing together, then of Riku in his Dark Form)

SORA: (whispering) Riku. (Louder) Andros, I’m so sorry about your sister.

GOOFY: You’ll just have to un-brainwash her. Shouldn’t be too hard. Did you see the look on her face when you took that hit for her? I’ll bet my shield that your love for each other will break through all that darkness that’s making her bad.

ANDROS: You make it sound so easy.

GOOFY: Sure it’s easy. Love can conquer anything. Even the darkest darkness.

(The jar that held the Rangers hearts starts to glow and rise into the air. Sora zaps it with his keyblade as the outline of a crown appears underneath his feet.)

CARLOS: What was that?

SORA: That’s our signal to leave. This world should be safe from Heartless now. We need to move on to their next target.

TJ: You guys take care. And good luck.

SORA: Thanks. And if you guys need us, just give us a call. We’ll be there.

DONALD: And I’ll drive, so you don’t have to worry about Sora smashing any of you guys.

SORA: Donald!

ANDROS: Wait. That was you? You rammed into me?

SORA: (chuckling nervously) Sorry.

Episode 2

(Scene: the Gummi Ship cockpit. Sora, Donald, and Goofy have returned from their second visit to the Land of the Dragons and are preparing to re-visit Port Royal. Suddenly an alarm rings.)

CHIP: We’re getting a distress call from the Power Rangers.

DALE: It sounds bad.

SORA: Put it through.

(An image of Andros, morphed, battling a massive battalion of Quantrons in downtown Angel Grove appears on the screen.)

GOOFY: Yikes!

SORA: Andros!

(Andros kicks away a Quantron.)

ANDROS: Sora? (A Quantron grabs him from behind)

DONALD: What’s going on down there?

ANDROS: Angel Grove is under a massive attack. (He manages to throw the Quantron off of him) We could use some help. We’re overwhelmed. (More Quantrons close in on him)

SORA: We’re on our way!

(A short time later, in downtown Angel Grove, the Space Rangers are struggling to defeat the seemingly endless flood of Quantrons, while keeping the fleeing citizens safe. TJ and Cassie managed to take out some, but then are shot from behind by three others. Zhane and Carlos are fighting back to back. Then suddenly, three Quantrons grab them and hurl them to the ground. Another Quantron slices Ashley and sends her crashing into a car window. Andros is soon by her side.)

ANDROS: Are you okay?

ASHLEY: I’m fine. Look out!

(Four Quantrons advance toward the two Rangers. Andros rushes forward to meet them. He holds his own against them, but then three more join the fray and pin him to the ground. Suddenly, bolts of fire and lightning strike all the Quantrons and knock them out. The Rangers look up to see Sora, Donald and Goofy rushing toward them

GOOFY: You guys okay?

ZHANE: We’re fine. You guys got here just in time

(The Rangers’ communicators beep)

ANDROS: Go ahead Deca.

DECA: There are still more Quantrons in the city. They are attacking various sections in large squads.

ANDROS: Then we’re going to have to split up to stop them. Donald, go with Cassie and Ashley to the plaza. Goofy, you’re with Zhane. Head to the office district. Carlos, you and TJ help evacuate the residential district. Sora, you’re with me at the docks. (Sora nods in agreement). Be careful you guys and good luck.

TJ: Hey, don’t worry.

ZHANE: Yeah. There’s only a gazillion of them. How hard can it be to take them down?

(The heroes chuckle and part ways. A little while later, Sora and Andros arrive at the docks. I front of them, at least a thousand Quantrons are attacking people and tearing up property right and left.)

SORA: Oh man! Andros, how many Quantrons does your sister have?

(Sora and Andros fight the Quantrons. But there seems to be no end of them. After several hours, both fighters are exhausted and more Quantrons are closing in on them.)

SORA: (groaning) Don’t these guys ever give up?

(The sky suddenly grows dark and thunder booms. An image of Dark Specter appears on the sky like a film on a movie screen.)

SORA: Who’s that?.

DARK SPECTER: I am Dark Specter, Monarch of all that is Evil. This planet and all who live on it now belong to me. Bow before me, and I will spare your lives. Resist me, and you will be destroyed.

ANDROS: We’ll never bow to a creep like you!

DARK SPECTER: (eyes narrowing on Andros) Never? Perhaps you’ll change your mind after you’ve had a taste of my power.

(With a roar, Dark Specter throws his hands in the air and brings them down. Immediately, flaming meteors rain from the sky, destroying cars and damaging buildings. Several people, including Goofy, are nearly hit by them.)

ANDROS: We’ve got to stop him.

SORA: Right.

SORA and ANDROS: Galaxy Glider, hang ten!

(Their Galaxy Gliders fly down to them. The two young men jump on them and fly toward Dark Specter hovering on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere.)

DARK SPECTER: (laughing) You’re fools to think you can challenge me.

(Andros and Sora battle Dark Specter. The battle is long and difficult, and in the end, Andros and Sora are unable to beat him, but their attacks have done considerable damage.)

SORA: This guy’s tough.
ANDROS: Don’t give up, Sora. We can beat him.

(Suddenly, a Velocifighter shoots across the sky toward Dark Specter’s back. Sora notices that there’s some sort of gun attached to it.)

SORA: What’s that?

ANDROS: Oh no. It’s a super torpedo. It can destroy a planet.

(The torpedo fires and hits Dark Specter in the back. Dark Specter screams in pain and glows red and yellow.)

DARK SPECTER: Who dares fire upon me?

(The Velocifighter streaks past Andros and Sora and they see that its Darkonda in the cockpit.)

DARKONDA: (laughing) That would be me.

(Dark Specter gives a cry of pain and outrage, then disappears. Darkonda steers his ship toward the Dark Fortress, oblivious to Andros and Sora’s presence.)

DARKONDA: Now to take care of Astronema and Ecliptor. Then nothing will stand between me and total control of the universe. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! King Darkonda. Has a nice ring to it. Now, say good-bye, Astronema.

(Suddenly, Dark Specter reappears in front of Darkonda’s Velociflyer.)

DARK SPECTER: Darkonda, you vile traitor.

(Darkonda screams as his Velociflyer flies into Dark Specter’s open mouth. Both beings explode in bright red light, sending Andros, Sora, and rocky debris hurtling toward Angel Grove. Meanwhile, in the Dark Fortress, Astronema and Ecliptor are looking, horror-struck, at the spot where Dark Specter had been.)

ASTRONEMA: Dark Specter destroyed? That’s not possible.

(A small, purple orb floats toward Astronema. It floats in front of her face for a moment before she grabs it. Purple streaks engulf her body and she cries out. After a second, the streaks disappear.)

ECLIPTOR: My princess?

(Astronema looks at him. Her eyes are now purple.)

ASTRONEMA: Princess? I am the Queen of all Evil. (She looks out at Earth). And the universe is mine for the taking.


(Scene: A Back Alley, Downtown Angel Grove.)


GOOFY: Hey, Sora!

(Sora slowly opens his eyes and sees Goofy and Donald standing over him. He moans softly and puts a hand to his head.)

SORA: Guys? What happened? (He moans again) Ow! Why does my head feel like it was hit by a Large Body?

GOOFY: (helping Sora sit up) You took a really bad fall. Don't ya remember?

SORA: I remember taking off with Andros, then we battled Dark Specter..(He gasps as the rest of the battle comes back to him.) Dark Specter! He was destroyed.

DONALD: Yeah. We saw bits of him fall from the sky. Nearly hit a few people.

SORA: So now who's in charge?

ZHANE: Astronema.

(Sora looks over Goofy's shoulder to see Zhane, Cassie, T.J, Carlos and Ashley, unmorphed, standing near the end of the alley.)

SORA: Hey, are you guys okay?

(The Rangers hang their heads, sadly.)

T.J: We're all right, but....

CARLOS: The Quantrons have gathered up all the civilians in Angel Grove. They're holding them in the plaza.

CASSIE: We were forced to retreat. The Quantrons overwhelmed us.

SORA: (Slowly standing up) As long as we're all okay, we still have a chance at stopping Astronema. (He looks around) Where's Andros?

ASHLEY: While you were out, Astronema publicly announced that she was now the Queen of Evil. After that, Andros sent word that he was going to sneak aboard her Dark Fortress. He said that with Dark Specter gone, he might be able to get through to his sister and convince her to stop the invasion.

GOOFY: Look!

(The others look toward where he's pointing and see the Dark Fortress descend from the sky. It hovers over the plaza.)

T.J: Come on.

(The good guys sneak behind a fountain at the top of some cement stairs just at the edge of the plaza. A ring of Quantrons is guarding a large group of scared looking people. At the same time, Astronema and Ecliptor materialize on top of a tall building nearby.

ASTRONEMA: People of Angel Grove, this is Astronema. The rest of the universe has surrendered to me and now I control this planet as well. You miserable, worthless lives are now mine to do with whatever I wish. I could have you all destroyed right here and now. But I will spare you on one condition; that the so-called Power Rangers, the ones who failed to save you, surrender to me.

(T.J turns to his friends.)

T.J: We don't have a choice, guys.

(The others sadly nod.)


T.J: Sora....

SORA: You can't surrender. What hope does this planet have if you do?

DONALD: Sora's right.

T.J: We appreciate your concern guys, but this isn't your fight. Go back to your ship and leave this universe while you can.

(Sora, Donald and Goofy step in front of the Rangers and block their way to the plaza.)

SORA: We're not letting you do this.

(Astronema, meanwhile, is growing impatient.)

ASTRONEMA: Power Rangers, you are cowards. You would sacrifice this whole planet. I'll ask one last time, where are the Rangers?

(The civilians murmur nervously)

ECLIPTOR: Apparently, they are going to keep them hidden from you.

ASTRONEMA: (to the crowd) As you wish. Let the destruction...

BULK: Wait! (The crowd parts as Bulk steps forward.) I am the Blue Ranger.

(Skull walks over and stands by his side.)

SKULL: I am the Black Ranger.

(One by one, Prof. Phenomonus, Adele, a middle-aged woman, and a middle aged man make their way to Bulk and Skull's side)

PROF. PHENOMEMOUS: I-I am the Red Ranger!

ADELE: You can call me the Pink Ranger!

MAN: And I'm the.. uh.. Silver Ranger!

WOMAN# 1: And I'm the Yellow Ranger.

(Another woman steps out of the crowd)

WOMAN #2: I'm a Ranger, too!

(Shouts of "I'm a Ranger" echo through the crowd as the real Rangers look on in amazement.)

ASHLEY: I can't believe this.

T.J: Incredible.

SORA: See, guys. This is why you can't surrender. Too many people believe in you.

(Meanwhile, back up on the rooftop, Astronema is looking angry.)

ASTRONEMA: Fine then. Destroy them all!

(Astronema and Ecliptor shoot purple and green bolts from their weapons at the civilians while the Quantrons move in to attack.)

CALOS: Hold it right there!

(Everyone turns to see the Rangers, Sora, Donald and Goofy standing on the fountain)

T.J: We are the Power Rangers.

(The crowd murmurs in amazement)

ZHANE: Ready?

RANGERS: Let's Rocket!

(In a flash of light and smoke, the Rangers morph. The crowd cheers wildly.)

SORA: You've gone too far, Astronema. You and your cronies clear out now.

ASTRONEMA: I don't take orders from the likes of you.

ZHANE: Then you leave us no choice. Are you ready, guys?


ZHANE: Let's do it.

(The Rangers, Sora, Donald, and Goofy leap from the fountain and begin attacking the legion of Quantrons, who slowly start to close in on them and overwhelm them like before.)

BULK: (to the civilians) Come on, let's get in there! Who's with me?

(The crowd shouts in agreement and start to attack the Quantrons. Ecliptor and Astronema watch, nervously, from their rooftop perch.)

ECLIPTOR: Let's get back to the ship.

(Both he and Astronema disappear. Sora spots them leaving.)

SORA: (slashing a Quantron) Goofy, can you guys handle things here?

GOOFY: (hitting a Quantron with his shield) I guess so. Where you going, Sora?

SORA: To the Dark Fortress. I have a feeling Andros is going to be needing some back-up. Galaxy Glider, hang ten!

(Sora's battered Glider flies over to him. Sora jumps on and flies toward the Dark Fortress, which is retreating back to outer space.)


(Scene: Dark Fortress Hangerbay. Sora is sneaking around the hanger, avoiding the Quantrons inspecting and modifing their Velocifighters. Just as he nears the far wall, a pair of hands reach out of a doorway and pull him inside. Sora gives a muffled yell and starts to struggle.)

ANDROS: Relax, Sora. It's only me.

SORA: (muffled) Andros? (Andros lets Sora go. Sora turns around and faces him.) Man, am I glad to see you.

ANDROS: What are you doing here?

SORA: I came to help you.

ANDROS: You should be in Angel Grove helping the others.

SORA: They're doing all right now that they've got everybody in town helping out. You need somebody to watch your back. (He looks over Andros' shoulder and notices some strange looking objects on shelves along a far wall.) Hey, what's all that stuff?

ANDROS: They look like artifacts from the planet Eltare. (He points to a chest on the floor.) I think there might be something in there that can help us, but I can't get it open.

SORA: Allow me. (He taps the chest with his keyblade and it springs open. Sora reaches in and pulls out a red, lightning shapped charm.) There's something writted on this. It says "Forever Red." I think it might be a summons charm.

ANDROS: A what?

SORA: A charm that summons a powerful being in times of trouble. I'll test it out right now and see what we get.

ANDROS: Not here. We have to keep quiet until we find Karone. There's still a ton of Quantrons on this ship.

SORA: After we find her, then what?

ANDROS: Then we try and reach the good part of her that I know is burried underneath all that darkness. We talk to her, remind her of how good she is and that she's no longer under Dark Spercter's control.

SORA: Andros, (he pauses for a moment) getting through to your sister may take more than talking. We might have to fight her.

ANDROS: No! (Softly) I can't fight my own sister.

SORA: Yes you can, and I'll tell you why. Because she needs you to. About a year ago, my best friend Riku was also controled by darkness and I ended up fighting him, twice. I didn't want to, but I had to. Otherwise, the whole universe would've been engulfed in darkness, and Riku would still be a slave. It's the same way with Karone. If we don't do everything to stop her, she'll never be free. Do you understand?

ANDROS: (nodding) I do. Thanks. (He puts a hand on Sora's shoulder) Now let's go find her.

(Andros and Sora slip through the Dark Fortress, careful to avoid being seen by Quantrons. When at last they come to the corridor before the control room, they find their way blocked by several Quantrons and Ecliptor, who is giving them orders. None of the bad guys notice Sora and Andros.)

ECLIPTOR: (pointing to a Quantron) You, report to station 12.

ANDROS: We need to create a diversion if we're going to get past them.

SORA: I've got just the thing. (He pulls the Ukalalee Charm out of his shirt.) Give me strength.

(Stitch materializes and takles Sora)


SORA: Shhh! I'm glad to see you too Stich, but you've got to keep quiet. (He points to Ecliptor and the Quantrons) See those guys over there? We need you to distract them while my friend and I go into the control room.

STITCH: Okee-tabba.

(Stich leaps into the air and starts blasting away at the Quantrons with his lasers)

ECLIPTOR: What the....

(Stitch lands in front of Ecliptor)

STITCH: Aloah!

(Ecliptor tries to chop Stitch in half, but Stitch dodges every one of his blows. Finally, the little experiment grabs Ecliptor and hurls him into the wall.)

ECLIPTOR (moaning and getting up.) Destroy that thing.

(The remaining Quantrons close in on Stitch. Stitch blasts a few more before fleeing down the hall, Ecliptor and the Quantrons in hot pursuit.)

STITCH: Meega nala queasta. Ah ha ha ha ha!

ANDROS: (looking at the many blast marks on the walls.) Man, that thing does quite a bit of damage for being such a little guy.

SORA: Yeah, Stitch can be a one monster wreaking crew when he wants to be. Now, come on. Let's get to the control room.

(Sora and Andros sneak into the control room, only to find it empty.)

SORA: There’s no one here.

(Suddenly, a bolt of purple energy shoots out from the shadows and hit both Sora and Andros in the back. Both collapse and Astronema emerges into the light.)

ASTRONEMA: I don’t take kindly to trespassers on my ship.

ANDROS: (rising to his feet) Karone, you’ve got to stop this. Try and remember, I’m your brother.

ASTRONEMA: Victory is at my fingertips. You can’t stop me.

(She charges forward to attack. Sora jumps in front of her and blocks her spear-blow).

SORA: Karone, there’s still good inside you. You’ve gotta try and find it. Otherwise, we’re going to have to fight you.

(Astronema pushes Sora away.)

ASTRONEMA: There is no more good inside me, little boy. (A black and purple glow emits from her body.) I am filled with Dark Specter’s evil power. It was passed on to me when he was destroyed. Now I’ll use it to destroy you.

SORA (to Andros): We’ve got no choice. We have to defeat her.

(Andros says nothing for a moment)

ANDROS: I’m sorry Karone, but this is the only way to save you.

(Andros and Sora fight Astronema. They use every special move they have on her and use up all of their ethers and hi-potions, but it’s not enough. She still kicks their butts.)

ASTRONEMA: You see now how pointless it is to fight me?

ANDROS: We can’t take much more of this.

SORA: Wait! (He pulls out the Forever Red charm) We haven’t tried this yet. (The charm begins to glow.) Give me strength.

(The charm floats into the air and breaks into thirteen pieces and each piece morphs into a see-through Red Ranger. Soon, a near transparent image of every morphed Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin to Mystic Force is standing in a circle around Astronema. One by one they attack her, striking only once. When they’re done, they disappear and Astronema collapses to her knees. The purple and black glow disappears.)
ASTRONEMA: (gasping) No! Dark Specter’s power. It’s left me.

(Andros walks up to her)

ANDROS: Karone, are you okay?

(Astronema slashes Andros across the chest with her spear and sends him flying to the other end of the room.)

SORA: Andros!

(Astronema deals a hard kick to Sora’s stomach which sends him sliding out the control room door. As he exits, he’s seen by Ecliptor).

ECLIPTOR: You? What are you doing here?

SORA (slowly getting up): What happened to Stitch?

ECLIPTOR: The trog? Getting a sound thrashing by the Quantrons, I expect. I came back here when I realized he was only a distraction. I’ll deal with him once I’m finished with you.

SORA (holding up the keyblade): Bring it.

(Sora and Ecliptor fight for a few minutes. Ecliptor unleashed some new attacks, but Sora eventually gets the upper hand and destroys him. Sora turns away as Ecliptor explodes in a shower of sparks.)

SORA: Now to help Andros.

(Sora returns to the control room where Andors and Astronema are fighting. Astronema is winning. However, it’s clear that the Red Ranger is holding back. Astronema throws Andros through a wall, then slowly advances on him to finish him off.)

ANDROS: Karone, no!

ASTRONEMA: Good-bye, brother.

(She fires a bolt form her wrath staff. Andros raises his spiral saber to block the bolt and ends up deflecting it back at Astronema. Astronema is hit, and she slowly, gracefully collapses to the floor as both Sora and Andros watch, horrified. Andros rushes to his sister.)

ANDROS: What have I done? Karone? Can you hear me? Karone answer me, please! (No response) Karone? No!

(Sora walks over to Andros and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder.)

SORA: I’m sorry.

(Scene: Angel Grove Plaza. In the center of the plaza is a large pile of dismantled Quantrons and the pile is getting bigger as more and more citizens throw on parts of the Quantrons they defeated. All of the civilians are cheering.)

GOOFY: That’s the last of the Quantrons.

DONALD: We did it! We defeated them all!

(The Zhane, Cassie, TJ, and Carlos, all unmorphed, are celebrating with the civilians. Only Ashley, standing off to the side and likewise unmorphed, is looking sad. Cassie walks over to her.)

CASSIE: Any word form Andros?

ASHLEY: No. Cassie, I don’t think he’s coming back.

GOOFY: (pointing skyward.) Look!

(Everyone looks up and sees the Dark Fortress descending on the plaza)

CASSIE: Astronema. She’s won.

ASHLEY: That means…that Andros….

(The Dark Fortress lands, the main doors open and a landing ramp descends from the bottom of the doorway. Sora walks down the ramp, a sad expression on his face.)

GOOFY and DONALD: (excitedly) Sora!

(They rush up and hug their friend. Ashley is right behind them.)

ASHLEY: Sora, where’s Andros?

(Sora sadly gestures with his chin up the ramp. Andros is slowly walking down it, carrying his fallen sister. Once he’s at the bottom he lays her on the ground. Tears fall from his eyes and land on Astronema’s cheek. Then, Astronema starts to change. Her hair becomes blonde, her skin turns tan, and her armor disappears. She slowly opens her eyes.)

ANDROS: Karone?

KARONE: Andros? (She sits up.) How did I get here?

ANDROS: That’s a long story.

(The other Space Rangers rush in to hug Karone and Sora, Donald, and Goofy cheer.)

(Scene: Astro Megaship Bridge. The Space Rangers and Karone are facing Sora, Donald and Goofy.)

SORA: What are you guys going to do now?

ANDROS: We’re going to free the other planets in this Universe from the rest of Dark Specter’s minions. With Karone’s help, it shouldn’t take too long.

KARONE: It’s time I started making up for all the evil things I’ve done. I want to start by giving you this, Sora. (She hands Sora the Rising Hope key chain for his keyblade) It will greatly increase your keyblade’s magic and attack strength. I assure you, it will come in handy in your battle against the Heartless.

SORA: Thanks, Karone.

TJ: Don’t forget, you guys, if you need us, call us. We’ll be there.

DONALD: We will.

GOOFY: And you guys call us if you need any help.

ZHANE: We will. Take care of yourselves out there.

SORA, DONALD, and GOOFY: We will.

(The three heroes board the Gummi Ship and set off for their next adventure.)





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