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A Friend In Need pt. 1

On a distant planet called Edenoi, armored horned warriors on horseback, known as Plague Patrollers are forcing a group of robed slaves who are wearing gas masks to dig up poisonous gasses that are slowly destroying their planet’s atmosphere. A young man named Dex tells his grandfather, Lexian that he wishes he could pull his taskmaster’s horns out. Lexian tells him that he’ll get his chance someday.

Meanwhile, on a little planet we like to call Earth, Alpha 5 is moping around the Command Center. When Zordon asks what’s up, Alpha tells him that he has picked up a distress call from his home planet of Edenoi. Alpha is worried about the people there, especially his creator, King Lexian.

Lurking above the skies of Edenoi is the main reason for the inhabitants’ distress. It is a space ship that looks like an overgrown white spider. On the bridge of this Spider Base, the evil commanders, Nefaria, Double Face, Cyclopter, and Gork await the arrival of their boss, Count Dreagon. Soon, the door slides open and the Count waltz on to the bridge, after being heralded by his floating robot, Fact. Dreagon asks for a status report about Edenoi. Gork and Double Face tell him that the attack is going well and asks what the next move is. Dreagon says to destroy the planet.

Back on Earth Aisha is at the Youth Center talking to Kimberly on the phone. Poor Kim is in bed with a nasty case of the flu and Aisha is checking up on her. Kim says to say hi to the guys before saying good-bye to Aisha. Aisha joins Adam at a table near where Rocky and Tommy are sparing. After Tommy tosses Rocky to the matt, the two call it a day and join their friends. Billy joins them a few seconds later. He tells them that he just contacted Alpha to test the clarity of the new chip he installed in the Rangers communicators. For some reason, Alpha sounded sad. Tommy suggests that the team pay him a visit to cheer him up and the other Rangers agree.

On the moon, Zedd is watching Count Dreagon’s Spider Base blast Edenoi and complains loudly about it to Rita. Zedd reveals that he hates Count Dreagon even more than the Power Rangers and as long as he can remember the count has always been trying to one him up. Rita tells her hubby to take a chill pill. Finster is creating a brand new monster that will “blow the Earth right out of the sky.” Zedd asks since when have any of Finster’s monsters ever been able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Rita assures him that this time, the Rangers are kaput to which Zedd remarks “Deja vu”.

Inside the Command Center, Alpha has filled the Rangers on his home planet’s problem. Adam asks who inhabits the planet. Zordon answers that the inhabitants are called Edenoites and they are an intelligent and gentle race of people. Alpha adds that their leader King Lexian was the one who assembled him and was like a father to him. Aisha asks Zordon what they can do to help. Zordon says that there is very little they can do because Edenoi is so far away that there is a risk the Rangers might not have the full use of their powers if they go there. Tommy points out that taking risks never stopped them before. Billy asks if Earth falls under attack, will Zordon and Alpha be able to contact them and bring them home. Zordon says yes, thanks to the new chip Billy installed. Tommy says that they should go for it for Alpha’s sake. Zordon says that friendship is a powerful gift and commends his proteges for their courage.

After the Rangers morph, Zordon tells them that he is going to put them near the worst disturbances on Edenoi and tells them to expect anything upon their arrival. And with that the five Rangers teleport from Earth.

They land on a rocky mountain and a minute later are bombarded by random blasts from the Spider Base. The blasts barely miss hitting the Rangers. When the shelling stops, they hide between some rocks, figuring the stones will give some cover if the fireworks start again. Aisha spots some of the Edenoite slaves digging in the sand and draws her friends’ attention to them. Billy explains that pockets of poisonous gas lie just below the surface of Edenoi. Tommy and Aisha wonder why the Edenoites would want to dig up poisonous gasses.

The Rangers don’t get much time to figure that out before four Edenoites, three guys and a girl, show up. Their leader, Dex, demands to know what they are doing on Edenoi. Tommy explains that they come in peace, but Dex and his three friends, Donais, Ferrian, and Zarious, don’t believe them. They accuse the Ranger of being spies for Count Dreagon. The Rangers try to reason with the Edenoites, saying they don’t know who Count Dreagon is and they came from Earth to answer a distress signal. But nothing they say will sway the Edenoites.

“I call upon the powers of light and truth to become Masked Rider,” says Dex. “Ecto Phase activate!”

Dex transforms into the Masked Rider and declares that the Rangers now will pay. “For Edenoi my friends!” he shouts as he attacks Tommy and Rocky. Ferrian takes on Adam, Donais attacks Billy, and Zarious goes for Aisha.

The Rangers, not wanting to hurt the Edenoites, don’t really put up much of a fight. This makes it easy for the Edenoites to wipe the floor with them.

Adam pleads with Ferrian to believe him and says that he and his friends are not the enemy. Ferrian replies “Are you not intruding on our world? All intruders are enemies of the Edenoites.”

Aisha takes a punch to the gut and a couple of kicks before she tells Zarious that she and her friends came because their friend Alpha asked them to. “Alpha?” Zarious asks. “Did you say Alpha?”

Billy manages to get Donais under control by grabbing the Edenoite rebel’s hands. Billy says “We have to talk. Your planet’s surface is being disrupted.” Donais replies “But how did you know that?” (It seems strange that Donais would say this and not something like “I know. You evil scum rats are the ones disrupting it.” The disruption is rather obvious, not a well kept secret that only a good guy would know.)

Rocky and Tommy also plead with Dex to stop fighting and listen to them, but Dex won’t listen. He just declares that they will be crushed like all who dare to cross the Masked Rider and that nothing they will say will save them. Dex then proceeds to dish out some major punishment on the two of them, never once questioning why they are only blocking and not attacking.

Onboard the Spider Base Count Dreagon, Gork, and Double Face are watching Masked Rider beat the tar out of the Red and White Rangers. Count Dreagon asks “Who are these multi-colored creatures who do battle with Masked Rider?” Double Face says he doesn’t know, but it’s obvious that they want Count Dreagon’s powers. Gork suggests that they just go ahead and let them defeat Masked Rider and then Count Dreagon can defeat them afterwards. Double Face points out that if the strangers defeat Masked Rider, they’ll get his powers. Dreagon doesn’t want that to happen. He gives the order to fire on the rebels and the Rangers.

Back to the Edenoites vs. Earthlings brawl, Tommy and Rocky (after getting smacked around some more) mange to restrain Dex by grabbing his arms. Suddenly explosions go off all around them. Dex and his friends regroup and so do the Power Rangers. Dex points out that the explosions are from Dreagon’s Spider Base and that it’s firing on all of them, Rangers and rebels. Dex finds this strange because “Not even Dreagon is low enough to fire on his own soldiers.”

The shelling stops long enough for the Rangers to explain, again, that they are not foes, but friends of Alpha 5. They only came to investigate the well being of Edenoi. This time the Edenoites believe them and welcome them to Edenoi.

The pleasantries are interrupted by the Spider Base shelling them again. Dex leads old and new friends to a cave where they’ll be safe and stays outside to make sure they all get in. After everyone is in, Dex yells to his adversary, “Once more we are safe to fight you another day, Count Dreagon.” A blast strikes the ground in front of him. Dex is nicked by it, but not too badly hurt. He turns and runs into the cave.

Up on the Spider Base, Dreagon is none too happy that his enemies have escaped. He orders his commanders to send the Plague Patrol out immediately or else heads will roll. Nefaria and Cyclopter stumble off to obey the order while Dreagon promises that the escapees will not escape his wrath.

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