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Balisong Knives

Well,here it is.The balisong main-page.It is here that you will find stolen pictures and information.Most of the text on this page is just my opinion.So for now im just going to explane who's who in the balisong world.Thanks to Guillaume for some of the pics. ROSTFREI-

Literally means rust-free.I have 5 rostfrei's.They are good knives for their price,which is about 10 to 15 dollars.They are available in a variety of colors.

JAGUAR- From what I hear they are good knives.They run for about 20-30 dollars.I ordered one from knifezilla but it hasen't arrived.More info as i get it.

This is the classic butterfly knife.The design is "timeless".This is they type most seen in movies.

This is Chuck Gollnick.He is one of the moderators of the balisong forum at current balisong world owes him a round of applause.(No stuffed animals were harmed during this picture).

The "Clint Eastwood" of the balisong world.If you want to learn how to use a balisong you NEED to visit his site, is also a moderator of the balisong forum at can always find me there!)

Founder of knifezilla.He has a story:"I got in a fight in Jr High school 1984ish - there was a guy punching me in the face and 3 bigger guys moving in on me - it was outside after dark in a parking lot behind the school and I was cornered wearing tight cloths. I whipped out my china made 3" skinny handle butterfly and they backed right off and began to inventory their group for similar weapons to continue the battle - giving me enough time to move into a safe area and burn sneaker :) ".

check this page out every now and then as i will update it around twice a week.Thanks. Mario Givens