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Mario's Balisong And Sublime Home Page

This Page Will Soon Be About:

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.This my home-page about the balisong,or butterfly,knife.I'm new at this web page stuff so i'll take a minute to introduce myself.My name is Mario A. Givens,i'm 5 feet,7 inches tall.I am Panamanian as in PANAMA.I live in southern california.My favorite band is Sublime.I've collected knives (particularly automatics) for as long as i can remember.this site WILL be about automatic knives,but mostly balisong knives.More on that in a minute.Don't be afraid to drop me a line for questions,comments or anything.

The Balisong knife,(commonly known as a "Butterfly" knife) has a phillipino heritage.They were apparently invented in the phillipines,but there *supposedly* is new evidence that the desighn is european. Whatever. They were first imported into america by soldiers stationed there during the second world war.It was probably these soldiers that dubbed them "Butterfly Knives".Since then they have been given a bad rap because they seem to be popular among hoodlums and so called *gangsters*.They are also illegal to own in most places.

How I Got into Balisongs:

Well,I saw this movie called "The Outsiders",(based on the book by S.E. Hinton) and this greaser almost got into a fight.Still with me? Anyway,he pulls out a balisong.So,after hours of pleading with my parents,I ordered a "Charming China Cheapie" for 14 bucks.God did that knife suck.My mom said "don't cut yourself".Actually, it was REALLY hard to cut myself with it because it was so dull.Oh well,life goes on. now I own:

A model 239 jaguar,
green marbled "rosrfrei",
blue marbled "rostfrei",
red marbled "rostfrei",
silver wave "rostfrei",
classic "rostfrei",
DARK blue "rostfrei".
That about wraps it up for my intro.I'll be updateing pretty soon!Bookmark me right about....NOW!....

See ya later-
Mario Givens

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