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Adventures by Human Power

Human Power Round The World is a Record Breaking long distance journey through some of the most beautiful and exciting landscapes that the World has to offer. Team Human Power left the international date line Greenwich, on the 22nd September 1999; 100 days before the Millennium. For the very latest stories click on the first link below.

Thursday 22nd February 2001. Day 519

'Human Power Finishes in Sydney'

27,000km's and it's all over!

Click here for latest updates from the road: Townsville to Sydney

16 months, 23 countries and 26,000km of self propelled travelling by bicycle and sea kayak, is bound to result in a handful of stories, and some spectacular pictures. Click the link below for cycling and sea kayaking stories from Indonesia and Australia

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All the best in your own adventures from Richard, Andrew, Tim, Nadine and Richard

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