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Give me a break! I've recently decided, after a lot of thought i might add,to retaliate.Fred Phelps is creating hatred. Hatred that is neither desired nor required. It hurts me to see so much hatred in a so-called Christian group. I'm not a firm believer in Christianity, but I do remember some of what I was taught in Bible school and church. I believe it is blasphemous when you interpret the Bible according to your own perceptions and opinions, and then use the Bible to force your feelings on others. I personally feel that using God's Word as an excuse to humiliate, insult and generally debase other people that God himself created is a terrible thing, and I doubt it is approved of by most Christians. In what I have learned in the past, God loves everyone and he created everything on this earth. If he didn't like homosexuals there probably wouldnt be any. Just a thought. Homosexuals do have feelings and beliefs just like everyone else. We are human, we are not some sort of weird life form that is here to destroy the earth and make everyone like us. We strive for rights. Rights that everyone else has and we don't. Marriage, help against hate crimes,and living. Fred Phelps and his sympathizers feel that for some reason humsn who live by one code are more entitled to respect, love, happiness, acceptance and pleasure. He seems to feel that homosexuals are inferior, and that their emotions, relationships and even their lives are unimportant. A person who protested a funeral, causing an unfathomable pressure, grief and emotional abuse on a suffering family is not a real Christian. A loving Jesus who accepted whores, outcasts, the sick, the diseased, and the criminal element would embrace homosexuals.Jesus died for homosexuals as well as straight members of society. Apparently, Fred Phelps is terrified of the world, and his tiny congregation, or cult, is desperately grasping at straws in a panicky attempt to hide from society. His hate and rage are just serving as a disguise, beneath the demonic exterior beats the heart of an utterly terrified individual, so frightened of the world he seeks any shield to hide from all non-white, non-straight, non-males. Homosexuals are having a difficult time finding a place in society. We are trying to be hired for our skills, education and talents, not rejected for who we go home to. We want and deserve respect. The thing we need to do is organise, and fight for our rights. Not with anger or violence, but because we know it is not right for any minority group to be kept oppressed. It is unfair to all people to have members of our society trapped in ignorance, fear, hate. We need to educate people, not spread rumors the way Phelps does. We need to go after Phelps and the poor people who are still in such ugly ignorance. Not in anger, but with pity. No soul consumed by hatred will ever ascend, no soul filled with fear will be able to defend and help others. True love is giving, helping, caring, accepting. Love, respect, grace, even God are not things earned cowering in darkness, hating everyone who is happy and has love. Real Christians emulate Jesus, and his acceptance and love. We all need to feel very sorry for Phelps and hope he understands. I don't plan on going to heaven or hell. If I did, I would love to watch Phelps burn for his hatred and his disgusting beliefs. It is because he his the devil, he is demonic. Satan has always been the one who brings hate. He is a truly warped individual. Using Matthew Shepard as a way to heighten your ego is completly repulsing. I may not be the smartest person in the world or the best speller but i do know the difference between right and wrong and oh God, is he wrong for what he is doing. Phelps, when your God comes down from heaven, will he like what he sees in you? I hope he does and when you get up there i hope he slaps yo in the face and sends you straight to hell.Hate will get you no where in life i learned that the tough way. agin i dont fell hate to mr.phelps i feel pity. If you would like to contact me and give me your thoughts. or if you would like to join the fight. You can contact me a number of ways
Mail-5300 mall drive west apt 3000 lansing mi 48912 phone-517-703-0267
reminder to all that hate phone calls can be traced and letters also. so please leave your hate somewhere else. This sight isnt going to be elaborate. Its going to contain info on Phelps.Readers thougts,organizations that can help,and a link to honor Matt Shepard.etc.Join the love not the hate.