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Exhaust Manifold

Shown here is a killer, the very best exhaust manifold you can get for the turbo car. The header is made of stainless steel. The exhaust tubes are equil lengths for even flow, or what I like to call putt putt's. I would love to have such a setup, but I will have to wait for this work of art. This unit cost 1800.00, serious dollars for the weekend joy ride. This unit is installed on Hoovers car. I am so jealious LLLLL, but I would still like to give him a whirl on the race track tho he he he.
I went with a stock, ported exhaust manifold, the modification worked well. I also am using a modified T3 exhaust turbine housing opened up to 2 1/2" outlet to accomidate a T4 turbine. The stock downpipe was to small to open to 2 1/2" so I got the materials to make a 3" downpipe. I made the downpipe and flange, and had a muffler shop weld the pieces together. The gasket, I also made from copper and that worked out very well. I decided to go with stainless steel hardware because I did not like the rust that seemed to occur to the system in a very short time.
The muffler shop installed the downpipe and the cat at this time. I can not say I was happy with the results of the completed system. The bends the muffler shop made were on a standard pipe bender and in the process of bending the pipe the inside diameter of the bend crushed the pipe. Effectively the bender made my 3" pipe about a 2 1/2" pipe system because of the pipe crush. I was charged allot of money for all of the work done to the system by the muffler shops that worked on the car and I felt it was nominal to fair work. I spent 260.00 on the dynomax muffler and stainless steel tip. The downpipe and new cat cost me 477.00 and I had most of the fabrication work completed myself. I also paid 80.00 to have the muffler from the first shop modified to 3" tube and three bolt flanges, 25.00 for bent mandrel U bends used in the system. Needless to say I got totally ripped on the system, and it was not what I wanted for my system.
I decided to make my own system and so began my quest for the components and shops that could do a bent mandrel system if I provided them with a proto system. I found a supplier for the bent U bends at less then half the muffler shops charged me. I started designing the system cutting and welding the parts together. Magnaflow makes a stainless steel muffler, part number 14298, that has a single 3" inlet and dual 3" outlets that looked excellent for my application. I made the tips from 3" stainless steel 16Ga tubing. I located a vendor on a V band type flange system, and a shop that could mandrel bend my stainless steel tubing, and mild steel tubing. The system proto is completed and ready to build. I am also looking into a different type coupler that is about half the cost of the stainless steel coupler. I will have to make minor adjustments with the new coupler, but I think it is a better use of the coupler for adjustment and looks.


This is the header I selected for my car. I had to modify the waste gate tube, and surface the flanges. I like this header because the runners are similar to the stock exhaust manifold, but it flows much better then the stock unit. I think this part will work out well on the car, but only running it will confirm this belief.