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Final Restoration

Here are the final outcome pictures of my efforts restoring this car. I just got the seats for the car and the paint has been done about two years. I have for the most part kept the car in the garage so the paint is in excellent condition still. I worked very hard getting this car to this point and to date have about 40K invested in all the upgrades and restoration. I am not completly finished with the car but for the most part it is done, now it is a matter of getting the rest of all the little upgrade preferences completed. I need to install a better set of front brakes for the car to slow down all the horse power. The final tuning has been a challenge for me, but hopefully it will be completed soon. I have an upgrade to the transmission I am seriously considering, but for now as long as the T5 is holding together I will let that one wait. The engine pictures show some of the wire holders missing, I was in the process of trying different cam timing to determine the best timing before I have the tuning completed on the car. My dad was the photo guy for me. Thank you dad you did an excellent job.