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updated as of 09-2-2017
Not to worry, I haven't been idle. I just haven't updated this particular page... I've actually gotten it to a drive-able state.
The majority of my build can be seen here, the link takes you to my most recent activity. Restoration Journal
Click here to start at the very beginning.
My appologies if you see a photobucket login logo on some of my pics. Their recent TOS change has my pics effectively ransomed. I'm working on updating them to another server. In the mean time, you may be able to right-click and view pic in new tab, or hold your finger down on your device until a menu appears.

A recent shot of my GT6, summer 2016: (actual look hasn't changed much recently. Been working on various fidly bits as time allows)

A quick summary of the past few years.

Stripped down a Spitfire tub and grafted the GT6 top to it. Repaired the floors, replaced the rockers, new rear wheel arches and quarter panels. Removed from Chassis. Stripped Chassis down, made minor repairs and had it sand blasted and powder coated. Rebuilt the chassis with new and refurbished pieces, mounted the engine, replaced the tub, re-skinned both doors. Ran the repaired wiring harness and got it installed. Took it for a few small drives. I am nearly to the point of final bodywork and paint prep. (The GT6 pic in the upper LH corner of this page is a basic rendition of the desired look). Also started working on redoing the upholstery. See the full details here

Anyone looking for Hatch Spring covers for the GT6 (all models) I now reproduce and sell them. Though I try to keep some on hand I usually make these to order.
Paypal preferred.
Continental US shipping is usually $15 and international runs $25-$50. Please email me if interested
I have been told on good authority they are of concourse quality, but I cannot guarantee it. Results may vary from judge to judge.

Some day I may get on the stick and make a proper ordering page.
White $75
Black $75
Available options
*Base model with LED brake light$130
*Safety alert flash then solid +$10
*Red or Amber turn signals+$10
*White or black
. ..

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