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Babylon will fall, but with no help from israel

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Babylon in itís entierety,10-10-2000

Who are Jehovahís witnesses?

 Do they take their name from the prophet Isaiah?   Yes.


Do they take their name from the chapter in the prophet Isaiah, were God is addressing the house of Israel, his chosen people?    Yes.


Are the Jehovah's witnesses the house of Israel?     Letís see.


Will the chosen oneís always be known as the house of Israel?       Yes.


Is Gods rebuke to the house of Israel, in the prophet Ezekiel to do with the last days?   Yes.


If the rebuke to his people is, to do with the last days, then who are his people? Or who is the house of Israel represented by on the earth?

An organisation, using Jehovah's name.


Would an organisation using his name, which is sacred, be known as the house of Israel?

Yes it would have to be.


Are the Jehovahís witnesses taking on the house of Israelís identity by taking their name from this chapter, in Isaiah?       Yes.



Is God, when he says, ďyou will be witnesses of mine? says Jehovah, in the prophet Isaiah, is he speaking to the house of Israel?    Yes.

So who are the ones in the prophet Ezekiel, which we know, has to do with the last days, the ones who are called the house of Israel?

Lets see

Can you take the divine name and be separate from the house of Israel?     No.




Because the prophets, such as Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah are speaking of the future. When Isaiah speaks of the kingdom to come, which will be far from the end of days, the end of the earth, what does he call Gods people?

He calls them the house of Israel a people for the divine name, and when the prophet Ezekiel speaks of a battle that takes place at the end times between Jehovah and the armies of the nations, he was speaking of the future way beyond his life time and bang smack in the here and now, in this time.


Now the battle before the end would be, as every one knows, is at this very time that we are in now.

And in the war, the house of Israel according to the prophet Ezekiel have again slipped into idolatry and lies, using the divine name, so right at this time they are failing again to keep the commands of God.

How do I know?

Because the God of truth rebukes them for making a laughing stock of his name, they have made his name a reproach among the nations.

 You donít have to look to far to see that the Jehovahís witnesses have made his sacred name a reproach among the nations, this you cannot do and get away with.


More vital questions.



Is it all right to lie in Gods name?


When is a lie not a lie?


What is a lie?


If something that you say will come true in the future and it does not come true, can it be called a lie or a presumption?


If a lie is carried on and profit by way of money is made by this lie, can it be then called a lie?


If the same institute or person said something again about the future as fact that something would happen and it does not, can this person or institute be held up as false, untrustworthy, a liar, or/and presumptuous? And if that person says sorry for the presumption but still carries on making money, knowing that what they had told was a lie? Can a God who cannot lie forgive them?


If I said the earth was going to end at a certain date and time and it did not, would I be a liar?


And if I carried on making money on the strength of that lie, saying that it was all a mistake, that I just got the whole thing wrong, saying that I just thought it was going to end. Into what category would I fall?


Could I be called deceptive?

Could I be called cunning?

Could I be known as a manipulator of the truth?


If I used another piece of evidence to excuse the first and the second time I said something was going to happen, but it did not, would I have told another lie?


If I tried to distance my self from both of those times that I lied, am I being honest or dishonest?


If you say something is going to take place and it does not then you have either lied or presumed, and if you carry on, then you have carried on with that presumption and you have turned it into a lie, a lie is a lie when it is not the truth.

To the God of truth there is no such thing as half-truth, or half lie or making a mistake and apologising for it.

It would be impossible for the God of creation to even make a presumption let alone a lie, there is no way that the God who can not tell a lie would give a man something to say and for it not to come true, this would make him a liar and this is impossible.

It is more feasible for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for God to tell a lie, is this clear to you Israel, the house of Israel, and to the people out side them?

It is true that the Jehovahís witnesses have taken on the identity of the house of Israel and they are using his name for their own benefit not his, for if it were for him then they would have stepped away from their first presumption and dissolved at that moment, forever.

But they carried on this presumption making it into a lie, and the people who continued to go to them were the inquirer of that lie.

God cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot, can not, can not, can not tell a lie, it is more possible for the whole of creation to up and fly away that for him to tell a lie. So the house of Israel, who can only be the Jehovahís witnesses presumed these two presumptionís all on their very own, God was no were in sight of these two princes of Israel when they made their presumptionís, and if God was no were in sight then were does that leave him, the first one to tell the lie.

It leaves him the presumer of a lie. And it left the organisation to carry on the lie, in the intimate group of their people and it left the people the inquirer of the lie and it also left them wasting away in their own error, just as God sayís in the prophetís.

They are literally rotting away, I know it sounds terrible but thatís what is happening to them, they are wasting away in the lies that they told in 1925 and 1975. Thatís how serious it is to lie in the name of the God of truth; you canít do it and get away with it, no way. The God of Israel is as serious as life and death; he is not to be played with.

The error that the first prince told, the Jehovahís witnesses carried on with this lie, they should never have done this, they should have walked away and never come back.

I know that the Jehovahís witnesses are sick because of this lying. They are depressed, physically and emotionally wrecked all because they continue to stand by the oneís who stand by the lie.

If they donít walk away after hearing this warning then they will truly know what sickness is.

They will continue to waste away in their error as Ezekiel has said, this is no joke, it is happening and the people should test the inspired expression one more time, if they donít as I have said they will know what sickness is.

I have heard the witnesses complain of every illness there is, from stomach problems to head problems to depression and emotional problems and when I was there I felt the same dead feelings. It is not through any form of attack or hatred or grudge that I put these words across to the Jehovahís witnesses, but only out of a desire to please my God. I first came across my God when I was only 12, 13. The first time a witness knocked at my door was when I was 26 or so. I have been a spiritual being for a very long time and I crave the truth I donít crave lieís, I crave to know the truth. I believe this to be the beginning of my warnings to the house of Israel and the nationís the kings of the earth and Babylon the great city, for I am the watchman over the house of Israel, I am the watchman over the Jehovahís witnesses and I am interested in telling the truth or getting to the truth. I hope that what I write will not repeat it self, if it does then the only excuse that I have is that I am not a writer of books, I donít have a clue how to write a book, the only thing I am sure of at this stage is that I can write a song. So on I go with what I write, by the way, every thing that I have written up to this point is probably all you need to know about the Jehovahís witnesses but I have been writing now for about three yearís or soon the subject of the down fall of religion and itís cause of confusion throughout and the warís that it has caused on this the only planet that we have. I also believe first and foremost in the son of man, Jesus Christ, my lord and saviour I believe that the kingdom that his father has given to him will one day be and I recognise him as king. The father has given him complete authority over the nationís, even in this the Jehovahís witnesses have got it wrong when they say, announcing Jehovahís kingdom, because it is a fact that Jehovah has given the earth to his son, for him to rule as king, he has the right to rule the earth and when he has completed the kingdom then he will hand it over to his father. Israel knows this. It is even in scripture as plain as any thing when it says come my son and I will give you the nationís as your inheritance, so the king of the kingdom will not be Jehovah as they blindly miss, but it will be his divine son who sacrificed his life for the chosen oneís.

Why can they not see this? They go on about it enough when they say that Jesus will rule the kingdom, they canít have it both wayís, you know. How do they over look this, the son of man will smash the nations when he smashes them like a potters vessel, itís there in scripture, plainly written down so that not even the house of Israel can miss it. This Jesus whom you crucified, as it sayís in Romans, I think it is, but it does say it. The Jehovahís witnesses are the house of Israel and they have blown it once again, they have become just as famous as their forefatherís before them, the house of Israel from a ling long time ago, from the time of Jesus and from the time before that, the ones who were taken out as a people for Jehovahís name have done it again, they have turned his name into a scandal, a laughing stock among the nationís, just think how many jokes are told about these people using the divine name, the house of Israel, by  their two lies in particular have brought dishonour to the sacred name of Jehovah when they told their two lies, how could the people of the nationís take them seriously after this, after these two lies, how could they, honestly, it is unbelievable to think that they could expect anything less than the abuse they have received, but to include Gods name in your jokes, people, you would want to stop, you know now after me telling you. A nephew of mine said to me one day, you take this very seriously, Damien, donít you? Dam right I do, I believe that to play around with the divine God like the house of Israel has well it is a matter of life and death, completely. The witnesses are the house of Israel and they have blown it once again, they have become just like their fore fathers in wanting to be just like the nations in ministering to wood and stone, the stone being their temples that they love so much, the temple in Brooklyn that they love as many people as possible to visit and they boast about the way they can erect a kingdom hall in just three days, donít you know that this is idolatry, you are loving the works of your own hands, and just recently I found out that a witness who would have thought very stable hung him self in his flat, your all crazy you people, you are murderers of your own people, donít you recognise this? You have led your sheep astray oh Israel and you will be punished for it, you left them no way out. Jehovah, the God of truth will bring your idols crashing down around your ears, you had better listen to the watchman of Ephraim, you had better use some of that reason which you are so proud of to reason out were you have gone wrong. Your pride is in Gilead, your end is near because the God whom you have made a laughing stock among the nations is about to throw you to the nations and to their justice, they will deal with you now witnesses of mine, Israel, says Jehovah, the God who can not lie ever. The nations will smash all your idols that you love to caress and hold, Babylon will not be judged by you now Israel, for that has been taken from you because of the people who have died because of you, you gave them no way out, you take your name from my prophets says Jehovah and now you will be judged by the nations just as the prophets foretold.


                 Babylon in itís entirety by Damien Davis?#060;o:p>


Babylon in its entierety, 10-10-2000, Damien Davis.

Babylon the great will without doubt fall, but not by any help from you, Israel [Jehovahís witnesses] throughout the whole of time the house of Israel have done what is bad in the eyeís of itís God Jehovah, right down to the present day, it has bowed down to the works of itís own handís boasting in itís idolís, boasting in itís temples itís alters?the very works of itís own two hands.

Hand made temples in which it takes so much pride.

The God of Israel, Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob have all wayís despised boasters, idolaterís people who put wood and stone before peopleís hearts.

People always come first and foremost in the eyes of the God of Israel. He loves people and judges them by their hearts.

The house of Israel are enjoying their temples, boasting that they can be made in just three days, their main headquarters in Brooklyn New York, the book making factories are all a thing of pride, the stumbling blockís that are causing their errorís.

The house of Israel are wasting away in there two errorís, the error of worshipping their bookís which they hold so dear to their heartís but most importantly they are wasting away in their two lies 1925,1975. This is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because you cannot, cannot lie even in the smallest tiny bit in the name of the God of Israel, no way, never.

They have turned Gods word into an idol, the house of Israel have been putting heavy burdens on itís children, when all they are asked to do is follow the son of God and abide by the commands, nothing more, nothing less.

They are wasting away and when I say wasting away, I mean they are getting literally sick, because they lied in Jehovahís name; it is impossible to lie in his name, and get away with it.

The house of Israel will get to know of its two errors? through the watchman of Ephraim, the watchman of Israel.

The watchman who is taken as just one man, just one man, not an organisation, but just one man, he is taken out from among the nationís and posted to watch over the house of Israel, who in this day can be none other that the Jehovahís witnesses, as I have explained before. And the watchman,  is only one person, and not a complete organisation, as they try to make out.

He [the watchman] will set fires in Israel and he will set fires in Babylon the great, or Jerusalem of old, remember how Jesus said to the priests of his time Jerusalem, Jerusalem how I have longed to gather your children as a hen gathers her chicks, well this is Jerusalem, and in this day and age Jerusalem, Godís wife who prostituted her self among the nations and the kings of the earth, she has become a mother the mother of all the disgusting things of the earth, Jerusalem has become a mother to all the religionís of this planet and they cause havoc on the earth, God said he will stop Babylon in itís trackís and make her sink like a stone.

And the businessmen will stand well back for fear of the same happening to them, when the media really move in on Babylon the great, Catholicism and her sister religions. This has already begun by the people with all the writís against the holy order, for all the shame that it is steeped in. she will not get away with this, no way it is a divine command that she be taken out of the equation altogether. She will sink like a stone.

The house of Israel were taken out of world religion only to become as idolatrous as any other religion, with their lies and their love for their temples and their bookís the works of their own two hands.

The nationís have had them in a harness from the very first time they told their first lie in 1925, no longer had they the freedom to move with comfort among the people, this time they were hounded with having their first lie being thrown in their face every time they went to knock on peoples doors, this is all written down in the prophet Ezekiel, all about the house of Israel and their lieís and how the nationís will have them in a harness, this is exactly what the house of Israel have had to put up with as the Jehovahís witnesses, and the reason that they can be no one else but the house of Israel is down to the fact that they take their name out of the book of Isaiah were he is addressing the house of Israel, so the fact that they take their name out of this book and by taking on Gods sacred name, well, they could be none other than the house of Israel, for God will always know his people by that name, the house of Israel.

They presumed to prophesy in Godís most holy name and now they will feel the blade of his sword.

Not alone did they presume a lie but when it failed they lost, the sheep who were slain, the sheep who got to see the lie that Israel had told, and so these people went into spiritual exile all because the Jehovahís witnesses lied, they confused their very own people by their two lies, they are most reprehensible most reprehensible, they lost all those people, but these people were right to leave this organisation for to be yoked with them was to take part in the lie, so they did the right thing to leave this lying institute, Jehovahís witnesses, and so are the people today who leave it, they are not guilty as they believe, they are right to leave for the Jehovahís witnesses are about to be taken into the courts to answer the charge as to why they not only lied in the name of Jehovah, because the nations donít care about that, what they care about is the fact that they after they had told the first lie continued on the lie and made millions and millions all on the basis or on the strength of these two lies, this is deception and fraud, and can be called nothing more, and I donít have no sympathy for them because they blatantly lied and continued to collect all this money on the name of Jehovah, the God they say they love, and I have no sympathy for them for many have literally died by killing them selves with the depression that they were feeling and the only reason they felt this was because they lied in Gods name.

They are responsible for the spiritual and literal deaths of many a Jehovahís witness and they hide behind more scripture, they keep finding more scripture to excuse their on going lies in Gods holy name. I ask each and every one of the witnesses on board, what happened with you all when did you all stop testing the inspired expression?

When? You are all guilty of not seeing the lies for what they were lies in Jehovahís name and if you continue on in this house then expect the worse, just as they tell you to get out of Babylon the great, you also had better listen to what I am saying and leave your organisation, the organisation that lied in the name of your God and collected so much money on the strength of those two lies.

The guilt as you well know lays on the inquirer of the false prophet as it does with the one who made the prophecy. You Jehovahís witnesses had better test the inspired expression again, what happened that you stopped testing it, you have one chance to ask your self hang on what this guy is saying we at least have to check it out. I am not the usual attackers that have come at the Jehovahís witnesses, I am different in the fact that I tell you the truth in the hope of making you realise that a lie is a lie and when they told their first one in 1925 donít you realise that they said something that was simply not true? They said the prophets were coming back, this is not something that you can just stuff under the carpet, it is a lie in the most holy of holy name, Jehovah, they have said to you that it is all right to lie in his name, why cant you see this?

You elders are responsible for a lot of damage for telling these two lies and using more scripture to cover it all up. Who are the Jehovahís witnesses? How did they get their name? Well to answer both questions, you have to go to the prophet Isaiah first.

This is were they get their name from, this is were Jehovah is addressing his people as the house of Israel, and in a certain chapter and verse they identify them selves with the statement ďyou will be witnesses of mine, sayís Jehovah.

Now itís undeniable that Gods name is Jehovah but this is not the issue, the issue is this, these people identified them selves with this chapter and verse, were it sayís you will be witnesses of mine, says Jehovah, hence they are called Jehovahís witnesses.

Now if they identify them selves with the verse you will be witnesses of mine verse then they can only take on the entire identification, you will be witnesses of mine says Jehovah, and he is speaking to the house of Israel.

So you see when they took on their name from this chapter they also took on the identity of Israel and the God of Israel rebukes them in the prophet Ezekiel.

Now the true Israel is scattered all around the earth and will be collected back by the God of Israel through his son, and the commands.

But these people are using the divine name for what? To bring people back to God? No, because if it was the case then why all the temples and places of pride?

They are a white washed wall that is only interested in building a multitude of temples and gaining as much money as they can.

They have collected a great deal of money on the strength of their two lies 1925, 1975. I want to know what made these people think they could presume such a false thing as this, what made them think they would get away with carrying out this presumption and making it a lie among their people and the nations that they are trying to impress. You Israel have been told that you will not stand in the battle in behalf of Jehovah for it is his war and not yours, for the sword is against every one alike. You will not escape the sword oh Israel. Do you fear the sword so much Israel? That you the elderly ones of the flock have said to your people, how happy we can be that we have kept our selves clean and we donít fall into the category of the ones who are destined to fall by the sword. Well oh Israel the answer is this, you have not kept your self-clean or free from sin and you will fall by the sword, you will not escape the sword that will fall on all alike. You have tried desperately tried to escape the sword but you have fallen straight into the trap, with your pride of temples pride of alters and the pride of your idols that are right before your faces.

And with their two errors they went on to sicken the watchman of Ephraim, the watchman of Israel, the man of inspired expression, yes there is animosity in the house of his God. You have maddened the watchman, how have we maddened the man of inspired expression? I hear you ask. By the abundance of your errorís, so many lieís by which the nationís have come to know you, and by them they keep you in a tight harness, there is a harnessing over you Israel, you do not have the same freedom that you would have had you not told your two famous lies, Israel. You to me are like a white washed wall Israel, clean on the out side but filthy on the inside. How are we unclean? I hear you ask. By your two errors in particular that you try to sweep away, but you cannot distance your self from these lies, Israel, donít you realise this? You have been trapped by the lies that you spoke in my name, says Jehovah the God who uncovers all lies. You have been found out Israel, hiding behind a new name, you cannot hide from me, says the God of truth, the God who has found you out in these the last days. You enjoyed so much telling the nations how they were going to be found out, but you too Israel you have been found out, you have been found guilty of the lies that you tried to hide, thinking time would forget your two lies, but Jehovahís witnesses, you using my sacred name, have been found guilty of lying and taking money on the strength of those two lies. How did you think that you would get away with two blatant lies like these? But what about the lieís that Israel have made, the nations say, they say no, we will not go with the house of Israel, for there is a judgement against that house and we would be as guilty as they if we were to follow the house of Israel. For the error of the inquirer is the same as that of the prophet, and the prophet of Israel has been fooled, the both of them have been fooled, the first one in the year of 1925, and the second in the year of 1975. No, if we followed the house of Israel [Jehovahís witnesses] then we would be the inquirer, just like all their followers who follow them, they are the inquirers of a lie, and in fact, two lies. For their prophets were fooled by the God of Israel. Listen, oh Israel, if you happen to come to a prophet looking for an answer, through him I have given you the answer. Just as youíre fore fathers before you, you too have fallen in love with the idols again. And for this you are being judged because of your pride, for the stumbling blocks that are in front of your face. For this you are being judged, for the temples that you love to visit, your pride is in the works of your own hands, they weigh heavy upon your hearts, they, are what drag you down, they make your heart cold, they make you physically sick, to the point that you are wasting away in your errorís.

You Israel, have been told that you will not build up a stonewall, in behalf of Israel to stand with Jehovah in the day of his battle. For the sword is against every one, all alike, you will not escape the sword oíIsrael. Do you fear the sword so much Israel [Jehovahís witnesses] you, the elderly ones of Israel say to your flock, oh how happy we can be that we do not fall in to the same judgement as the nationís, for we have kept our selves so clean. Well, Israel the answer is this, you have not kept your self free from sin and you will fall by the sword you will not escape the judgement of the sword that will fall on all alike. You have tried desperately to escape the sword, but you have fallen straight into the trap, with your pride of temples and the pride of your idols, that are in front of your very faces. The multitude of the bookís that you love to publish, oh how you do love to publish, Israel, you are so proud, and by your pride you have sinned, by taking on my holy name, and then to lie twice in my holy name and then to carry on these lies in my name, you went on to make all of your money, taking from the widow, and any one who would give, you Israel are guilty of building up your great city of pride using my holy name, you have collected much gold using my name which you also tarnished among the nations. How should you be judged for this, Israel? Should I take every thing from you? Should I destroy your city of pride? What am I to do with you Israel? How should I punish Israel? How many more times will you lie in my holy name? The watchman will judge you now Israel. I will tear down your city of pride, when I judge you by the hand of the nations. The Sheppardís of Israel are responsible for the multitude of slain who walk the streets, both you and Babylon the great [Catholicism e.g.] you were taken from the midst of Babylon only to sin again in my name, just like your fore fatherís before you, when will you learn, Israel? You can not keep your innocence, you put chords upon the watchman of Israel, so that he could not go in amongst you, to reprimand you of your errorís and your pride, you tied the watchman up with your own self righteousness, having him believe that you were the oneís that were telling the truth, because confusion abounds. But you are not the way, for the sword of judgement is against all-alike and you O?Israel will not escape the sword. Did you really believe that you kept your self-free from judgement? Your pride in your idols are what have made you fall, they have been your downfall. Look at tem, look at your stone walls, temples made from wood and stone, look at your kingdom halls that you can build up in just three days, not a stone will be left upon a stone. Did you believe that these mere idols would please the God of justice and truth? Idols, every one of them. Jesus said that not a stone would be left upon a stone, not even for you Israel. If you had loved your sonís and your daughterís the way that you loved your idolís, instead of tormenting them   with you commands, commands of men, all of them. Every time, a new command. Your sons and your daughters have been weighed down by your extra laws, do this, and do not do that, you must keep doing this and that; it never ends with you OíIsrael. You must, you must, you must, and you must. You must keep records of the hours of service to Jehovah, you must keep records of all the spiritually slain, that you have killed, Israel. But you must not follow them is your command, leave them to their own wayís, they are not a part of Israel, when did I give you this ruling, Israel [Jehovahís witnesses?] and they wander of like lost sheep, not knowing the way out, and you elders of Israel do not care, you have left them with no way out, so they fall right into the trap that Satan has laid for them, when they come away from your organisation, but they have been right to leave you, Jehovahís witnesses, but they have been left wide open for attack, Israel. Was your love Israel? And still they wander around like lost sheep, they are spiritually slain and you are their killers Israel. You have been the cause of their spiritual deaths, while you have more concern for the works of your hands, like your temples and your books, and endless words, desiring to look good to the nations, in your hearts you want to be just like the nations in every thing that you do, with all your records and your figures and your records on all your people. Donít you feel shame Israel? Your only concern is in getting gain for your self, as you boast on the amount of sheep that you put into the pen. You donít care about the people only in the figures that amount to absolutely nothing, because the inquirers judgement will be the same as the prophets, so it does not matter how many people you have put into the pen, because what they follow is a lie, your lie, you are not a valid institute Israel, all because of the lieís that you told and continued to tell, the people who have come to you have been the inquirers of both your lieís. The only way that they can come back to their God is to leave you Israel and come back to me, leave all their books behind and their temples and live a clean life with out idolatry, the idolatry of loving temples and books. You have confused these people with your extra laws, did I not give you the laws by which a man can continue to live. These are, 1,do not worship the idols of the Israelites, thatís you Israel, witnesses of Israel.2, do not worship at forbidden shrines, 3, do not seduce another mans wife. 4do not have sexual relations with a woman during her period. 5 do not steal from any one. 6 give back to a lender what you have borrowed. 7 feed the hungry and clothe the poor. 8 do not lend money for profit. 9 do not kill. 10 do not do any evil and be just and honest in all your dealings. How hard can this be Israel, Jehovahís witnesses? Israel, the God of Israel is judging you. Your proud of Bethel, Gilead, but down your temples will come like the white washed walls that they are, you have placed your idols upon your heart, thereby you feel no natural affection for one another, just a forced pretentious kind, that can not be true. The laws that you add to the God of Israel and they, are what put you into this dying condition they are what drag you down, Israel, you have been judged along with Babylon the great city, that used to be known as Jerusalem, and the proverb, to do with Babylon, comes into effect here, like mother like daughter, for Babylon is the mother of them all. Babylon is the mother of all the disgusting things of the earth. And Israel, you too are being judged along with all the kings of the earth, you should not have relied on pharaoh in the final. You have been caught Israel like an animal in a snare, you have become ritualised and hypocritical just like the first nations of Israel, Just like your fore fathers, you are guilty like them. The house of Israel are being judged on the borders of Israel, they are being judged before the kingdom arrives and they will not be brought into their right condition until they are upon the soil of Israel. You are in no condition now, because of your fornication with the idols, the idols that you have placed upon your hearts, you Israel have turned the books that you love to publish into manmade idols and your temples that you love to visit, the temples that you have so much pride in, these are the stumbling blocks that have caused you to error. And the errors by which you are known the two lies that you are famous for, your two prophesies that failed miserably, these are your two errors by which you are known. You are proud of the words that you use, so many in which you try to prove of Gods existence, with your close detail to words, words, words, and more words that you love, you give your speeches with all your detail to the renderings of these words, your so proud of your intellectualism, by this you try to prove Jehovahís existence. Why do you walk around like a peacock when you are guilty of pride, surly at this stage you must know how much the God of truth hates this pride, and it maddens the man of inspired expression, the one who has been sent to you? You desire to be just like the nations with all your levels of structure, think about it Israel, with all your over seers and your kingdom publishers your elders, you desire to be just like the nations. You are just like the nations. You have become haughty and proud only listening to your selves, not the God of Israel. You do not test the inspired expression, so you blindly veer away from the truth and now I am asking you to come back to me Israel, says the God of Israel. Turn your hearts of stone into a heart of flesh, every prophet who was ever sent to you, you ignore, believing that Jehovah could never send a man like this one. But the God of Israel sends whom so ever he likes, he takes the lowly one and exalts him to a position thatís high. Who are you to judge these prophets? You believe too much in your idols of wood and stone to ever conceive that your God would send in a man to tell you that you are idolatrous and yet you quote the prophets of old, the prophets that were sent to your fore fathers, but when one is sent to you, you dismiss him as a fool. You just never listen and when a prophet with all the credentials comes to you, what do you do? You send him away. Why? because you are more interested in your organisation, but all that is about to fall, then what will you do, Israel?

If it is impossible for the God of truth to lie, then how can the house of Israel [Jehovahís witnesses] say they represent him? Surly the God who cannot lie, my God, the God who I believe in would distance him self from them at least rebuking them until they turned back to him with a clean heart. And thatís exactly what he does he rebukes them. What more can I say to you Israel? How many times must you be reprimanded for your pride? When will you stop believing in your selves and start to believe in me, the God of Israel? I am not among your idols, I am not among your multitude of words, I exist in the heavens, and you exist on the earth. All your idols are meaningless; Jehovah does not exist among them. The God of Israel rebukes you, so that your may come back to him with a clean and undefiled heart, leaving your idols behind you, the works of your own two hands. Israelís witnesses are liars and idolaters in the first degree they bow to the works of their own two hands, such as   their temples, they love to visit their temples, in this respect they are just like the nations, their pride is in the wood and stone of the buildings. It is not even in the God of Israel any more but they keep looking to the intellectuals of the nations, as if to say, ďfor goodness sakes, look at us now, see what we have achieved will you not believe us now after all we have done with all these buildings we have made. But do you know what Israel? The nations, they donít give a care about you, you want so much for them to be impressed with all your works, your buildings that you can build in just three days, the words that you take pains to transcribe from all the various tongues. You really do believe that you can proof Gods existence but you never will and the nations laugh at you with such derision, they have no respect for you. The Jehovahís witnesses are such a mirror image of their fore fatherís the house of Israel that the scripture Ezekiel is applicable at this very time. When you open up the prophet you can place the name Jehovahís witnesses in the place were the house of Israel is placed. Why? Because they are doing the very same thing as that their fatherís were doing at that time, they are putting the works of their two hands before their very own people, they have traded a heart of flesh for a heart of stone. A man who went to these people, because he had a problem with seeing one of the women of the organisation, the elders coldly said they would deal with him the very next day. Too late, he committed suicide, he hung him self. Instead of making time for this man and telling him it was something they too had gone through, for it seams like they have all gone through this fancying of women in their organisation at one time or another, and gone and had affairs with them. Instead of sitting him down and reassuring him that it would be alright, they ignored him telling him that they would deal with him the very next day, in a cold way. They self righteously made him feel like he was the only one who had ever done this, bad mistake, because now they have his blood upon their hands. There are more suicides taking place in this organisation, only recently two people I know committed suicide as a direct result of these people, so called people of God. I truly believe that it is my responsibility to blow the proverbial horn or whistle on these people and call for justice to be done with regards to them and their lies. They are a sick and sorry organisation with blood guilt upon their hands, which they would never admit to, but these people are killing them selves as a direct result of feeling trapped by the institutions extra lawís. but I am here and I am just as stubborn and hard headed, as hard as diamond and I believe that my God will humiliate these stubborn, hard headed self righteous people, letting them know that they are as guilty as the organisations that they were so quick to condemn . People of Israel [Jehovahís witnesses], test the inspired expression one more time, look in the prophet Ezekiel and see that the house of Israel are identical to the Jehovahís witnesses. There have been ten thousand paedophiles added to their lists; have every one of these people truly repented? Because, to be a Jehovahís Witness can be a perfect hiding place, time will tell, we will see. It was only while reading the book of the prophetís my self some time before and after I had finished with them, because you see I could never join them. I could not imagine being with these people all the time, they were depressing people to be around. Only recently I heard that one of them, a guy who I thought was a rock in their organisation had hung him self. I felt sad but I just thought that this is were this thing with the Jehovahís Witnessís ends. Depression, deep depression and then death. If only I could have gotten to him and explained what I had found in the prophet Ezekiel regarding the house of Israelís rebuking in the last dayís they had connected them selves up to the house, so they had left them selves open to be rebuked as the house of Israel in the prophet Ezekiel. This prophet had them nailed to the ground. They canít really deny that they are the house of Israel so they have to take the rebuke. They have taken tons of money from old ladies close to their deathís and still do on the strength of their two lies. They have gained all of their riches by means of fraud, deception and cunning. They deserve to have it all taken from them, they should never have been allowed to take any of this money from these willing people, because it was all taken after 1925 their first lie, were they said the prophets would return to usher in a new age of bliss. They never did return, the people they said would return, because the elder who said they would return was not given this information by the God of truth and it makes this very clear in Ezekiel by saying that these prophets have put them selves in these positions were t

Prophesy from their own hearts. The God of Israel sayís they have appointed them selves, these leaders. So they are self appointed hypocrites lying and taking money by means of lies. They could be taken to court on the basis of this alone. They appointed leaders over Israel speaking on behalf of God when he says through the prophet 4000, yearís ago, that he did not send these. I never sent them, they speak on my behalf but I never sent them. It is now up to the nationís to use this information that I have given to them, for it has plagued me now for 10 yearís or more and I can do nothing more but tell what I see, believe me the whole thing has almost been impossible for me, I have got to trust my God to get me through the whole thing, for it is a huge responsibility, and one were I believe my family to be at risk, but I believe that if I do not give warning then they will truly be at risk from my own God because I did not give the warning, just imagine what that feels like, I have already lost my brother, I pray that I loose no one else, and I must trust my God. If my family suddenly disappears, then you will know whatís happened. But any how, I believe what I have written to be true; I would not have gone through what I have if I did not believe. I am giving this to the nations so they can use it any way the want, because I have had all that I can take. The truth as I believe is this, the Jehovahís witnesses are the house of Israel, according to the prophet Ezekiel, and that prophet told of their lies 4,000 yearís ago, he said they would be just like their fore fatherís, a white washed wall, that make money on the strength of lies, they take money from widowís supposedly, under legal say -so, but they are liars who have lied in the king of Israelís name to build up temples and publishing houses to publish their bookís of pride. The money will be taken back of these liarís by the nationís according to the prophecy, the Gap that has been made, has been made by the witnesses them selves, their two lieís, this is the Gap by which the nationís will pass through and take complete harness of the Jehovahís witnesses. It is like the prophecy sayís the nations have them in a harness all because of their two lies. All their temples will be taken from them, in a court of law they can be proved as having lied in Jehovahís name. I have felt in danger, but I will trust my God, these people can get nasty too, but they will be proven as liarís who lied in my Godís name, by a court of law, they are dangerous to, to peoples health, as quite a few of them have killed them selves because of the confusion these people have caused. But all these people have to do is realise that they, the Jehovahís witnesses are liars in Jehovahís name, beyond a shadow of doubt. So, do not worry in the least, if you want me to explain, to relieve your worry about being disloyal to the great God Jehovah, I will explain, and it is no devil working with in me, it is simple truth that can not be denied. The house of Israel lied, and they are the Jehovahís witnesses, they are one and the same. When it all fallís apart and you are in exile, remember they were the oneís who had you believing the lie that they have never lied. This is all that I can say at the moment.

                                                                             Damien Davis.