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70s invasion ; ORHESTRA LUNA

ORCHESTRA LUNA lp backcover

lp frontcover

THE LP DEBUTED IN '74, a 2nd lp remains unreleased, a single came forth in '78, with few original members, and was releasedunder the name LUNA, the lp is utterly unique, crosses ROCKY HORROR, ROXY MUSIC, and Broadway Musical music....see the bottom of page 21 for reviews on this super lp...

Third insight

( From the CELESTINE PROPHECY - a spiritual book released around '93

A new understanding of the physical world: humans will learn to perceive what was formerly an invisible type of energy.

The basic stuff of the universe, at its core, is a kind of pure energy that is malleable to human intention and expectation in a way that defies our old mechanistic model of the universe--as though our expectation itself causes our energy to flow out into the world and affect other energy systems. Human perception of this energy first begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty.

The perception of beauty is a kind of barometer telling each of us how close we are to actually perceiving the energy.

When something strikes us as beautiful, it displays more presence and sharpness of shape and vividness of color. It stands out. It shines. It seems almost iridescent compared to the dullness of other objects less attractive.

The next level of perception is to see an energy field hovering about everything. Plants which have the most direct conscious human attention are more potent and grow faster than plants which do not get conscious attention.

Plants grown in this way, when ingested, increase the body's efficiency dramatically. Two periods of the day most conducive to seeing energy fields: sunrise and sunset. How to begin: Touch the tips of index fingers together, with blue sky in background.

Separate the tips about an inch and look at the area directly between them. Take eyes out of focus a bit and move the tips closer, then apart. Once humans learn to observe energy fields, our understanding of the physical universe will quickly transform.

We would become conscious that certain localities radiate more energy than others, the highest radiation coming from old natural environments, especially forests. )

poster for the band