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70s invasion presents ;

Radha Krsna deities

in the HARE KRSNA religion these deities are honored and worshipped, but one must understand one worships the power of God thru such statues not actually worshipping them, understand that we cannot see God with these material eyes so he comes to us in one form or another; wood, stone, marble, etc.


KRSNA and ARJUNA sounding the conchshells at the battle of Kureksetra *

Srila Prabhupada Lectures and Classes, London, Aug 26, 73

"So we are opening centers all over the world. In America we have got about fifty centers, and in your Europe we have got about half a dozen or more than, dozen centers, including France, Germany, Amsterdam, England, and Ireland, Scotland. So this is a new center opened by us. This house has been very kindly given to us by George Harrison. He is a nice boy. He is taking to Krsna consciousness. So you have got good facilities now to understand what is this Krsna consciousness movement. So we shall simply request you to take advantage of this center. We are not charging anything. You haven't got to pay anything.

this excert was taken from one of Prtha Devia Dasi's sites, see this link for more info -