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The Fall of Xanten and the Death of Denied

by Bulldozer


On April 25 2003 the attack against Xanten the capital of Denied was started. Forces from many Nations and Guilds formed a strong army to show Denied its limits. Here you can see one attack group of the Mountain Giants Alliance (MGA) part of the army.

The location of Xanten can be seen on this in-game world map of Shadowbane.

To allow easy communication and close resurection we builded a town close to Xanten. This allowed our army to handle the logistic processes necessary to raise such a powerful army in the enemies homeland.


First contact with the enemy capital. The approach to break their wall with siege hammers was funny but not very successful at all. With lots of losses and hours of playtime we had to accept their walls are easier and faster to repair then to damage.


So we had to plant a lot of siege engienes to work on that wall, but even with the use of it it was impossibile to break down the wall.


Even changing the front line to another corner to get more defensive benefits didn't brought the breakthru


The only way to break this damn wall was the usage of shocktroops. With the group fly abilities of a Level 34 Fury we climbed the wall and build a base camp up there. After about an hour we made our way down the wall into the town. With no more repairs from the inside and the heavy siege fire from the outside the walls came down after another 30 minutes.


With this hole in their defense the enemy defense broke down.


It took several hours to wreak all the buildings in town but with the lost defense of denied there where only small combats in the town during this time.


After another 50 hours the Tree of Life was killed and the result was a total victory for the attacking army and a complete defeat of Denied and their removal from the map and our server.

Goodbye Denied!

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