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Secret Unplayable (MKII), Playable (UMK3/MK Trilogy)
Game(s): MK II - Ultimate MK3 - MK Trilogy
Race: Edenian
Homerealm: Edenia
Allegiance: Good
Actor(s): Katalin Zamiar (MKII), Becky Gable (UMK3/MK Trilogy)

Mortal Kombat II

--Jade's Hints--

Jade's face randomly appears from behind the trees in the Living Forest. In Kahn's Arena she sometimes appears before the fight and gives one of these hints:

I Am Called Jade
I Will Meet You In Goro's Lair
Restrict Yourself
Before The ?
Hornbuckle Who?
I Am One Of Three
Bring On Kano And Sonya!
Ermac Who?
Alone Is How You Will Find Me

(You will always fight Jade in Goro's Lair.)
--How To Find Jade--

To fight Jade, you must win one round using only LowKick against the last opponent before the question mark. You may do footsweeps and jump kicks with LowKick, just don't use the other fight buttons. If you succeed you will be taken to Goro's Lair to fight "a lost warrior from Mortal Kombat 1". Jade is impervious to projectile moves.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Mortal Kombat Trilogy
--Jade's UMK3 / MK Trilogy Moves-

High Boomerang: B-F-HP
Middle Boomerang: B-F-LP
Low Boomerang: B-F-LK
Returning Boomerang: B-B-F-LP
Projectile Invincibility: B-F-HK
Glow Kick: D-F-LK
Fatality #1: (close) U-U-D-F-HP
Fatality #2: (close) RN-RN-RN-BL-RN
Stage: B-F-D-RN
Friendship: B-D-B-B-HK
Babality: D-D-F-D-HK
Animality: F-D-F-F-LK
Added for MK Trilogy:

Did you know...
...Jade was black in the Arcade and PC versions of MKII, but white in several of the home versions?
...Jade was never played by an actual black actress? The MK Team just darkened the skintones of Katalin Zamiar and Becky Gable?
...Jade's name refers to her suit color, green (OK, I'm pretty sure you knew this)?
...Jade is considered one of the cheapest characters in MK, due to her strong arsenal of moves?