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Unplayable Boss (MK1), Playable Boss (MKT), (Secret) Playable Boss (MK4/Gold)
Game(s): MK 1 - MK Trilogy - MK 4 (all versions except Arcade) - MK Gold
Race: Shokan
Allegiance: Evil, Good
(below taken from MK1 manual's character profiles)
Age: 2000
Height: 8'2"
Weight: 550 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Legal Status: (Outworld) Prince of Kuatan
Known Relatives: King Gorbak (father), Queen Mai (mother), 7 wives
Birthplace: Kuatan, 4th Astral Plane of Shokan, realm of the Outworld
Occupation: Prince of Kuatan, Ruler Supreme of Shokan Armies

Mortal Kombat 1
--How To Deal With Goro--

Goro is easily defeated by using Sub-Zero's freeze or Scorpion's harpoon, with uppercuts. If you manage to corner him, you'll be able to get several uppercuts against him.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy
--Goro's MK Trilogy Moves-

Growl: D-D-LK
Spinner: B-B-F-HK
Fireball: B-B-B-LP
Grab & Pound: F-F-HP

Mortal Kombat 4 / Gold
--How To Unlock Goro In MK4 / Gold--

First, activate the cheat menu (check the MK4 or MK Gold page). On the select screen, highlight "hidden". Select it with, and hold down Run. Now highlight Shinnok still holding down Run (3 up, 1 left) and hit Block.

--Goro's MK 4 / Gold Moves--

Fireball: F-B-HP
Teleport Stomp: F-F-B-HK
Sideways Smash: F-F-HP
Lunge Kick: B-B-HK
Ground Stomp: B-F-D-D-HK
Super Uppercut: D-D-HP
Goro has no weapon or finishers.

Did you know...
...Goro is a clay model designed by Ed Boon?
...Goro was not in the Arcade version of MK4 (save for supposedly one unique MK4 Arcade cabinet in Midway's possession)?