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Unplayable Boss (MKM: Sub-Zero), Playable (MK4/Gold)
Game(s): MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero - MK 4 - MK Gold
Race: Gods
Homerealm: Earth
Allegiance: Good
Actor(s): Tony Marquez

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

--How To Deal With Fujin--

Fujin, the Wind God, is one of the tougher bosses in MKM:Sub-Zero. You face him in the second stage. Use upward ice to freeze him in the air when possible and run away when he tries to suck you into him. When he dies he tries to take you with him. You can either try to get as far away as possible and start running, or hold crouch.

Mortal Kombat 4 / Gold
--Fujin's MK 4 / Gold Ending--

[view of Elder stage, inside. Fujin stands in the center and bows before one of the blue "windows". An Elder God's face appears in the window.]
Fujin: "Our forces of light have defeated Shinnok. Now, I must return to my duties as Earth's God of Wind."
Elder God: "You have served your element well Fujin. But we have a new mission for you."
[Lightning strikes the ground before Fujin, and Rayden appears in its wake.]
Fu: "Rayden?"
Rayden: "Our battle with Shinnok's forces is over. I must move on to my new position as an Elder God. And you Fujin, must take my former position as protector of Earth."
[Fujin bows before Rayden.]
Fu: "Rayden, it will be my honor to succeed you."
Ra: "Take special care of the mortals of Earth. They are a great people, but have the ability to self-destruct. Be patient and offer your wisdom and guidance."
[Lightning strikes in the place where Rayden is standing, and he disappears.] Fu: "Farewell Thundergod, I will not fail you."
[Rayden's voice is heard once more.]
Ra: "That is why I picked you."

Did you know...
...Fujin could've had to give up his place in MK4 to Sareena? Both their names were on the list for miscellaneous MKM:Sub-Zero characters to enter MK4.