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Game(s): MK II - MK Trilogy - MK Gold
Race: Nomadic Mutant
Homerealm: Outworld
Allegiance: Evil
Actor(s): Richard Divizio

Mortal Kombat II

--Baraka's MK II Moves--

Double Kick: HK-HK (fast)
Blade Swipe: B+HP
Energy Blast: D-B-HP
Blade Fury: B-B-B-LP
Fatality #1: (close) B-B-B-B-HP
Fatality #2: (close) B-F-D-F-LP
Stage: F-F-D-HK
Friendship: (hold BL) U-F-F-HK
Babality: F-F-F-HK

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

--Baraka's MK Trilogy Moves-

Blade Swipe: B+HP
Energy Blast: D-B-HP
Blade Fury: B-B-B-LP
Blade Spin: F-D-F-BL
Fatality #1: (close) B-B-B-B-HP
Fatality #2: (close) B-F-D-F-LP
Stage: (hold BL) LK-RN-RN-RN-RN
Friendship: D-F-F-HK
Babality: F-F-F-HK
Animality: (hold HP) (sweep) F-B-D-F

Mortal Kombat Gold

--Baraka's MK Gold Ending--

[view of castle, outside.]
[view of throneroom, inside. Quan Chi is sitting in the throne, a creature in the foreground moves in the shadows.]
Quan Chi: "Enter."
Qu: "I said enter, Baraka. There is nothing to fear. Our betrayal is complete. I have dealt with those once loyal to Shinnok. This victory is ours!"
[Baraka moves out of the shadows and shambles towards the throne.]
Baraka: "You bask in your new-found power on the throne of Queen Sindel, while I am forced to hide in the shadows!"
Qu: "Who is it you are hiding from? The Elder Gods are dead. Rayden is dead. And, thanks to you, Shinnok is dead!"
Ba: "Everyone is dead!"
Qu: "Yes. Everyone, in this forsaken realm, is dead!"
Ba: "How do we rule a realm with no one in it?"
Qu: "This war was not about holding court to mortals. It was about obtaining power! I now possess that power!"
Ba: "And I forced to live out my existence in a dead realm with a madman!"
[Baraka extends the blade in his right arm, growls, jumps up and lands on Quan Chi, stabbing through his chest.]
Ba: "Now, sorcerer, you will pay with your life!"
[Camera turns around Baraka, showing (another) Quan Chi standing behind him.] Qu: "I haven't a life to give, you fool."
Ba: "What??"
[Baraka stares at the corpse in the throne, which suddenly has become a rotting skeleton. Baraka turns and leaps at Quan Chi again. Quan Chi raises one hand and shoots green energy at Baraka, which freezes him in midair. Quan Chi walks around Baraka and starts laughing, then Baraka explodes.]

--Baraka's MK Gold Moves--

Blade Swipe: B+HP
Energy Blast: D-B-HP
Blade Fury: B-B-B-LP
Blade Spin: F-D-F-BL
Weapon Draw (Bone Axe): B-B-LP
Fatality #1: (close) B-B-B-B-HP
Fatality #2: (sweep) B-F-D-F-LP
Prison Stage: F-F-D-HK
Goro's Lair: D-B-B-LK

Did you know...
...Baraka's mask is actually a modified Nosferatu mask with nails glued to it as teeth?
...Baraka can't pronounce his name, because you need lips to pronounce a "B"?
...Baraka's extra move in MK Trilogy, the Blade Spinner, was removed from MKII because it was too powerful? MK Gold strategy guide claims that MK Gold Baraka looks "stapled together" because Kung Lao sliced him in half with his hat? Did you also know this is impossible because Baraka isn't dead at the start of MK Gold (check bio - it states he's wandering the realms)? The "staples" are most likely portruding bones.
...that originally, everyone in Outworld was going to look like Baraka (with the teeth), including Shao Kahn?
...that the basis for Baraka's design was a bald-headed masked fighter that used the same tigerhook swords that were later implemented in the character Kabal? Click here for a picture.
...Baraka originally was much taller and muscular, and had hair? As he evolved into the character we know, the bald head of the fighter with the hookswords was used on him to make him more creepy. Click here for a picture.
...a picture of Baraka's MK Gold ending could be seen on a computer screen in the background, during the video interviews held with the MK team in 2000? Click here for a picture.