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Please note that you can now take and use whatever you want from this site, make good use of it. The only exception is the MUSHROOM KOMBAT pages, if you take anything from that I'd like you to credit both FATSATAN and CANAANITE.
Got any of FatSatan's old MK fake pics? Look here if they're on there, and if not, please mail them to me!!

Somewhere in April of 2001, I launched my own Mortal Kombat website, The Outerworld. I poured a lot of work into making it as large and complete an archive of all the Mortal Kombat-related material I could find, as I could. It was up, and reasonably popular for a time, but in the end two things killed it. One was that I was using a method of coding that made updating and modifying things tremendously difficult, the other was that the steadily increasing stream of news about the latest Mortal Kombat game, MK: Deadly Alliance, was causing me to focus more on obtaining news first than making the site interesting and original. When I finally started losing interest in the whole Mortal Kombat scene, it was no longer possible for me to keep up an MK fan site. Still, I now really regret that I didn't just leave the site up as is, or found a different home for it. I might even have pressed on with updates now instead of making this site. At any rate, I had a huge amount of MK-related imagery (and some info) still lying on my server, unattended. I need the space it's taking up, I don't want to throw away all this stuff, I fear that if I just download it to my hard disk I'll end up deleting it accidentally, AND I would enjoy the idea that other people can still have use for it. So, in one evening, I carelessly tossed everything on a bunch of pages and uploaded those here. I hope you may enjoy or have use for this site, cluttered and inefficient as it is, but before you do, a few points:
  • The info on this site may not be entirely reliable (anymore).
  • There are probably some dead links left on the Characters pages. It is generally not possible to click any of the links you find on the Charactes pages. Do not e-mail me to inform me of these dead links.
  • There will be images that seem to make little sense - thumbnails next to large versions, random pictures - this is because I typed up the coding for the pages without double-checking anything.


    old animated section headers from the Outerworld site.

    Fake Pics:
    fake screenshots of Mortal Kombat.

    Fan Art:
    Photoshopped MK images.

    MK4 Animations:
    a few background animations ripped with MK4strip.

    Mushroom Kombat:
    Animations and stills of edited Super Mario 3 characters made to look like MK characters, by me and Canaanite (can also be seen on his site, in more orderly fashion).

    Mortal Kombat sprites:
    Assorted sprites ripped from Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the purposes of site decoration.

    Probably the most popular item on the Outerworld were the Characters pages: detailed pages with info and images on each character. I have roughly thrown these back together. There are characters missing, mainly from MK: Deadly Alliance - remember that my site was up at the time when there was still limited info on the game.
    (Miscellaneous Material), Baraka, Belokk, Blind Kenshi, Johnny Cage, Chameleon, Cyrax, Drahmin, Earth God, Ermac, Fire God, Fujin, Goro, Lin Kuei Grandmaster, Jade, Jarek, Jataaka, Jax, Kabal, Kai, Kano, Khameleon, Kia, Kintaro, Kitana, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Mavado, Meat, Mileena, Moloch, Motaro, Nightwolf, No-face, Noob Saibot, Quan Chi, Rain, Rayden, Reiko, Reptile, Sareena, Scorpion, Sektor, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Sheeva, Shinnok, Sindel, Smoke, Sonya, Stryker, Sub-Zero, Tanya, Tasia, Tremor, Water God.


    You may take anything you want from ALL the pages without asking. Hell, you can steal the whole bunch and build a site with it, for all I care. HOWEVER, if you take anything from the MUSHROOM KOMBAT pages I ask that you credit both me and CANAANITE.


    Before you contact me, here's what I do and don't want you contacting me about.

    I DON'T want you contacting me about:
  • Broken/dead links on the Characters pages.
  • Pictures showing up as red x-es, unless you have repeatedly tried refreshing the page.
  • Asking me to update my site, exchange links, make a zip file of all the Characters pictures for you to download, talk/chat/post about MK, asking me if you can use the Animations, Fake Pics or Mushroom Kombat images on your website or otherwise (YOU CAN USE THEM, SEE ABOVE), or doing anything in general that requires an effort on my part. Sorry guys, the Outerworld is over and I'm done with MK.

    I do want you contacting me about:
  • Pictures showing up as red x-es, IF you have repeatedly tried refreshing the page. The first possibility is always that your computer 'gives up' trying to load so many images at once, so refresh several times.
  • Sending me my old fake pics! Check out the Fake Pics page and see if you have any fake pics of mine that aren't on there. I have lost a lot of them by accident and would really like them back for nostalgia's sake. I can't remember all the pics I've lost, they may all be found now.

    If you've got that, I can be contacted at

    If you ever wonder what I'm up to, check out More old material of mine can be found at the official Mortal Kombat Mopologies Homepage.