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DMC (Version III)

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Since 2nd August 2000



A Singapore-based DM Fan Site!

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 [ 3rd August 2005] Streamlined Sections.

I have been neglecting the site a lot since I no longer play DM as much as I used to. The forum has always been the center of all activities, so I have decided to officially cease working on the main site (it'll still be up, but no longer updated).

I have streamlined the menus and removed all the unnecessary sections. See you on the forums.

 [ 26th SEP 2004 ] New Forum is Ready

I have decided to do away with the old EZBoard forum and switch to a new Invision forum. Returning members are advised to sign up using recognizable IDs/e-mail so that we can validate your membership quickly (your ID can be changed later). It also helps if you e-mail me to let me know that it is you.

Please take note that non-members are allowed to post in the Trade Centre in order to facilitate ease of trade. Sorry for the inconvenience caused in the shifting. We hope that the new features will make up for it.

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