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Internet Ranking Challenge

Welcome to Taren's first I.R. competition.

Courses have been released- they are on the main page.


Send an email to furusato(at)insightbb{dot}com with your name (what you want to go by), location (optional), and a screenshot of your score. If you are not able for whatever reason to include a screenshot in your email, a link to the picture is fine.
Photoshops will result in disqualification of your screenshot and any other scores you might have ranked. Of course, none of you are going to cheat, right?

TROUBLESHOOTING: If your DWI doesn't register any of my courses or only some of the songs, here's how to fix it:
First, unless you have manually altered a song name, they should be fine. The solution probably lies with the folders.
The courses are set up as follows:

because my folders are arranged:
To fix this, change "Mine" to whatever the name of the folder is that contains the songs.

Use my guestbook (the link is on the home page) to explain any suggestions/comments you have about this outline.

FORMAT This competition will consist of three separate oni courses. The three courses are very different in terms of difficulty: moderate, difficult, and extreme. Each course will have a maximum of 4 lives.
SCORINGHere's the fun part. Scores will be calculated Extreme-method, with points instead of percentages. The step values are as follows:

PERFECT = +3 pt.
GREAT = +1 pt.
GOOD = 0 pt.
BOO = -1 pt.
MISS = -2 pt.
OK = +3 pt.
NG = -1 pt.

This system places a greater emphasis on perfect attack and discourages getting boos and misses.
RANKINGIndividuals will be ranked in order of score based on the system above with no regard to time. A participant may submit more than one score per course, but only the highest score for each course will count towards ranking.
AWARDSNo ideas yet.
Course 1
Course 2
Course 3
06 stages
06 stages
12 stages
5443 points
8712 points
15495 points
Tempest [6]
June [7]
Where Dragons Fly [6]
Era (Dual Mix) [5]
Merge [10]
Something [8]
Drop Out Survivor [10]
Trigun Intro [8]
Klungkung 5561 [9]
Afronova Surivor [9]
Sakura [9]
Maxx Paranoia [10]
Merge [10]
Tempest [8]
June [9]
Something [8]
Where Dragons Fly [9]
Era (Dual Mix) [9]
Trigun Intro [8]
Afronova Survivor [9]
Klungkung 5561 [9]
Drop Out Survivor [10]
Sakura [9]
Maxx Paranoia [10]