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Links Page

Here I will list various sites that I frequent or find useful, and are DDR-related. If you want to add your site to this list, or become an affiliate, you can get in contact with me using email or AIM.

Contact info:

DWI - Dance With IntensityThe official DWI page. Download/upgrade DWI here.
StepManiaThis is the official StepMania home page. SM is an alternative to DWI- it can read DWI files and plays about the same. Both have their own advantages.
zyx-19ZYX-19 has the greatest collection of stepcharts for official songs I have ever seen. And they're accurate, too.
DDReiDDRei is a general DDR-related site, complete with links, game info, a message board, and polls. They're famous for their "Tournamix" series, where people can enter their own DWI's into competition.
DDRManiaxAnother DDR-related site. They have a message board, and host a good number of DWI files.
DDRFreakI'm not very familiar with this site, but they do have a pretty good collection of stepcharts. Unfortunately, the charts haven't been updated recently.
DDRUK.comA very good source for official (especially hard-to-find) DWI's, but the server is very slow.
Aaron In JapanHomepage of TEH DDR Legend. He has an insanely large collection of AAA photos. Click on this link to find out more about Yasu and Take, the gods of DDR.
D2R2Homepage for a fairly large group of local DDR players. (Rockford, IL)
Rockford DDRFor lack of a better name. This page features all the players in D2R2 plus more. There's a page for full-combos and another page listing the local high scores on oni mode.
dwidwi.icq.home.comThis is my alternate page, where I'll be uploading files when they get bumped off my main site.
XStepThis is the official XStep DWI Maker page. I use XStep for most of my DWI-making needs, and I can vouch that it is very handy.