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DWI Difficulty Evaluator

v 7.B, (public release #3)

v7.B: Includes all previous statistics, plus takes into account 'Tech'- maneuvers that require a spin or pivot. Tech greatly increases a song's overall score. (Suggested by Udderdude). Shows tech count on far right column.

v6.0: Now runs both normal and wild at the same time. Also formats rating value output to seven digits.

v5.2F: First public release.

This program is designed to identify the hardest DDR songs available, and to rank the rest. After becoming disillusioned with the absolute standard 1-10+ foot rating system, I decided to find a way to make more accurate ratings for songs.

Warning: moderate work involved. Copy and paste all the DWI's you want to rank into the same folder as the programs. Then make a list (preferrably .TXT) using the filenames. When making the list, you must put one filename on each line, EXACTLY as it is spelled and capitalized in the folder. "b4u" is not "B4U". Don't include extensions in the filenames. "b4u.dwi" should be written in as "b4u". Make sure to have no blank lines at the beginning or end of the text file. When you run the program, enter the filename of the list you just compiled. For example, "list.txt". Make sure to include the file extension! Now to debug your filthy DWI's...

If all goes well, the program will spit out random text for a little while, then close. If not, it will either freeze or crash. Your folder will have an two extra files in it. That's it.

You more than likely will. Some DWI's are horrible. In Tournamix One, I had to touch up about ten of the 58 files.

"[filename] does not exist."
Check the filename in your list. There's something wrong with it.

"There is a problem with [filename]. Aborting..."
Common. Check the DWI for lines that are missing semicolons, or other obtrusive stuff like comments or animations.

If the program sits at a text message for more than a few seconds, that means the next file in the list has something wrong with it. If your list says to read from "A B C" and you see messages containing A and B, check file C. Look for missing semicolons at the very end of the last step pattern.

"+difficultysorter.exe" has caused an error in KERNEL32-whatever
Either you royally screwed up, or there's a bug I need to fix. Email me with details.

BUG REPORT:furusato{A}insightbb\dt\com (that's to throw the bots.)

The first column shows the songname plus difficulty. For example, "22DUNK.HEAVY" is 22Dunk on Heavy. Duh. You should be able to figure out all five step notations. The second column is the ranking. From one to whatever. The final column is the relative score. It's relative because PSM Oni, which used to be a 7055, is now a 6329 due to tweaking the scoring system. Be In My Paradise Beginner used to be 29, but now is 11.

DISCLAIMER: (outdated)
With the release of V7B, the program can now recognize pivots and spins. It also recognizes repeated notes, like CSFIL Speed and Ska a go go ("the" ending). Before, I used to say that it wouldn't be able to read those. HOW IT WORKS:
Each step in the song is scored by its timing relative to the beat, and how soon it is after the previous step.

Single steps:
Yellow arrow: 4 points
Blue arrow: 5 points
Purple arrow: 6 points

Yellow arrow: 9 points
Blue arrow: 11 points
Purple arrow: 13 points

Freeze arrow: 1 point

Step that occurs while other foot is frozen: 2x value.
Step that does not require any foot movement from arrow to arrow: 0.1x
Step that requires the player to either stab/slide or change facing-direction (at/away): 7x

Then the song is "normalized" to 90 seconds. The song length is counted from the first step to the last. Then the song and score are multiplied by the right factor to equalize it to 90 seconds. Of course longer songs, like Long Versions, will lose a great deal of points. That's the purpose. If you don't want normalization, run the "WILD" version of this program, included in the ZIP. Standard DDR songs won't be affected too badly, but originals maybe be greatly altered by this.

These executable files and source code are copyright Taren N. Plagiarism will result in me raising hell. And you don't want that.