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Taren's DWI Page

Update: 2004 October 15: I got a livejournal. Link below.
Update: 2004 August 08: I updated this page, and now all files are available, thanks to hosting from DDRLA.COM.

All Dance With Intensity and BMS files listed on this page are (c) Taren Nauxen, and may be freely distributed as long as I am given credit for the step and background files where applicable. MP3 files are (c) their respective artists.

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~AIM: X12x300X

Muchísimas gracias a DDRLA.COM for hosting these files.

Update 2005/07/11

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SUPER WAILING BONUS (click to rock out)

64 MUGEN KIDOU D-Crew+1 Complete Supposedly for a collection of simfiles made by Aaron In Japan forums members.
63 9.9.9. dj nagureo / dj NAUX Complete My entry for TM5- a tribute to dj nagureo. See if you can pick out the 4 songs I sampled from!
62 PRELUDE NAOKI underground Complete A set of fake steps for this song, since it was rumored to be coming out in EXTREME II. It turned out to be an April Fool's Joke. It was pretty obvious since this song is supposed to be spelled Prelude.
61 PARANOiA Rebirth
+ KCET -clean mix-
190' + 2MB Complete From 3rd Mix Nonstop Megamix. Watch for the tempo change- that was strangely convenient. 190/130/180.
60 Battle Without Honor Or Humanity TOMOYASU HOTEI Complete From the Kill Bill vol.1 soundtrack. Simple beginning, gets difficult after intermission.
13 disc-hyper2.rar Disconnected
-Hyper Mix-
Inspector K Complete From In The Groove. Very difficult.
12 Rice and Curry DR. BOMBAY Incomplete Hooray for Dr. Bombay. An edited version of the song from his CD.
11 Blue Fields Nobuo Uematsu
with Shiro Hamaguchi
Complete My entry for the future DDREI IIDX Tournamix.
10 The least 333sec Hirofumi Sasaki Complete For BM98.
59 healing2000 tiy Complete From BM98. A remix of Healing vision.
58 Radical Faith (Another) TaQ Complete Challenge only. Includes samples of every previous TaQ song.
-flocking flock style-
L.E.D. feat. Goro Complete An attempt at a more mellow song.
56 07xx1999 cranky with Queen P.A.L. Complete From BM98.
55 HYAKUGOJYUUICHI Pokémon feat.
Proessor Oak
Complete Japanese for "151," apparently the number of Pokémon in existence. My entry for TM4+. It's also 151 seconds long. HAR HAR HAR.
54 DDR Club
Ver.2 Sampler
sampling masters AJIMI Complete "Selections from 5 Club Ver. songs you're likely to never see again."

NEW!! List Updated on 2004/8/8!

53 G2 Another Aya Complete And you thought V Another was hard...
52 neoPARANOiA 53094745014 Complete I was going to use this in TM5, but I changed my mind...
51 The Way It Is Bruce Hornsby Complete Easy Heavy song. Cut from a megamix of random new-age songs; do you know where this version of the song is from? I sure don't know and would like to find out.
50 100sec. Kitchen Battle!!
(tometaro.Kitchen Battle)
Orange Lounge Complete A remix of 100sec. Kitchen Battle from one of the V-Rare Soundtracks.
49 HOT LIMIT Survivor John Desire Complete Survive THIS!
48 PARANOIA EVOLUTION (from nonstop megamix) 200 Complete After several mishaps with Acid 4.0 and 2.0, I managed to cut out the announcer in this song and add 8 bars to the end.
47 5.1.1. (Another) dj nagureo Complete It's time to relax.
46 Peanut butter jelly time! The Buckwheat Boys Complete With all the time I'm spending here at college, I still managed to get one DWI done. In an attempt to take down my All Your Base record, I made PBJTime. This one seemed popular enough.
45 CELEBRATE NITE (EURO TRANCE STYLE) N.M.R Complete A note on the 6 edits here: These files were lost when switching computers. If you have them and would like to see them back up here, email me. MAX2 Remix Edit No. 6/19.
44 BURNIN' THE FLOOR (BLUE FIRE mix) NAOKI Complete MAX2 Remix Edit No. 5/19.
43 BRILLIANT2U (K.O.G G3 MIX) NAOKI Complete MAX2 Remix Edit No. 4/19.
42 B4U (B4 ZA BEAT MIX) NAOKI Complete MAX2 Remix Edit No. 3/19.
41 AM-3P (AM EAST mix) kTz Complete MAX2 Remix Edit No. 2/19. Read my comments for details on the step pattern.
RE-VENGE Complete MAX2 Remix Edit No. 1/19. I'm on a mission to make Light, Standard, and Heavy steps for all 19 Challenge remixes from MAX2.
Invasion of the
Gabber Robots
Complete Just download it. You have no chance to survive make your time.
38 Tangerine Stream dj.TAKA Complete I've been meaning to do this one for a loooong time. In a sudden opposition to fast and difficult songs, I made a 5' Heavy step. Nice.
37 V (Another) TAKA Complete "Another" wholesome IVKAS production. I used BMR's MP3 and background, tweaked some stuff, and ended up increasing the Max Combo for this by over 100. It more closely follows the IIDX note patterns. Seems to be quite a popular download...< /td>
36 PI R SQUARED Clint Mansell Incomplete From the soundtrack to Pi. This was stupid, but funny. Read about this in my journal. Too ridiculous to require BG/BN.
35 THE STRONG JAEGER L.E.D. Complete L.E.D. doesn't get enough attention when it comes to good, danceable songs. That doesn't mean "make a IIDX rehash of DDR steps". Most of this file is huge 8th note streams. (The background/banner are really from "Theme of Denjin J"!)
34 R10K tiger YAMATO Complete I did this one mostly because the R10K file I have already just plain sucks, and I wanted to show the world what the REAL title looks like. R Ichi Man.
33 Indigo Vision
(full flavour hide around mix)
TaQ Incomplete First of three from-IIDX ports. This was too danceable to pass up. Shh- I got the background and banner from shots of "Beautiful Days".
32 Dream Possession Daydream Complete This was a "filler" file used in the final bracket of TM4. It was intentionally made sub-par so that downloaders would have 25 files, and that the real entries wouldn't have real competition.
09 passive dj NAUX Complete I turned this into a playable BMS file.
31 Nahanaha vs. Gatchoon Battle DJ Senda + Tiny K Incomplete I never made BG/BN files for this; I couldn't find any decent images to use. Then I decided, screw it. I'll just release it as is. BG/BN are just novelties anyways.
08 widescreen Vanessa-Mae Complete Expert-7, 7-stars. This is my second piece taken from the CD "Instrumental Moods". Good chill-out tune.
30 Everybody to the Limit
(come on fhqwhgads)
Strong Bad Complete Hey, I actually made Light and Standard steps for once. It's a freakin' miracle.
29 Blueberry Stream dj TAKA Complete Heavy only, unforunately. Uh... 10000HIT omedetou?
07 North Easter Cusco Complete EXPERT-7 only. It was hard to cram everything I wanted to be able to play into only seven keys.
06 Healing Vision
-Angelic Mix-
2MB Complete EXPERT-7 only. Only four stars?! This was a challenge to make steps for, but you'll like it.
05 Klungkung 1655 simon Complete EXPERT-7 only. A personal favorite of mine from Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix...
04 Beethoven Virus Banya Complete EXPERT-7 only. I like making BMS files!
03 bag Reven-G Complete EXPERT-7 only. Play the 7-key bagpipe!
02 Atmosphere The Lithium Project (with Steve Beecham) Complete EXPERT-7 only, 732 notes. I was playing this on DWI and thought to myself, "What a wonderful BMS this would make." MP3, banner, bg (c) The Lithium Project & Steve Beecham.
28 abandoned cyber Yanagi / remix Paraoka Complete Heavy only. Stage 7 of 8 in Road of Paraoka. Song, BG, and banner are (c) Paraoka.
01 Free Fall David Lanz Complete EXPERT-7 only, 440 notes. One of many BMS files to come. GET BM98. Get the MP3 from the other Free Fall ZIP, and extract to a WAV.
27 unrequited love TUMODORA with RYU Complete Heavy only. My second From-BM98 song. This song is (c) the song artists, not me.
26 ITM dj NAUX vs. The Incredible Machine Complete For Tournamix 4. Check out readme for details.
-EXTREME version-
Outphase Under 700 steps, but still very difficult. Quite a few unfriendly arrow patterns. No feet allowed. Tastes good with IVKAS for DWI!
Kakumei dj TAKA with NAOKI NEW! Challenge step edit! More IVKAS fun! 875 notes, 900 combo. Tastes good with IVKAS for DWI!

Previously unreleased
IVKAS-Another .dwi file
DXY! TaQ NEW! Step-edit Challenge steps! I call it IVKAS- four key auto scratch! 700 notes, 783 combo. Go for it!
25 Dancin' Into The Night good-cool Complete Heavy steps only. 1 PM- hear song. 4 PM- upload DWI, BG, and banner to site. Good-cool is an understatement of this brilliant artist.
24 The X-Files Theme DJ Dado Complete Heavy steps only. Simply techno.
23 Free Fall David Lanz Complete Real steps only. This is another KM-type song. I find these types of songs much more interesting and challenging to play. It's like Beatmania for DWI players.
22 SAKURA -Another- Reven-G vs. dj NAUX Complete Heavy steps only. Yea, I planned the max combo to come out to that number...
21 Tetri net kiai Complete Heavy steps only. By Kiai, originally designed as a Beatmania sim.
20 HEIWA HAKAI dj NAUX Complete Heavy steps only. Translates to "Peaceful Destruction". This is what a person probably feels like after they've accepted their inevitable death...
19 PARANOiA Survivor MAX 300 270 feat. W (Remix) Complete Heavy steps only. It combines the front half of Paranoia Survivor with the back half of MAX300. And yes, it includes the MSN noise.
18 The Castle Nobuo Uematsu Complete 'Real' (Heavy) steps only. Testing out a new "Keyboard Mania" style of DWI's. Pretend you're playing a four-key piano!
17 MAX to the XXXimum Beta Complete A rumored Extra Stage in DDR Extreme.
16 Things of MaNeRi TaQ Complete NEW! Heavy steps only. Background and banner created using Iterations 2.9.
15 passive dj NAUX Complete Heavy steps only. A song I created inspired by TaQ's "Stoic".
14 AFRONOVA Survivor ITATOKU Complete Unlocked special song. Heavy steps only, mainly used for the IR Comp. The updated version contains Light and Standard steps.
Are You Enjoy? Available IR Course 1. You must have all six files listed.
The Quick & The Dead Available IR Course 2. You must have all six files listed.
TO THE HORIZON Available IR Course 3. You must have all twelve files listed.
13 Something Lasgo Complete Unlocked special song. Probably my first real "commission" song.
12 DROP OUT Survivor SE312 Complete New!
Heavy steps only. Honestly, who plays a Survivor song on any BUT Heavy?
11 era (dual mix) TaQ Complete New!
Banner, BG, 3 steps. Chock-full of pivots and partial spins.
10 Tempest Jesse Cook Complete Banner, BG, 3 steps. I love how technical this song is.
SAKURA Reven-G Complete The song, Sakura, from DDREX, with steps made by me.
08 Merge (DDR Edit) Steve Roach Complete
89.8 BPM! Heavy Steps only.
TournaMix 3 Oni Courses n/a Complete- 6 courses A bunch of courses using only DDREI TM3 songs.
MaxX PARANOiA X Complete Submitted to DDREI's Tournamix 3
06 Klungkung 5561 Remix / Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix Complete Sped-up version of Klungkung 1655.
05 PARANOiA UNLiMiTED Remix / Dance Dance Revolution Complete, with C steps X-Mix of many Paranoias
04 June Ryoken Complete A friend's song I had to DWI-ize...
03 Where Dragons Fly Rhapsody Complete
No comment.
02 Trigun Intro Tsuneo Imahori Complete Heavy only; tweaked version of TIbrO's Trigun Intro.
Tomodachidou n/a Complete Oni course of ten songs from DDREI's Tournamix 2. See ZIP for details. Extract to Courses folder.
01 Decisive Battle Neon Genesis Evangelion Complete Submitted to DDREI's TM2
Princess of Light Robert Miles Incomplete Light only, no banners.
FKAP31 Taren's Original Incomplete About 1/4 of Heavy complete
Gale Yasunori Mitsuda Incomplete Most of Light steps done
Omega Yasunori Mitsuda Incomplete Very very little done... impossible to work with this song.
(steps still under construction - I don't expect many of these to ever get done.)
Drop Out (Formation Mix) dj NAUX
Libra Negra (DDR ver.) Osamu Kubota feat. TaQ
edited by dj NAUX
Paranoia Crisis (Remix) NAOKI feat. 190
edited by dj NAUX
Paranoia KCET -Oni Remix- dj NAUX
Tripnoia Evoclimax dj NAUX
So Deep -Oni Remix- dj NAUX
22DUNK -Revenge- dj NAUX
Electro Tuned -Resonance Mix- dj NAUX
Tripnoia Evoclimax dj NAUX
Healing Vision -E.R. Mix- X200 feat. 303TC
Transientic Cyber dj NAUX
INSERTiON (9:49 PM Mix) dj NAUX