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My Views On War


Our focus right now should be Al Qaeda. They attacked us. Therefore, our energy should be directed at them instead of going after people/countries we don't like -- just because we don't like them. There's no question Saddam Hussein's a monster. We ought to know. We financed his war effort against Iran.

If we have irrefutable evidence that Saddam is linked to Al Qaeda or is threatening to attack us -- then who could argue that we should go after him? If we had this kind of evidence, there would be no need for us to try to convince others at the U.N. that military force is necessary. We would simply, and rightfully, defend ourselves -- without delay.

Clearly, however, this is not the case. If it were, then President Bush should have already struck and 80% to 90% of Americans would have supported it -- just like we supported him in the months following 9-11.

Mr. Bush is determined to strike regardless of world opinion and regardless of American opinion. Ignoring the rest of the world and labeling the U.N. as "irrelevant" may be okay for a few cowboys, but it's in our best interests to have countries fully and willfully cooperating with us in war on terrorism.

What particularly bothered me was the irresponsible action in 10/2002 by our congress which authorized Bush to attack Iraq and other nations if the administration considered them a terrorist threat. Isn't that too much power given to the executive branch???

According to our constitution, only congress can declare war. This was done for situations like the one we're in now. It's the responsibility and duty of congress to debate and decide on the question of war -- not to just hand the responsibility over to the executive branch and permit the executive branch to have the ability to examine multiple future situations and make a call on the use of military force.

Democrats and Republicans in congress are guilty of this. I was angry that our democratic leaders, who one after the other, caved in on this very important joint resolution. Tom Daschle, Joe Liberman, Richard Gephardt, and my opponent for the 28th district, Howard Berman, were among those who were blatantly responsible.

Their actions were unconstitutional, yet we know that the present U.S. Supreme Court will let it slide. They aren't about to go against the man they voted into office.

War to solve conflict should always be a last resort. That's the bottom line with many Americans now opposed to fighting against Iraq. Are we exhausting every means, every idea, every alternative available before seeking a military solution? It doesn't appear that we are. In fact, we are looking very eager to have a confrontation with Iraq. This is precisely why many anti-American protests are being held throughout the world.






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