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My Views On Gun Control


This is an issue that shouldn’t be one. Anyone that argues in favor of the right to go in a store and walk out the same day with an automatic or semiautomatic gun or rifle not designed for “hunting” is an idiot.

You might as well argue against common sense.

I grew up around guns. My dad and I hunted with guns for years. My dad also had a gun rack over his bed and therefore always had “protection” easily accessible.

I believe in the 2nd amendment. However, I also support common sense.

Any civilized society should have rules about what type weapons should be available, and there should be a process in place to make sure some individuals can’t ever legally buy a weapon.

There are too many guns out there now that are out there not to protect or to hunt with, but out there to kill people with. To murder people with. There are too many people under 18 who own or have access to these weapons.

Common sense dictates that some types of guns should be illegal. Period. We must crack down severely on gun manufacturers who design weapons with a slight alteration just to get around a ban. In the first place, gun manufacturers should have to go to a governmental agency to get “approval” of a new design for a gun.

On the subject of waiting periods: this is another common sense issue. Why the NRA continues to fight this is beyond me other than to say they are an organization that places no value on human life or maybe they just feel that the world is overpopulated and we need guns to curb the population crisis.

There should be sufficient time to do background checks on anyone who wants to purchase a gun. What could be the problem? What’s the harm for someone to wait 5 days or a week? This is just a subject that should be a no-brainer.

Do we honestly want people who have criminal records to be able to easily purchase a gun? Do we want to make it easy for a kid to buy a gun? Of course not.

Bush says he wants to go after Saddam for possessing “weapons of mass destruction.” The guns that are out there on our streets today, collectively, have been and continue to be weapons of mass destruction. Why not pursue that problem with the same resolve???






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