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My Views On The Environment


You would think this would be a no-brainer. Protection of our vital natural resources (clean air, clean water) should be foremost in any environmental policy. It hasnít been. The Republicans often are willing to sacrifice the environment in favor of corporate greed, whether it be for manufacturing, off-shore drilling, lumber, construction, you name it.

Jobs and profits are important, but what good does it do to have work and live in a fine home if you canít trust the water supply and get sick by just breathing the air???

We have to continue to encourage the development of equipment and methodology to burn things cleaner and to use less fuel. We have to have a plan in place that will preserve and protect, as much as possible, our lands, lakes and rivers. This is important for our health, and besides, we should want future generations to enjoy the places and experiences weíve been privileged to have had access to.

Just like with many other issues, we have to think in the long term when it comes to our environment. Thatís why we must also focus our attention on global warming. We arenít taking this issue serious enough. The Bush administration and Republicans once again have been and continue to be shortsighted. Democrats have lacked in the leadership to put this issue on the table where it belongs.

Long term thinking. Important.






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