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Charles Coleman Jr.

Views...Plain and Simple


Do politicians turn you off? Are you disgusted with both major parties? Itís ďyesĒ and ďyesĒ for me, and I think most people these days agree. I think many of us are frustrated because the politicians themselves are corrupt. They are mere puppets of their major donors, therefore inseparable from the many problems and the corruption thatís out there and effecting our lives.

Sadly, most of us feel powerless and voiceless. I include myself. But Iíve had enough.

Iím tired of sitting back while our politicians are ambitiously guiding us into a war, without thought of the long term implications. All the while our economy is collapsing before our eyes, and our leaders are blinded to it because of their passions for war. The Middle East is totally out of control while we look the other way.

What Iíve decided to do is make a run for Congress. Voice my concerns and ideas, and hope those views are representative of my California district and most Americans. The only way to do that and not become just another politician is to try to do it differently. Do what many consider impossible: run for office and seek no campaign contributions. None. Because the alternative is to follow the path of the rest -- and act just like them should I be successful.

So Iíve decided to get out there and talk to people. Go out into the community, door to door. Not selling. Just asking to be heard and considered.

With that in mind, Iíve put together this website. Iíve listed a number of issues, accompanied by my positions on each.





Middle East

Gun Control


Health Care

Government Spending

Civil Rights