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Message: Meadview IS still there! And it was HOT!!! I just wanted to say that Hawthorne was mentioned on Coast to Coast (overnight radio) on Monday night/Tuesday morning's show. If you are a C-T-C member you can listen on the podcast or online. ( It was in the first hour, at the 40 minute mark, but I would suggest you listen to the entire hour - or better yet, all 4 hours - to get a sense of the overall subject of the show. If you don't follow UFOlogy it might sound crazy, but I've been listening to C-T-C for years and am not surprised by much of anything that I hear on the show anymore. John Lear (son of Lear Jet creator and accomplished pilot) claims (in passing during the conversation) that the US Navy has underground submarine access in 15 western states and specifically mentions the Hawthorne airport as one location. Anyone hearing any unexplained underground noises in Hawthorne? Yeah, when driving down 120th by the airport it sounds like someone is flushing a toilet. Maybe you should call George Noory and make a report