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The Illuminated Fist
Welcome to the home of the Illuminated fist. This is a guild of Shadowbane that are an organization fighting for our own cause of protecting our land. The purpose of this guild is to cut off the enemies' economy and eliminate the leaders of the enemy to provide for our success through guerilla warfare. We also sell our services as mercenaries to the noble that needs leverage on an enemy, a person with a grudge, or a military seeking help for a seige. We stalk in the shadows with the moon illuminating our way, and fire a sign of our wake. We are currently building and are in the developing stages of the guild. Please look around and apply if you wish. We are currently having a conflict with the elf race joining, see our lore and you will understand.


February 4 2003, 2:02 PM By:Grandmaster Myst

We are in need of web page designers due to the fact that I lack the time and skill to do it all. If you wish to help out with this, please email me with some code.
January 17 2003, 7:23 PM By:Grandmaster Myst

This is the first official day the site has been up. It needs improvement, but that won't be a problem. Welcome to the Illuminated Fist. If you wan't to apply, go to the application page.

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