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***Winter Solstice***
Fan Works Archive

Welcome to my fan works archive. I host fan art belonging to myself and friends, and I'll host others if requested. The only fan fiction I host, however, is my own. If you want to have yours displayed, I suggest you create an account on or make your own website. Please feel free to submit, comment, or simply view the contents of this website.

UPDATE: As of 2/15/06 I will no longer be posting on or updating this website, and will instead be using my deviantArt account to host all of my art work. Everything that is currently on the website will stay as it is, since my deviantArt account will not host all of my old work. In order to view my deviantArt account, please go here. Lastly, I would just like to say thank you to anyone who has kept up with this website and to let you know that I appreciate your support! These past three years and this website have been a blessing to me, and I will continue striving to become a better artist.
Love and peace out, Aeolus

Due to the fact that people kept posting their disgusting porn sites on my guestbook, I have permanently removed it. I'm sorry to everyone who left nice, clean comments about my artwork, but if you want to leave me a message you'll have to e-mail me from now on. I'll try to find a guestbook that allows me to filter what is posted and what is not, but until then, please be patient. Thank you.

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