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Viral infection  develops its own platforms for self hosting by 1200.  Each Virus has its own host robot or computer system. Rarely does Virus like sharing a single system.  TNE1248 discussed Virus in detail.

Virus Type (CT)
Botweiler  Dogbot
Virus robot based on the Vargr War Dog.
Skelbot Security Robot
Used for policing, cleanup and light incursions.
Terminator A-63 Hvy Robot
The primary Virus ground force
Abolisher Mechbot
Often operating with a squad of Terminators or Tankbots.
ED15 Security Mechbot
The ED15 was produced during the Imperium. Virus protected the construction facilities in Corridor system and began building as as many as possible.

Vehicle Types
Spider Heavy Tankbot Virus amuti-legged, rmoured unit intended in rough terrain combat. 
HunterKiller Tankbot
Treaded "zone of control" tank intended to kill and manage forces within its zone. HKs are designed for use and maintenance in lower tech environments.
Ogre Mark V SuperTank
The Ogre is intended for penetrating bunkers, defend from all basic assaults. It is designed for nuclear battlefield situations.

Spacecraft Types