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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar's are the battle carriers of the 12 human worlds combined in peace to defends humanity from invasion.

Classic Traveller High Guard Design:

Ship: Galactica
Class: Columbia
Type: Battlestar (Strike Carrier)
Architect: Admiral Savage
Tech Level: 15

         SC-S1457J4-593410-269J9-3 MCr 166,789.543 225 KTons
Bat Bear             1     Y3311   Crew: 2085
Bat                  1     Z4412   TL: 15

Cargo: 13,583.500 Passengers: 1560 Emergency Low: 650 Fuel: 70,750 EP: 15,750 Agility: 5 Shipboard Security Detail: 225 Marines: 400 Pulse Lasers
Craft: 75 x 15T Viper Fighters, 4 x 5T Landram transports, 4 x 95T Shuttles, 3 375T Launch Tubes
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: 2 x Model/9fib Computers 1 x Bridge
Substitutions: Y = 26 Z = 40

Architects Fee: MCr 1,667.895   Cost in Quantity: MCr 133,431.634

Detailed Description
  (High Guard Design)

225,000.000 tons standard, 3,150,000.000 cubic meters, Needle/Wedge Configuration

129 Officers, 1481 Ratings, 75 Pilots, 400 Marines

Jump-4, 5G Manuever, Power plant-7, 15,750.000 EP, Agility 5

Bridge, Model/9fib Computer
1 Backup Bridge, 2 Model/9fib Backup Computers

Spinal Mount, 6 100-ton bays, 4 50-ton bays, 50 Hardpoints

Meson Gun Spinal Mount (Factor-J), 4 100-ton Particle Accelerator Bays (Factor-9), 2 100-ton Missile Bays (Factor-9), 4 50-ton Plasma Gun Bays (Factor-6), 40 Dual Pulse Laser Turrets organised into 40 Batteries (Factor-2)

10 Triple Sandcaster Turrets organised into 1 Battery (Factor-9), Nuclear Damper (Factor-4), Meson Screen (Factor-3), Black Globe (Factor-1) with 5,500.000 tons of capacitors (storing 198,000.000 energy points), Armoured Hull (Factor-5)

75 15.000 ton Viper Fighters (Crew of 1, Cost of MCr 0.000), 4 5.000 ton Landram transports (Crew of 1, Cost of MCr 0.000), 4 95.000 ton Shuttles (Crew of 1, Cost of MCr 0.000), 3 375.000 ton Launch Tubes

70,750 Tons Fuel (2 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance, plus 10,000.000 tons of additional fuel)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant, 105,750.000 ton drop tanks

2,700 Staterooms, 650 Emergency Low Berths, 20 High Passengers, 1540 Middle Passengers, 13,583.500 Tons Cargo

1 2nd Type J Meson Spinal Mount (1,000.000 tons, Crew 11, Cost MCr 400.000), 1 Dual Spinal Mount Weapons Carriage (2,000.000 tons, Crew 0, Cost MCr 200.000, requires 20 Hardpoints), 1 Fuel Purification Superfuel Refinery Upgrade (1,062.000 tons, Crew 22, Cost MCr 10,612.500), 2 Landing Bayss (5,000.000 tons, Crew 0, Cost MCr 0.000)

MCr 168,457.438 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 1,667.895), MCr 133,431.634 in Quantity (Hardpoints and Turrets charged)

214 Weeks Singly, 171 Weeks in Quantity

1. Columbia class used 2 landing bays (5000t each for all small craft). No
additional crew or resources are needed. These bays can be used for cargo if

2. Meson spinal has been supstituted for Dual Turbo Laser spinal mount.

3. Fuel Home Rules:
Fuel Purification on battlestars can choose to produce Superfuel (double jump
fuel). The cost of the Purification system is doubled. Time to purify fuel is
doubled. Purification System Maintenance is doubled. Crew is doubled.
(1062t, 22 crew, 10,612.5Mcr)

4. Dual Spinal Mount Home Rules:
A Dual Spinal Mount Weapons Carriage has been integrated into the hull.
- The carriage is the size of 2 spinal mounts but requires the appropriate
amount of hardpoints (aka structural supports) connected to the ship hull and
the weapons.
- Only 1 spinal mount can be fired in a turn but they can alternate.
- Each spinal mount has a seperate crew.
- Energy Points are only provided to fire 1 at a time in this design.
- The cost is equivalent to 1/2 of an enclosed spinal mount weapon.
- Damage against the spinal mounts should be randomly rolled between
carriage, weapon 1 and weapon 2.
- Firing Both near simultaneously: (where there is a will, there is a way)
-          Should energy be diverted to fire both, a roll must be made on the
internal ship damage table. This is a result of the structural damage to the ship.

A referee can return to core rule ideology by converting the 2nd spinal mount
and carriage to resources (3000t cargo, 11 crew, 20 hardpoints, 200Mcr).

Info: The Battlestar Galactica deckplans produced in the 80's actually consisted mostly of the BG's equipment.

Battlestar Galactica is the property of Universal Studios. This is meant as free translation of Galactica to Traveller and not a profit based endevour or copywrite infringment. These descriptions are based on the 70's series and books with some modifications for easier transition to the Traveller universe.