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Star Princess -

Grand Traveller class Intersun Luxury Liner

Designed by: Admiral Savage (based on an Battlestar Galactica design)
T20 Statistics:
150,000-ton Hull (Needle/Wedge) - Streamlined, T16
AC: 11 (9 vs. Meson Guns)   AR: 4 (TL-14)   SI: 750   Initiative: 1
Starship Size: Gargantuan   Cost: 73,676.203 MCr (92,095.254 MCr without discount)
Model/8 Fib (PP: 57/13) Computer   Avionics: Less than 1,000,000-ton  
Sensors: System Wide  -7  Communications: Long Range (Maser, Meson) -7
Cargo: 1700.0-tons 
Ship's Stores:
(2 weeks, 635dt, 31.77MCr):
           16,800 person/weeks of Luxury Stores, 24,000 person/weeks of Standard Stores,
            8,334 person/weeks of Low Stores
Extra Ship's Stores (6 weeks, 3810dt, 190.60MCr):
100,800 person/weeks of Luxury Stores, 144,000 person/weeks of Standard Stores,
60,000 person/weeks of Low Stores
Annual Maintenance = 7,367.62 KCr (3,683.81 KCr if routinely maintained)
Routine Maintenance = 1,841.905 KCr/Month (18,419.051 KCr per year)
Jump-6 (enough fuel for 1x Jump-6)   J1=15,000dt, J6=45,000dt  fuel
Uses 1/2 fuel rule. Add drop tanks for conversion to normal T20 rules)
Acceleration: 2-G   Agility: 1
Power Plant: TL-16 Fusion (12,000 EP output, enough fuel for 12 weeks)  4wks=3,000dt, 12wks=12,000dt fuel
Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purification Plant (TL-14, 6hrs per 60,000 tons of fuel)
Atmospheric Speeds:   NOE = 1,175kph   Cruising = 3,525kph   Maximum = 4,700kph
Active Defenses:
Nuclear Dampers USP:4
Meson Screens USP:4
Black Globe Generator USP:5 (4500 EP in Jump Drive capacitors and 36000 EP can be stored in extra capacitors)
Hardpoints: 300
100x Double Popup, Camoflage Beam Laser Turret TL-16, +4 To Hit, 4d8 (20/x1), Range: 30,000km, (Optional)
         10 Batteries of 10 Turrets 
100x Double Popup, Camoflage Sandcaster Turret TL-16, +4 AC, (Optional)
         10 Batteries of 10 Turrets, Ammo: 3000 sand canisters (150dt, 1.2MCr)
4x 50-ton Camoflage Repulsor Bay TL-16, USP: 5
Ship's Vehicles:
10x 5-ton vehicle hangar
2x 95-ton small craft (Internal Hangar)
16x 400-ton small craft (Internal Hangar)
2x maintenance shops (40 Mechanics)
1x 400-ton launch tubes
Launch facilities for 16 Craft per turn
Accomodations & Fittings:
4x Emperor Suites (50dt, 20 People max but this would be abnormal)
1000xGrand Suites (8dt, planned capacity 500 people)
3000x Double Occupancy Stateroom (6,000 People) - 476 officer/ crew staterooms
5000x Low Berth (5,000 People)
4 ejecteable module of 1250 people (for emergencies). Life support several days
500x Standalone Fresher
25x Sickbay (50 Patients)
10x Autodoc
21x Airlocks
Crew Details:   (17 Officers, 912 Crew)
7x Command Officers, 165x Command Crew
1x Flight Officers, 75x Flight Crew
1x Gunnery Officers, 80x Gunnery Crew
2x Engineering Officers, 246x Engineering Crew
1x Medical Officers, 26x Medical Crew
5x Ship's Troops Officers, 20x Ship's Troops
300x Service Crew
40x Noble, 500x Grand, 2544 High (or 5088x Med), 5000 Low Passengers,
The Star Princess class was an alternate design competing for the Grand Traveller class starship. Its designers missed
the project close date but managed to get it sold in a wider roll to the Duchy of Corridor.
Her sleek bullet design surrounded by a passenger ring, in jet black, is incredibly beautiful.  The extra supplies
accomodation is per ton of stateroom not person. It is assumed that the SP could be asked to help evacuate an
outpost, stranded ship, or survive in inhospitable areas, but only if absolutely necessary.

The vessel carries 16-400dt subcraft and 2-95dt shuttles (or the equivalent tonnage).  These are not included in the
base price.
  • 5-400dt refueling ships based on the Manta fuel shuttle,
  • 5-400dt Sub merchnat landers based on the subsidized merchant (or SDBs),
    • Can transport passengers to the surface of a world.
  • 2  Shuttles (1 captains shuttle, 1 multipurpose shuttle),
  • 10 covered air/rafts, ATVs, or any variety required by the tour,
  • The remaining subcraft can consist of a survey ship for doing educational trips, and 2 200dt safari vessels,
  • It is also possible for the yachts of the rich and famous to park in the bay of the luxury liner using the remaining spots.
  • Drop Tanks - 4 at 11,250dt each (11.26 MCr each). Not included
  • The original design spec was for no turrets. By using camoflaged, popups we solve the "looks" problem.
    • No turrets free's 550dt for cargo, and reduces costs by 1,638.7MCr.

Star Princess is streamlined but does not have landing capability. It is popular to drop the vessel into the
atmosphere with the spine pointed into the sky using the gravitics to hover.  The Star Princess is completely
stable and will sometimes directly dock with grav cities to transfer guests, or cargo.  It is not intended for high
speed atmospheric travel despite systems ratings.

Accomodation Description:

The captain has a 4dt office and all officers have their own double stateroom. The extra supplies are calculated per
ton of  stateroom not person. This allows long journeys between high tech worlds and/or overcrowding rooms as

The Star Princess is designed to maximize entertainment.
  • It can be theme oriented with its 10,000dt entertainment module (100MCr),
    • This module seemlessly fits into one of the rings and can be replaced in 4 hours.
    • Common designs: amusement center, gambling, Multiple
  • The center section has several travel tubes running the length of the ship. 
  • The ring has two central travel tubes on either side of a cavernous hall the full length of the ring.
    • Open sections in the Great Hall allows for entertainment or regional shopping and activities.
    • Access to the central ship is available through pylon travel tubes and halls. All tubes are interlinked.
    • The Ring can be ejected in emergencies.  Power plant and fuel for 2 day is built into the system.
  • Each of the 4 ring sections has an Olympic pool and 100m park on the bottom of the ring, 
    • The transparent windowing can be covered while jumping, it is also filtered to reduce engine light impact.
    • Manuever Drive lighting actually improves the health of the plants. 
    • A small walkway runs the entire ring between the parks.
  • The Emperor Suites (4) are 50dt and have a built-in lifeboat (4dt).
    • No expense has been spared in making these the most beautiful facilities on a starship anywhere,
    • Total value 600+ million credits.
    • Private spa/pool, sauna, and exercise area
    • Private staff
    • A set of 12 local staterooms can be closed off for support personnel for each suite,
  • Two dozen suites can be converted to aquadic as required
  • 100 Suites are on an alternate environment deck consisting of subblocks of 10 staterooms each.
    • A single room can use alternative environments. There is a non-armoured double door hatch system.
  • 50 Additional suites are available and usually not booked.
  • A 13dt safe available to the purser and captain in the pursers office. There is a permanent guard at that
    location with a 3 hour shift.

The Intersun LL was one of the last Grand Liners produced and the only variety produced at Kaasu
with 4 TL16 power plants before the Rebellion. Most were turned into troop carriers and destroyed
before the release of Virus. Two of the Liners were setup for large multi-year excursions throughout the
Imperium they are amongst 3 presumed lost.  The only know surviving Grand Luxury Liner is the Star
Traveller which had been at Corridor Depot for military refit when the Vilani and Domain of  Deneb
came to blows above Depot.

Designations    Ship Name                  Status
IS   120001    Grand Traveller            unknown
IS   120002    Star Princess                1212 in service Corridor Commonwealth
IS   120003    Grand Adventurer         Lost 1120 vs Dulinor
IS   120004    Duchess Deane             The Regency
IS   120005    Kaasu Duchess             Activated by Lucan Navy 1116, renamed Star of Capital, assumed lost 
IS   120006    Majestic Marches         Lost 1118 vs Vargr raiders
IS   120007    Star of Corridor            Activated by Lucan Navy 1116, lost to Dulinor
IS   120008    Saturn Princess             Activated by Lucan Navy 1116, Lost to Virus
IS   120009    Star Traveller                unknown

Ship Security
A heavy prize like this does not go unsecured about the galaxy. Not only does the ship have the ability to carry craft
under 400dt without issues, or a wing of fighters if necessary. The Ship regularly travels with 1 jet black
Midu Agashaam destoryer, a scout, and offers convoy escort capabilities. Its not uncommon for ships to sign up
(specifically liners) just for the business opportunties of being in the convoy.  Nobles will even make their trips on these
vessel and have their personal yachts follow. Most systems will scramble a patrol cruiser(s) or SDB escort to show
good form rather than taking the risk of having an attack in their territory by pirates. When necessary it is not unusual
for Grand Traveller class vessel to hire extra muscle.   The purser also has a significant 5dt safe always under guard.

Approximated Ship Financials

Drop Tanks
Shuttles (95dt)
Safari ships  (200dt)
MA Dest. (3kdt)
Scout (100dt)
Survey ship (400dt)
Fuel Ship (400dt)
Sub Merch. (400dt)   

Subtotal cost

Salaries and Connsumables                       1560.2705 MCr/yr
62.410 BCr /40yrs
39 MCr/ 12mo yr
Sub Crew 121                       
5.808 MCr/12mo yr
1389.81MCr/ 50wk yr
118.25 MCr/yr 
(undelivered, unrefined starport fuel based on 25x J3 travel)
Annual Maintenance

Gross Income (min)
4,558.075 MCr/yr
182.323 BCr / 40 yrs
Imperial Suites                            
20 MCr/yr (min if booked full)
(200,000Cr/ J each) -
  • about 2MCr/leg /suite
  • doesn't include additional passengers at (25k each), 5k for children
Grand Passengers                        
312.5 MCr/ yr (min if booked full)
( MCr/J3, 25KCr/ passenger/ Jump)
  • Additional passengers 1.5% GP rate, children .5% GP (max 4/cabin)
Med Passengers                     
2400 MCr/ yr   
(96MCr/ J3 trip)
  • High Passengers (double the going rate for full cabin)
  • Additional passengers 1.5% MP rate, children .5% MP (max 4/cabin)
Low Berths        
625MCr/ yr (5MCr/ J3 trip)
Casino                                  800MCr In Port and Travel (50MCr/J3 x16)
Basic Entertainment and Retail Commerce
  • Retail section
  • Shows in port and in travel
  • Special Dinning in port and in travel
1700dt  Cargo
85MCr/ yr (min. if full)
1080dt Cargo             
54.375 MCr/yr (min if submerch full)
  • Cargo fees are doubled - higher security deliveries
  • Does not carry hazardous cargo.
  • Can move independ of ship for add. capacity
Convoy Service
Varies (50 ships, 400dt ave = 1250 MCr/yr extra income)
Will vary dramatically based on size and services.
  • Base price 250KCr/ 100dt Ship/ Jump
Carried Vessels (4x 400dt)
Fees for carrying ships or cargo

Adventure Seeds:
1.    Die Highest - The Star Princess is boarded by pirates (or terrorists) who take control of ship systems and are
attempting to extort the wealthy passengers. The Security team does not seem to be in control and the captain hires
the PCs to save the day. The villians indend on eventually destroying the ship. Or they decide to save the day and are
appropriately awarded.
2.   Fun and Frolic - The PC are enjoying the entertainment center when a person is accused of cheating. They ask the
PCs for help as they're being dragged out.
3.   Last Days of the Titan -  A Star Princess class ship is refueling in the asteroid belt when gravitic power is cut. The
ship slams into an Ice Asteroid that punctures the hull.   Section by section the ship is becoming unliveable.  The
wounded ship is now caught in the gravity of a gas giant. The crew must escape with the passengers to a breatheable
planet in the system. They must survive and send for help.
4.   Working Stiff - The PC work for or run a business (hunting or extra security  for example) from the ship.  Many
Spinward Marches Jump Route - Star Princess, Duchess Deane  - 59Jumps
From Kaasu (1st Leg) - 12Js

Drayne or Tobibak
festivals or undersea tours (meet the Tobia)

Ancient site & world

Dyuosik or Antiquity (&Vorn)
festivals or ruins
2nd route +1wk travel






Double Jump


From Deneb (2nd Leg) - 15 Js








Double Jump


Jump Point only





Shopping, adventures in the asteroid cities

from Glisten (3rd Leg) - 12Js








Hazardous but beautiful ice asteroid belt

J1 (jump point only)





From Regina (4th Leg) -20Js




Jae Tellona










Double Jump


Khikhunshir, Corridor





Intersun Luxury Liner concept copyrright Universal Studios, graphics copyright SCIFI Channel,  Design and story copyright Scott White