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Serenity - Firefly Class Frontier Trader

Designed by: Admiral Savage (based on the TV series Firefly)
T20 Statistics:
400-ton Hull (Needle/Wedge) - Streamlined, TL10
AC: 13 (14 vs. Meson Guns)   AR: 1 (TL-10)   SI: 145   Initiative: 2
Starship Size: Medium   Cost: 219.613 MCr (274.517 MCr without discount)
Model/4 Fib (PP: 49/13) Computer   Avionics: Less than 1,000-ton  
Sensors: Long Range   Communications: Medium Range (Maser)
Cargo: 88.24-tons  (and 19dt with launches, 40dt without launches)
Extra Ship's Stores(8 weeks  (2-luxury passage,19middle passage), 2.3t, .1278MCr):
                  16 person/weeks of Luxury Stores, 168 person/weeks of Standard Stores,
Annual Maintenance = 21.961 KCr (10.981 KCr if routinely maintained)
Routine Maintenance = 5.49 KCr/Month (54.903 KCr per year)
Jump-1 (enough fuel for 2x Jump-1)   J1=42.8t, total 85.6dt
Acceleration: 2-G   Agility: 2
Power Plant: TL-10 Fusion (25 EP output, enough fuel for 4 weeks)  25dt
Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purification Plant (TL-10, 10hrs per 100 tons of fuel)
Atmospheric Speeds:   NOE = 1,175kph   Cruising = 3,525kph   Maximum = 4,700kph
Active Defenses:
Hardpoints: 4
Ship's Vehicles:
2x 20-ton small craft (External Dock - Streamlined)
Launch facilities for 1 Craft per turn
Accomodations & Fittings:
8x Double Occupancy Stateroom (18 People)
1x Captain Suite (1-2 People) - 6dt
1x Sickbay (2 Patients)
2x Airlocks
Crew Details:
1x Pilot
1x Astrogator
2x Engineer
1x Medic
The Original TL10 Serenity Firefly class that created tales popularized throughout history the romance and excitement of space travel. It was believed to be a TL10 design.  Use of double jump fuel storage varied with some captains re-allocating it to cargo.

The ship usually has a crew 5 but many captains will hire an extra pilot, muscle or gunners when
travelling the frontiers.  A ships' doctor (instead of medic/steward) can sell his talents .

Other Versions
Early 3rd Imperium
Late 3rd Imperium