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The Brinn IMTU
(described in Traveller Digest 12, by William Connors)

Homeworld Kateri  (or Divad), 2238, Sinta, Corridor sector (C8C0885-C)

The Brinn are a crab or spider-like sophont race with 6 center eyes for a 360 degree vision, and 10 legs. The hide is not furry
but brown leatherish. They are essentially mute and communicate through vibrations.  The Brinn mating results in an egg nursery
of  100+ offspring.  Usually the eggs are produced sequentially.   The Brinn consider the humanti poisonous and don't hunt them
for food. However, there is a dangerous tradition of eating the brain of one's enemy. 

The Brinn integrated into the First Imperium but fell under the rath of the Rule of Man. Again during the Third Imperium Kateri
fell under Humanti rule. When the Imperium collapsed the Brinn attacked humanti with the intent of slaughter and wiping out the
oppressor. This has become a religious issue for the Brinn.

They left their homeworld and quickly took rulership of Tainbee, Eativa, Dodardudos, Lloackin and Vapour. Humanti was
irradicated from all of these worlds by nuclear exchange.  As the century progressed the Brinn would get into
the habit of collecting humanti scientists and engineers. They were allowed to settle in a few towns. There are
no more than 2 towns in any captured solar system. The Brinn insist on zero population growth and continuous research to
keep their slaves alive.  When the Brinn branched out from Kateri they borrowed 1J drives from humanti freighters.

Virus did little to impress the Brinn, actually the attackers were destroyed. The Brinn felt Virus was a clensing agent for the
irradication of Man.  Basically a good thing in their view.

Brinn in 1212
Space Travel
Only 3 ship designs have ever been produced by the Brinn. None of the original TL10 vessels exist, they're presently J2 at
TL12 having been upgraded or destroyed.  The Brinn have over 60 Heavy Cruisers, 120 cruisers and hundreds of Transports.
  1. Brinn TruthMaster class Heavy Cruiser
  2. Brinn Nest class Cruiser
  3. Brinn Wind class Transport
The Grand Dominion (24 worlds)
Capital: Kateri (Divad)
First Colonies: Tainbee, Eativa, Dodardudos, Lloackin and Vapour
Second Colonies: Jafla (1840),  Roy (1801, Taapvaia, Gushemege Sector)
Third Colonies: Ackang, Doyaterfit, Ression (2540, Sashrakusha, Corridor Sector), Sintoshee (2640) - captive govt, Tatsnank Defu.
Fourth Colonies: Sinta (2037), Imarli (2137) -captive, Whikee, Kacxhun, Kysar 2, Mok-Retinae -captive, Knofodu, Riyten (3538, Sashrakusha subsector), Nqwbee, Conn -captive, Sorrock, Desolation
Planned Fifth Colonies (yr 1213): Nart-Roft (2735, Sashrakusha subsector), Tant, Zendiisica, Setii Goek, Kikasad, Fabeticus

The Grand Dominion has been fighting the TL10, 1 Jump vessels of the Tanspeck (2335) humanti with some success. The
Tanspeck Lord's family managed to keep some of his worlds technology stored for a rainy day. 

This information is the copyright of the author, William Conners, and this is intended to bring the Brinn into the 1212 environment. Read Traveller Digest 12 for more information on Kateri and the Brinn.  The Brinn ships are the creation of Scott White this is not for profit.