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BG Mil class Module Dropship

Designed by: Admiral Savage (based on a design by Judges Guild)
T20 Statistics:
13,363-ton Hull (Cylinder) - Streamlined, TL14
AC: 9 (8 vs. Meson Guns)   AR: 1 (TL-9)   SI: 500   Initiative: 0
Starship Size: Huge   Cost: 6,1204.899 MCr (7,756.124 MCr without discount)
Model/6 Fib (PP: 57/13) Computer   Avionics: Less than 50,000-ton  
Sensors: Very Long Range-5   Communications: Short Range (Maser, Meson)- 5
Cargo: 1,077.0-tons  
Extra Ship's Stores (24 weeks, 313.913 dt, 14.0913 MCr):
      729 person/weeks of Luxury Stores, 19,584 person/weeks of Standard Stores, 4,800 person/weeks of Low Stores
Annual Maintenance = 620.49 KCr (310.49 KCr if routinely maintained)
Routine Maintenance = 155.122 KCr/Month (1,551.225 KCr per year)
Jump-1 (enough fuel for 1x Jump-1) J1=1,392.3dt
Acceleration: 1-G   Agility: 0
Power Plant: TL-14 Fusion (1,000 EP output, enough fuel for 4 weeks) = 1,000dt fuel
Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purification Plant (TL-14, 6hrs per 3,000 tons of fuel)
Atmospheric Speeds:   NOE = 875kph   Cruising = 2,625kph   Maximum = 3,500kph
Active Defenses:
Nuclear Dampers USP:6
Meson Screens USP:6
Hardpoints: 110
100x Triple Beam Laser Turret TL-14, +3 To Hit, 3d8 (20/x1), Range: 30,000km
        10 Batteries of 10 turrets
4x Barbette Particle Accelerator Turret TL-14, +2 To Hit, 2d12 (17/x1), Range: 30,000km
1x 100-ton Repulsor Bay TL-14, USP: 2
2x 50-ton Missile Bay TL-14, +8 To Hit, 8d6 (18/x1), Range: 90,000km
      Ammo: 200 magazines (4000missiles (150dt, 20Mcr))
1x 50-ton Nuclear Missile Bay TL-14, +8 To Hit, 8d6 (17/x2), Range: 90,000km
      Ammo: 1000 missiles (50dt, 50MCr)
Meson Gun Spinal Mount: TL-14, +16 To Hit, 16d20 (15/x10), Range: 75,000km
Ship's Vehicles:
8x   4-ton vehicle hangar                                                   -   Air/Raft
8x   11-ton vehicle hangar                                                 -   APCs
15x 20-ton small craft (Internal Hangar)                           -   Assault Gigs
2x   400-ton small craft (External Dock - Streamlined)   -   SDB, Fuel or Cargo shisp
1x   20-ton launch tubes                                                    
Launch facilities for 2 Craft per turn
Accomodations & Fittings:
408x Double Occupancy Stateroom (816 People)
30x Single Occupancy Officer Staterooms (30 People)
200x Low Berth (200 People) - Reserved for medical emergencies
50x Standalone Fresher
40x Sickbay (80 Patients)
1x Autodoc
3x Airlocks
Crew Details:
7x Command Officers, 3x Command Crew
1x Flight Officers, 34x Flight Crew
1x Gunnery Officers, 52x Gunnery Crew
2x Engineering Officers, 16x Engineering Crew
1x Medical Officers, 3x Medical Crew
2x Ship's Troops Officers, 81x Ship's Troops
16x Marine Officers, 600x Marines
26x Service Crew

The modular Dropship comes with 500dt of subcraft fuel and .068dt safe in the captain's cabin.  Various vehicle cargo
is possible.