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     Welcome, peasant, to the finest page on the internet. I expect you have come to learn about the best beyblading team in Europe. Of course, we do not prefer the whole "team" idea. We seek out battles on our own, and we win them all. The bit beasts we possess have great and unfathomable power only truly understood when fighting beside them (or against them, as the case may be).
     Having some of the largest and oldest bit beasts in the world, we not only have their great power but their boundless wisdom to put to use. The magnificent griffon, the salamander of fire, the powerful hydra, and the ever-elegant unicorn. Myths they are, you say. Not here. In this place they live on, immortal as the earth, with a force that lives on in both battle and legend.
      But enough of this, continue on and learn of us. Refine yourself and perhaps you shall be worthy of being seen around us. To check the profile of a certain character, simply click on one of the links at the right.

      As a note, all geographical and ethnic information was obtained through research and map study. Anything said here is in no way meant to offend anyone coming from one of these particular backgrounds.

Robert Jurgen is an intelligent young man late into his teen years (18-20 years). His reputation as Europe's most skilled beyblader certainly is not a joke. The knowledge he possesses in the sport, among other things, makes him truly great at what he does. He is the captain of the Majestics team.
It has to be said that Robert's most stunning feature is his bright purple hair. No one is quite sure where that comes from, if that is a regular German trait, or perhaps somehow he got lucky.

Other features which tend to stand out well are his large bent nose and his outfit with the wide shoulders. Let's all give thanks that he chooses not to wear lederhosen. Of course, his choice of clothing tends to stand out just as much. Nothing quite beats that purple hair, though.
So is that all he is? Just purple hair, a weird outfit, and saurkraut breath? No way! As mentioned before, Robert is Europe's best beyblader and his bit beast Griffolyon, who is a large griffon, certainly helps to prove that. Griffolyon is one of the older and more powerful bit beasts and his specialty is the Wing Dagger attack. It overwhelms the opponent with a shower of sword-sharp feathers.

--Interesting Facts about Robert
Likes-- Beyblading, fame and fortune, spending his billions, playing chess, and retelling his family's entire history
Dislikes-- Anyone who is uncouth, having to repeat himself in action or speech
--Estimates/Educated Guesses and Geographical Information
Estimated Age-- 18-20 years; My guess is about 19
Estimated Birth Year-- 1983
Month of Birth-- December
Star Sign-- Sagittarius
Star Sign Profile-- Sagittarius seeks to understand and control with knowledge. They are usually quite talkative and, as a rule, do not hesitate to give their honest opinions. Natural politicians, they are interested in knowing everyone and in going everywhere.
Geographical Location (country)-- Austria (most likely near its capital, Vienna)
(To see a map of Austria, click here)

Johnny MacGregor is a delightful boy from Scotland... ok, scratch the delightful part. But he is a Scotty! No signs of the kilt so far, which is a good thing. He has not whipped out any bagpipes either and i'm sure most of us are getting along just fine despite his lack of show in musical talent (does he even have any?). Ok so what do we first notice about Johnny. Red hair! Typical for where he is from. Even he himself claimed to be the "Gladiator of Glasgow."

Johnny's attitude wins him many enemies. He seems to think he's hot stuff when it's quite easy to overwhelm him when his overconfidence has gotten the better of him. He is no slouch when it comes to beyblade, however. His style is hard and, literally, quite hot. His bit beast Salamalyon (pronounced as: sal-uh-moo-lee-un) is a beefed up salamander with the ability to control fire. It is much like a volcanic eruption and is fiercely competitive. It can be quite vicious when Johnny becomes most desperate.

--Interesting Facts about Johnny
Likes-- Beyblading, winning, fame, annoying people
Dislikes-- Kai, losing, teamwork, listening to Robert's family history
--Estimates/Educated Guesses and Geographical Information
Estimated Age-- 17 years
Estimated Birth Year-- 1986
Month of Birth-- April
Star Sign-- Aries
Star Sign Profile-- Aries who do not develop maturity are demanding and infantile in their behavior. They want what they want, when they want it. They set out to accomplish things and are determined to succeed one way or another. They must, however, learn the difference between being confidently aggressive and being rudely aggressive. Unless impatience and rash behavior are curbed, their unbridled enthusiasm backfires when they lose interest just as quickly as they gained it. They enjoy the challenge of a tough contest, but they can be so stimulated that they become too aggressive.
Geographical Location (country)-- Glasgow, Scotland
(To see a map of Scotland, click here)

He's the master pimp daddy! It's Enrique Giancarlo! As his last name suggests, he is Italian. He lives proudly in a stately manor in Rome, the capital city of Italy. He can often be seen flirting with girls he meets while walking around in public, and sometimes running away from his lessons with his private tutor. He is extremely energetic and it shows. It's not easy to live in a country with so much good food and be skinny as a stick!

So what is Enrique like? He loves to brag about what he owns, mainly about his yachts and his family's heirloom (a Roman Centurion suit of armor). He even has an old-fashioned launcher, just as the rest of his teammates. His makes use of a sword and shield depicting an ancient beast. The sword is inserted into the back of the shield and pulled out at high speed to release the beyblade from the center. It is somewhat primitive, but nonetheless interesting. Enrique's bit beast is Amphilyon, an overly-aggressive and vindictive hydra-like beast with a head on either end of its body.

--Interesting Facts about Enrique
Likes-- Beyblading, girls, his wealth, his family's heirloom, his bragging rights
Dislikes-- Stubborness not played on his own part, studying, being accused of cowardice
--Estimates/Educated Guesses and Geographical Information
Estimated Age-- 15-16 years
Estimated Birth Year-- 1988
Month of Birth-- July-August
Star Sign-- Leo
Star Sign Profile-- Proud, ambitious, bold and aristocratic, Leos thrive on being praised. It is not easy for a Leo to take less than first place in anything. On the negative side, they can be quite bossy and domineering. But looking positively, Leos can be generous and have personal magnetism and a sunny personality. They are quite egotistical and never fail to stand out in a crowd. If there's a Leo in the room, you'll know it! (Especially if that Leo happens to be Enrique)  
Geographical Location (country)-- Rome, Italy
(To see a map of Italy, click here)

This is Oliver, the benevolent boy from France. No last name was ever given, but it is certain that he is rich just like the other members of his team. He owns several restaurants in Paris and, on occasion, rents out the entire Louvre museum for his own private purposes. Sometimes he just likes to sit and stare at the paintings all day, which is a nice thing to do when you have the money to be able to do it. He is an excellent chef and will give a good friend a free meal any day.

Oliver is the only member of his team who wears a jacket that actually fits. All the others wear jackets that are much too small for their bodies, however Oliver's jacket seems overly large. His outfit is blatantly colorful and bright, just like his green hair. Apart from being a master chef, he is a champion beyblader, the best in France and much of western Europe, with the exception of the UK of course (that's where Johnny rules!). Oliver often hangs around with Enrique more than the others. But his most favorite friend is Unicolyon, his gaudy unicorn bit beast. Do not be fooled by its magic pony-ness. Unicolyon can be just as tough as any other bit beast.

--Interesting facts about Oliver
Likes-- Beyblading, cooking, art, anything beautiful, and of course Unicolyon
Dislikes-- Ugliness, losing, unrealistic ideas he does not agree with
--Estimates/Educated Guesses and Geographical Information
Estimated Age-- 14-15 years
Estimated Birth Year-- 1988
Month of Birth-- February
Star Sign-- Pisces
Star Sign Profile-- Here, the desire is to use all that has been learned and assimilated in order to gain perfection; of man as an individual and humanity as a whole. They find it difficult to deal with people and situations that do not live up to their idealized images. It isn't that they can't see things clearly, they just don't want to accept things as they really are. Pisceans react emotionally to everything they experience in life. Before they take physical action, before they sort out the practicality of what they are doing, and before they reason things out intellectually, they give in to their feelings. To maintain their emotional equilibrium, they need a private spot or at least a private time for daily retreat and relaxation.
Geographical Location (country)-- Paris, France
(To see a map of France, click here)

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