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Ministry of Communications Directive to the Press
Restrictions on Publication under the State of Emergency

Matters not to be published/broadcast:

a. Anything that aims to create hatred and disrespect against His Majesty the King and the Royal Family

b. Anything that is likely to harm sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Nepal.

c. Anything that disturbs security, peace and order in the Kingdom of Nepal.

d. Anything that is likely to create misunderstanding and communal hatred among the people of different castes, communities, religions, classes and regions.

e. Anything that is likely to hurt the descent behavior, morale and social dignity of people.

f. News that are against the spirit of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1990.

g. News that hurt the fundamental values of multi-party democracy.

h. Anything that is likely to harm national dignity, create social disintegration and instigate terror.

i. Anything that is likely to create hatred against Royal Nepal Army, police and civil servants and lower their moral and dignity.

j. News that support Maoist terrorist including individual or groups.

k. Any matters that aim at overthrowing elected government.

l. Matters that are likely to create unusual fear and terror among people.

m. Matters that misinterpret and disrespect and underestimate any caste, language, religion and culture.

Matters to be published/broadcast

a. News that expose criminal activities of Maoist terrorists. But alertness has to be made not to raise the morale of terrorists.

b. News regarding bravery and achievements of Royal Nepal Army, police and civil servants.

c. Officials news that come from His Majesty’s Government and official media.

26 November, 2001