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Help Stop Escalation of Civil War in Nepal

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Defying Martial Law, Human Rights Advocates Call Protests for 10 Feb 2005
"We are not going to remain silent. We dare the government to fill the jails in the name of democracy. The government would like to make Nepal a big jail." Krishna Pahaadi, Human Rights and Peace Society

9 February update: Krishna Pahadi arrested by plainclothes police. "We will not allow any political demonstration. Nobody can speak against the government and the system," a top police officer said.... Pahadi earlier told Reuters protests would carry on, even if he was arrested. "We will defy the ban and we are ready to face arrest," he said. "We have lined up people who are prepared to court arrest."

Nepal Human Rights Community Condemns Royal Coup
Calls for International Assistance
Calls for UN Monitors
Calls for End to Military Aid to Regime
Read the full statement here

Four year-old Shuchi Maharjan lights a candle for peace
at the Shanti Abhiyan (Peace Campaign) rally on the eve
of peace talks in 2003. Photo: Dipendra Bajracharya

Nepal under Royal Siege:The last fig leaf that shielded the royal-military regime from direct scrutiny has now been removed. On 1 February, 2005, King Gyanendra dismissed the third front-group cabinet that he had installed since he dissolved the elected parliament in May 2002. He claims to be acting to consolidate and protect democracy on behalf of the Nepali people. In order to speak on behalf of the Nepali people he found it necessary to shut down all internal and international telecommunication links, impose full military censorship over all media, and arrest any and all persons who have ever spoken publicly in favor of democratic reforms. The Royal Nepal Army, under the direct control of King Gyanendra, was responsible for the most documented disappearances by any state force in the world in 2004, according to the UN. King Gyanendra has now set it loose with no media to even attempt to cover its abuses, no lawyers to advocate for those not killed outright but rather incarcerated, no human rights advocates able to investigate its actions, and very few channels to the outside world to convey what is being done to the Nepali people under this "consolidation of demnocracy". This site will be devoted to supplying information and analyses of the situation inside Nepal for the duration of the coup.

Democracy Royal Style on the Streets of Kathmandu
Photo: Usha Titikshu

Hundreds in Detention - All But Ultra-Royalists In Peril
click here for lists of the arrested and hunted
Civic Solidarity for Peace:
the united voice of hundreds of Nepali organisations

Maoists declare Dasain Ceasefire. King & Army Refuse

"...We appreciate the move of CPN Maoist for the nine-day ceasefire during the festival. We demand that the state party reciprocate that positively....We also demand that all conflicting parties seriously initiate ceasefire process continuously even after the festival..."

Click here to read the full set of demands addressed to both sides in the civil war by Civic Solidarity for Peace on 29 September 2003

Click here to read CPN(Maoist)'s Dasain Ceasefire Declaration

From the Founding Document and Action Programme:

"...we seek no mere lifeless husk of peace....We want a progressive and just peace. We want a lasting peace, one of equality, sovereign dignity and independence."

Click here to read the full text

The Peace Talks: What's at Stake

Read the Agenda and Position Document of the CPN(Maoist)
Presented at the first formal negotiating session, 27 April, 2003

Facts about Torture in Nepal, 26 June, 2003

Nepalis Speaking Out:
Recent & Upcoming Events

20 May (6 Jestha): Five National Professional Organisations Rally against Suppression of Peaceful Dissent. Organised by Nepal Bar Association. Ratna Park, 4:30-5:30pm.

Click here to read the press release about the rally

15 May (1 Jestha): Civic Solidarity launches two-week nation-wide signature campaign for peace. Shanti Batika, Rani Pokhari. All day.

Click here to read about Civic Solidarity's signature campaign

4 May (21 Baishakh): Parties of the ousted parliament launch Movement to End Absolutist Monarchy. Mass rally at Khula Manch.

3 May (20 Baishakh): General Assembly of Shanti Abhiyan (Peace Campaign). SM Campus, Ghattekulo, 12 pm.

2 May (19 Baishakh): Civic Solidarity for Peace rally. Bhadrakali, 4pm.

Click here to read an account of the rally by one of the organizers

Background Contexts:

Read the Petition Opposing US Military Aid to Nepal

Read the Memorandum:
Negative Consequences of US Military Aid to Nepal

Read the Bush Administration's "Justification" for Escalating the War in Nepal

Read the Bush administration documents placing the CPN(Maoist) on their "other terrorist organizations" list in an overt move to de-rail the peace talks just as they commenced.

Keep Informed: A Guide to Issues, Combatants, Commentators and Interveners

Are Negotiations Impossible?: Read the Views of One of the Chief Mediators Between the Government and the CPN(Maoist)

Read and Act on Amnesty International Urgent Action Appeals for Nepal (all active cases updated through 16 May, 2003)

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