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Goldtown Records under CEO, Steve Wilson, prepares to launch five new artist on it's label and enter full force into the Hip Hop idiom of the record industry. After great reception of his first three CD's and signing witth a major distributor, he feels the time is right for expansion. Recently signed to the label is the girls group,TRIMBLE, three girls all with solo ability. VISIT ALL THE LINKS BELOW TO VIEW AND LISTEN.


According to Steve, each member of TRIMBLE will release solo albums in addition to recording as a R&B group. "R&B is red hot now and the new music is slamming. This is where I had hoped the music interest would turn because along with blues and gospel, R&B has always been one of my favorites".


Goldtown reports that Steve's latest released blues CD, PEPPER WILSON'S BLUES, Joins his earlier released self titled 12 inch album which featured the single XMAS WITHOUT MOTHER and his CD, GET YOUR GROOVE BACK, as being fast sellers for the label. All can still be purchased on line in spite of the fact Goldtown now has a major distributor.Click links below to visit other pages.DOUBLE CLICK COVERS TO HEAR.

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Steve Wilson's Bio.

Steve Wilson's Complete Recordings.

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