We are currently accepting applications from all classes.

Membership Requirements:

1: All applicants must be 20th level or higher.

2: Prospective Members (Prospects) will be required to have a sponsor into the guild. Sponsors are required to insure that each prospective member has the character and maturity we are looking for in members.

3: Prospects are required to spend time grouping with other members, and to make an effort to get to know the other members of the guild. We expect our prospective members to make an effort to group with at least 3 guild members.

4: The prospect is required to fill out a guild application in order to insure the general guild has all the information needed to make an informed decision on the prospect.

5: Prospective Members are asked to make an account on Magelo.

Application Process

1: The first step for applying is to read thru the website, learn our rules, and get a feel to see if you are a good fit for Disciples of Vengeance and we are a good fit for you.

2: Next is to visit our message board and post in the new applicants section.

3: Although Disciples of Vengeance does raids for mid-levels, and we enjoy getting stuff as much as the next person, our main goal is to be a family type guild, able to work towards doing bigger and better things and to move onto The Black Watch guild at lvl 45, if you wish.