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11/13/02: Hiya everyone. As you all should know by now DoV is now allied with BWG. Although you have to be 45+ to switch to their guild. We talked about the whole thing at the guild meeting held on 11/11/02. Want to see the log file for it Click here.

11/13/02: EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS! The forums are now up and running. Please goto forums and register. The password for registration is Chaotic. I look forward to seeing your posts.

11/3/02: Website under contruction. Please send all your information on your character to btoatl1@uic.edu. Also if you go to the DoV roster page you can see my profile. If you want to have a profile like this goto www.magelo.com and register. After you create your profile you will see a link, send me this link and I will have your profile on the site ASAP.

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