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Phalanx Games Design

Surrender is NOT an Option

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Phalanx Games Design (PGD) is a game design company (if that’s not too big a label for what is basically a one man operation … see “Who is this Guy?” for details) – designing Role Playing Games. NOT the electronic/computer sort, but the pencil-and-paper sort first introduced to an unsuspecting world in 1975 or thereabouts with the seminal release of Gary Gygax’s Dungeons and Dragons.

PGD currently has two products available and several more in various stages of preparation – the two books currently available are part of the Road to Armageddon series ...

Road to Armageddon

Currently only available for EABA, a StaRPLay V2.0 rewrite was almost complete when the decision was made to change over to EABA – and may appear one day :-)

In the meantime, the first two rulebooks –

·                 Road to Armageddon: Player’s Handbook (US$10)

·                 Road to Armageddon: Game Master’s Handbook (US$14)

Are available (see the Products page for details). Rather than buying them separately, you can purchase them as the …

·                 Game Master’s Pack which includes both (and the license to print two extra copies of the PHB) for a bargain basement US$20.

·                 Deluxe Pack + License (PHB + 6, GMB +2) – US$30

Extra licenses for PHB’s are available as well, but only for those who already have the PHB or GM’s pack, as they are just licenses (i.e. no downloads are included) …

·                 Extra Single PHB License – US$6

·                 Game Group License (x5 PHB) – US$20

EABA Open System License

The Road to Armageddon background is currently available only using the EABA core game rules from BTRC (at a modest US$12) under their open system license – these are available from and as well as most of the eBook distributors for gaming material listed on the Links page.

Though originally designed for GURPS and, for most of its commercial existence to date, working under PGD’s Standard Role Playing system, the ease of use and elegance of BTRC’s EABA rules – not to mention the open system license – were so attractive that the whole game was rewritten to utilize them.

The original StarPlay 2.0 release, as well as releases for other similarly licensable systems, may eventually appear as well … but, for the moment, it’s only available for EABA. 

RtA is a post-apocalyptic world/campaign setting – with a twist (see the Road to Armageddon page by clicking on the button to your left).

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