There comes a time where you learn the difference between the beauty and the beast. They either have to be a rough and tumble beast or a seductive beauty who can't defend themselves. What happens when this line blurs...

Anya Ivanovich was born shortly after World War II in the Soviet Union. She was the youngest of 5 children to a mother who couldn't make enough money to support them all. She was eventually given up to a state orphanage where she took up singing to help raise money for the orphanage. When she turned 18 she began attending a local college studying medicine.

Anya worked hard to support herself singing at varius night clubs to make the money she needed to pay her school bills. She eventually came under the sights of a Toreador Whip in Moscow. He would come to the club she sang at and sit for hours listening to her sing. Another common customer was a brujah by the name of Ivan Tzarinoff. He was constantly at odds with the Toreador whip and made it his personal mission to make him suffer. He caught wind of a conversation one night of the whip's plan to go to the prince to get permission to embrace Anya.

Ivan went to speak with the prince that night and got permission to embrace Anya returning to the club. He went to speak with her following the show. He offered her a ride home and then took her out into the countryside instead. He convinced Anya to sleep with him and just at the moment of climax he bit down. Now firmly locked into the Kiss Anya lost any will to fight him off. He embraced her into his family and over the course of the next 3 nights had her secured into a blood bond.Once that was done he took every oppertunity to flaunt it before the toreador Whip. Anya was abused and molested over the course of the next 30 yrs becomeing a strong brujah from the experience but growing in dispair from the treatment her songs becoming dark and brooding if she sang at all.

The Whip finally got his revenge when a blood hunt was called on Ivan and he was destroyed. Anya frenzied from the loss of the bond that had been her constant companion for the past 30 yrs. The whip finally got her back under control and spent some time with her to determine the damage done to her. After Finding her stronger from the experience he helped develop her talents in the social arts using her enchanting voice to coax people into basically anything she put her mind to.

After training with him for about 10 years she formed a band called Dark Passion and ghouled her Drummer Alexi to help protect her during the day. The band is fiercely loyal to Anya though only Alexi is acctually bound to her. They began touring different goth clubs before finally arriving in cleveland where they currently reside.

Dark Passion has taken a break in their tour to work on new songs. Since arriving in Cleveland Anya was chosen to serve as Brujah Clan Harpy and has earned respect as Richard Rahl's 2nd in command. She is a petite woman with short black hair shaved underneath with two white streaks framing her face. She has a flush to her skin which makes her appear to still be alive and is well toned like the dancer she is. Her delicate appearance puts her enemies at a disadvantage when they finally realize a moment too late that she fights with a force of a mini-hurricane to defend her allies.

After the Marriage of Richard Rahl to Minka DerFalke Stillwell, both of them stepped out of the spotlight. Richard turned control of the clan over to Anya and Minka turned control of the City over to a Ventrue by the name of Lord Alexander Widlast. He appointed Anya to be his Seneschal.

Anya proceeded to keep control of her Clan along with supporting Alex through some dark times in the city. Her unwavering support to the Prince helped him remain on the throne or so she thought. She was shocked over the fact that Lord Alexander switched sides and joined the Sabbat Pack lead by Malcom of the Malkavians.

Anya now was in charge of the city and had to tread carefully to avoid an all out war between the sects. By taking a firm hand on the city, she has slowly gotten things back under control but keeps a careful eye out for future problems to arise.