The Rules

  1. Have fun.

2. Create your character using Character Generator and submit it to the proper rep. You should receive permission to play with in 24 to 48 hours if sent by e-mail. You maybe asked to modify the sheet, or the sheet maybe denied. The rep will provide reasons why.
  3. Arguing over op calls and dice. Yes, ops do make mistakes, and you are well with in your rights to request a second opinion nicely. If no other ops are on  you can request that the action be paused if it is Icly life threatening until another op is available… this is acceptable. However, if you do not agree with the call you do not have the right to argue with the ops. If you’re not sure of the situation go ahead and rp it… another op can over turn the decision later if a protest is lodged in a timely manner.

A. Player A tells storyteller B that he should use Dex + Melee for throwing a grappling hook when ST B has called for using     Dex + Firearms The storyteller may have a particular reason for this ruling.

B. Player C is a rules Lawyer and opens a debate about a certain call causing disruption of RP in channel.

a. Channel Moderated and loss of voice

b. You will get one warning to stop the whining

c. If you incite a fight you will lose ooc privileges (we keep the ooc channel as a privilege not a right; some channels do not have ooc rooms…) You will not be able to idle in dice either… it will be roll and go.

d. If above actions fail you will be banned.

  4. All dice rolls must be labeled. The dice channel is logged and if there is a dispute of an ops call or player –vs- player dispute we must have the rolls labeled. If rolls are not labeled they will be void. We understand some times it is heat of the moment RP but with out labels we can not track your rolls.

A. Inits… Must declare  wits + dex Blood/rage spent and powers activated.

B. Sample roll !dice 1 1 +8 spening 2 bps for stam dex cel active

C. Sample Roll !dice 1 1 +8 Rage 4 Luna’s armor active


5. No in character flaming… i.e. negative thoughts that are overtly harmful..


  *Right_hand_job Looks at Left_hand_Jockey and frowns thinking that he will never get past rank 1 because she is holding him back * he growls * Stalking away…. This is a flaming… Non Flame *

 Right_hand_slayer looks at Left_hand_Jockey he frowns “ I will never get past rank 1 because you are holding me back” *he growls

<Quit| <Left_hand_job> Hey Right_Hand_Jockey Lead by example and fuck off> this is a definite flame… this will not be tolerated.

<Left_Hand_Job> It's good to see you again *Left_Hand_Job says with content in his voice not really trusting if former pack mate after his mistress’s disappearance. Knowing how dishonourable he is.* Flame off “it is good to see you again *he says with contempt in his voice.

Disciplinary actions

a. 1st offence Verbal Warning

b. 2nd offence Suspension XP

c. 3rd offence 3 day ban

d. 4th 2 week ban

e. 5th total expulsion from channel


6.Above and Beyond the normal rules, we ask that any problems IC or OOC be brought to the storyteller or ops.. If you do not take such issues to your ST they will be considered your fault. Some issues can escalate and later be brought under disciplinary actions.


  <A> There are two sets of rules one for the ops one for the players…

<A> I am concerned about how –Some- of the ST’s do things…

<C> I am not getting the XP’s I should.

<C> This channel is too Cliquish

<D> I will never make Cliath/or Advance because the Ops are being unfair.

  This can be simply addressed to the ops.  It does not need be addressed in the ooc channel.. They are valid concerns and should be taken up with your storyteller only.
  8. Keeping IC IC and OOC OOC. Also known as bleed over. Bleed over happens when a player is on a personal level with another player. Whether it be on-line dating or the two muns hate each other due to past relationships or real life relationships.

A. Personal issues coming IC and affecting the game.

B. As listed in Metagaming, Player A and B break up in Real Life their characters start to hate each other IC with no real reason to.

C. Attempting to get another player banned due to OOC feelings.

D. OP/Player OOC feelings are handled thusly. If an op is biased towards a particular player, that OP/ST has to stand down during any kind of disciplinary actions or discussions of such actions.

E. We do not ban anyone on personal/emotional feelings. We do not like banning people and it is a last step in a long chain of events.

  9. Please do not flood the ooc channel.

A. If your character is singing a song please edit your lyrics into paragraphs to prevent flooding.

B. If pasting a joke or an e-mail in ooc please limit the paste to ten lines and ask if anyone minds a flood.

  10. Keep all personal information personal. Please do not come to the ops and tell us Player A is stalking me because I gave him my real last name and address.

A. You are responsible for your personal info.

B. Should you be stalked, call your local authorities and advise them of the situation.

C. If a player is stalking you, you can lodge a complaint with us and we will investigate said complaint. At the same time, please remember that DS stands for Darkshadows not Dating Service.

  11. Harassment.  Pming another player when you don’t like their role play… I get this from time to time… Basically when you do this your telling another how to play their character, which will not be tolerated.

A. Also Pming a player to berate them or make unwanted snide comments is considered harassment.

B. Speaking out in the OOC channel about your displeasures with a mun.

C. Constant Pming of rep/players

D. Hammering at a point until it is dead, or beyond dead.

E. Going to op/st with trumped issues with no logs to back them up.


12.Ranting and causing Rants… This is an OOC outburst no matter how right you are, or think you are, causing a disruption in the ooc room is wrong no matter what.  The effect is a negative impact on IC roleplay. It stops IC… everyone is more concerned with the argument in OOC then in what is happening in the IC room. Send a letter to an op with your complaints, our e-mails are on the bot…!shifters or !clanclanname.  This is a RPG, not therapy or your family, leave the drama at the door.

Disciplinary actions


a. Channel Moderated and loss of voice

b. You will get one warning to stop the whining.

c. If you incite a fight you will lose OOC privileges (we keep the ooc channel as a privilege not a right.  Some channels do not have ooc room) You will not be able to idle in dice either… it will be roll and go.

d. If above actions fail, you will be banned.


13. Age… This is an adult game, 18 and over depending on legal age in your home country. Nor shall any photo of an underage model appear on the webpage. All character ages should be 16 and over. Darkshadows in no shape, form, or way endorses child pornography.  That is why we discourage under age players, though there are a few exceptions.

A. An underage player can play if 17, but there are restrictions on RP.


i. No cybering.  If found out, the 17 year old will be banned instantly and adult player may loose rights in channel.

ii. 17 year old players are subject to approval by the clan reps/shifter rep that they are under. Some Reps do not allow under age players.

iii. IC underage. Vampires no.  Shifters on approval. Some players like to player their characters right after their first shift. Shifts happen from age 13-17

*1. No 13 to 15 year old character will have IC sex with another character, especially and adult character.

*2. If caught you will be warned then expelled from channel should it persist.

Why are we so strict on this issue in this channel? The founder of the game lives in Ohio that has very strict child pornography laws.

  14. Log all fights both ic and ooc. Logs are used to prove different issues. If no one logs a fight IC the kill/actions is not provable. And second log your pm discussions if you so feel that you are going to make a complaint against another mun.

15. If you have a storyteller assigned or requested and you feel that the storyteller is not acting in your best interest you can bring it to the ops… however, going form storyteller to storyteller to get what you want is not kosher and you will be disciplined.


  Right_hand_job’s rep Left_hand_Jockey is not helping Right_hand_job with his character within his auspice and tribe and is withholding XP’s from said character unfairly.

Right_hand_job’s mun thinks he should be able to learn out of auspice out of tribe gifts to create super

 Right_hand_job. He goes to his rep Left_hand_Jockey and she refuses because it is out of auspice for said character… He goes shopping to Wise^Wolf and asks to see if Wise^Wolf will allow the gifts; if he does Right_hand_Job will ask for a rep transfer…

Vamp player is told no and goes to from OP/St to op until s/he gets one to agree with him/her. This will not be tolerated.

  16. Storyteller Rules... All storylines have to be aproved by the head storyteller. If the Storyline is going to involve cross genre i.e.

A. a mage story line affecting vamp you need to get both the vamp and mage head ST's aproval...

B. If the storyline is going to affect Shifters or changeling you must seek permission from those Story tellers as well.

Darkshadows is a complex channel with may plots and subplots going on. You could totally affect another game with your storylines.

Shifters Head ST.... Jeff Aka Petrov

Vamp Head ST....Mary (too many nicks to say)

Changling Head ST ..... Clara

Gypsy Head ST.....Lisa

Demon Head ST.... Steve

Hunter Head ST.... Pat

Sabbat Head ST....Mark