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Legend Key:

*Character Actions*

Storyteller and Narrator Notes

"Regular Speech"


*April Ghostfoot walks out into the umbral baun from the massive tents dressed in her Wendigo leathers holding her war lance*

*April Ghostfoot holds up her warlance high over her head letting out a first how calling for the galliards*

*Fiona Sinclair bounds into the moot, humming a bit.*

*Daniel` makes his way into the heart of the caern, dressed in white robes similar to Ewan's, not a fancy, not as pretty, but similar in style and cut. The CoG and Philodox glyphs are embroidered on the front*

*Halden is actually there already. me is dressed in a white dress shirt with black blue jeans and his black leather jacket. His boots are polished and he is cleaned up for the moot.*

*Fiona Sinclair carries her bag with her, but is wearing, holy crap, a skirt. She's dressed all in white, the skirt a gauzy, handkerchief type, falling to her ankles. A lacy, camisole top is paired with the skirt. Her dark hair is pulled back into a braid.*

*Ekko steps through, in full pirate regalia, though she doesn't look entirely comfortable any more.. she looks around then frowns and turns around *<q> "Not again.." *she waits there*

*Ewan is there in his spot looking over the people gathering his Roman robes have a purple sash to show his nobility. *

*Kynthia she sidesteped....into the Umbra..her hair pulled back and braided a white feather has been braided into the end of the long braid......a beautiful emerald green robe is worn intricately embroidered with golden thread that shimmers with many glyphs and symbols.....crescent moon and the fury glyph stand out ..her twin labrys sheathed on her back and her theurge pouch attached to the belt ....her arms bare... ... except for the golden arm cuffs that start at her wrist and cover her forearm.....engraved in ancient symbols.....her feet are covered in sandals and the lacing is wrapped up and around her calves*

*Jeremy enters, dressed in a dark suit, expensive thing, light blue dress shirt, dark blue tie. Gold cuff links with COG glyphs engraved on them.*

*Draka pops in after a few moments, grumbling to Ekko, re-linking arms with her, walking further with her, nodding respectfully to those he sees*

the Silver Fang visitors have gathered in an outer circle and are allowing all sept members to enter first.

*Lainie Corwin slips in shortly after them quietly*

*Ekko smiles and takes his arm again, she moves with him and looks around, pondering having nifty clothes like everyone else has and tilts her head looking them over, her modest jewellery just the two bracelets on her wrist, her necklace and ring.. it isn't all flashy like, she hmms thoughtfully as they move, furrowing her brow a little... in worry*

*Draka wears his usual... blue jeans, black boots, t-shirt and leather jacket, onyx raven necklace around his neck, dagger sheathed at his hip, he moves to a clear spot, releasing Ekko's arm so she may join her pack, kissing the top of her head softly, murmuring to her,*<sv>"Love you you bull headed brat."

*Shadow_wind shows eventually, side by side with her companion spirit, summer breeze.*

*Adrienne had sidestepped while mun was afk and forgot to post. She wears her crisp white ceremonial robes of flowing and layered white linen. Her hair is pinned up neatly and out of the way, with pins that cannot be seen unless one physically goes through her hair with their fingers.*

*Kaitana arrives in her ceremonial dark robes in the full stature and presence of an Ahroun. She bears her fetishes and marks of office proudly as she walks with her septmates to the moot gathering. Her face is the intent and serious mien demanded by this most important Rite and her gaze finds each in order of rank and station providing each a respectful nod or bow as their renown demands.*

*April Ghostfoot looks around for one of the galliards*

*Draka nods in return to Kaitana once she nods to him*

*Ekko rumbles to Draka * <q> "I love you too.. male Fenrir.." *she sticks out her tongue, that's all that needed to be said to be considered insulting to her..s he kisses his cheek then turns and heads over to where they usually stand.. as long as Halden is there.. she moves behind him*

*Nakita`` pads in looking around.*

*Halden looks over to April.*

*Draka chuckles at Ekko's words, stretching, glancing to Jeremy, moving to take up a spot with him for their tiny pack*

*April Ghostfoot points the lance at Halden nodding*

*Ekko pulls her hat off and tosses it to the ground, she slides her coat off and drapes it over a chair and starts to roll the big sleeves of her musketeer shirt up as if she's getting ready to do some stressful physical activity*

*Jeremy smiles to Draka, the two of them there out of all of the alleged army that he was building. He misses KaiYang and Aiden*

*Kaitana crosses her arms and folds her hands inside the sleeves of her robe, the gold band in her hair twinkles dimly as she says a silent prayer to the spirits of the sept thanking them for this gathering that finds them all together like this.*

*Halden will step forward raising his hands for silence.*

*Adrienne is already silent.*

*Kynthia will moves toward April and will and bow respectfully to Ewan then to April and take a place near the she watches quietly*

*Ekko watches him, when he first tries she'll hold her bottle of water out for Halden....*

*Lainie Corwin looks over to Halden quietly*

*Halden will begin by shifting up into his large Crinos form there is a slight cracking but he opens his mouth wide and a lone long howls will part into the air.*

*Daniel` moves in silence. Jeremy also respects the ceremony and is silent. A white tiger and a black wolf lurk on the edges of the sept members group.*

*Ekko shrugs and since he doesn't appear inclined to take the offer she steps back more and listens.. course she needed to step back anyway since he got all huge*

*Halden will push his expressive voice off into the umbra and hold the howls for a almost unnatural period letting the seriousness of an event such as a moot be expressed.*

*Nakita`` looks up at Halden.*

A black widow spider will crawl up on Jeremy's shoulder if Jay is not here.

*Halden will raise his hands for the other present to Join him and add to the Chorus of the Howl as he still holds his voice.*

*Jeremy if he notices the spider, will greet her with a simple nod*

*Ekko looks to Halden, she rumbles and shifts to breed form behind him and lifts her head after a deep breath to add to his howl in chorus*

*Draka tilts his head back and howls along with Halden when he makes the gesture to do so*

*Kynthia she joins in and lifts her head as she howls*

*Jeremy and Daniel both add their voices to the Howl. The black wolf lifts her head in wolfsong as well*

All other's there join in the howl

*Kaitana cocks her head back shifting instantly to the towering fierce aparition that is her natural form and will let out a long proud howl bespeaking the glory of the Emerald Mother and the willingness of her children to stand together as they are in her defence.*

*Fiona Sinclair also lifts her voice into the howl*

*Lainie Corwin joins in as well*

The Howls will hang in the air echoing off into the Umbra Until Halden Suddenly lowers his hands in a dramatic action and allow his voice to cut out.

All those there who are not accounted for will stop when Halden does.

*Ekko watches Halden and perks her ears, when he gestures she stops and licks her muzzle, looking around to all, and decides to stay in her natural form.. she stands there in crinos to observe*

*Draka cuts his voice, panting softly after the long howl...settling to a seat in the grass afterwards*

*Fiona Sinclair stills her voice, watching Halden*

*Lainie Corwin stops*

*Kynthia she ends her howl as he signalled*

*Halden will bow to everyone then bow to April some how the Fenris was able to hold that howl for the entirety of that time.*

*Halden will then move back to his place with his pack.*

*Halden is now known as Ewan*

*Ekko gives Halden a sniff before she looks back on, moving to be behind him with the rest of the pack*

*Draka bows his head in respect towards Halden*

*Amber Tyme listens as everyone howls staying over by Ewan. She is wearing a long white sundress her firey red hair down for the night.*

*Fiona Sinclair has shifted, sitting with Halden and the Sentinels*

*Son slinks towards the gathering, looking slightly worse for wear or at least, highly paranoid. He slinks up towards Kaitana and rests at her feet, the slight lupus peers around with pale blue eyes.*

April Ghostfoot:  “We have gathered in this sacred place of Gaia, having called our brothers and sisters of Gaia, and we now call our brothers and sisters of Luna.”

*Ekko_Crinos moves to sit down as well, glancing around suspiciously then back and listens*

*Kaitana nods to Son.*

*Draka nods lightly to Son as he slinks over to Kaitana, shifting his eyes back to April*

April Ghostfoot: “We call forth the sacrid spirits, that guide and aid us, that live and walk with us, so they may share in this ceremony.”

*Son peers up at Kaitana, then back to Draka, he remains quiet and doesn't move much, his hair standing up on end.*

*April Ghostfoot turns to the east* "East Wind! Bringer of the dawn of clear air! East Wind! You who showed us the mirror side, the other side of the Velvet Curtain, come to us! We thank you for your clear thought and bright light."

*Kynthia her attention is on the rites mistress as she watches and listens as she summons the sacred spirits*

*Draka listens, observing quietly*

*Aiden Moves up dressed in a pair of slacks, and a casual shirt. He takes a seat next to Draka and Jeremy, quietly shuffling in and doing his best not to be disruptive...Also, Brendon's up there, in the trees, peering down at the moot.*

with that a wolf spirit pads over and sits on the east its fur gleaming black in the moonlight

*Draka shifts his eyes to aiden, quirking an eyebrow, before flicking his eyes back to the spirit*

*Ekko_Crinos sits there and watches the spirit stuff, and around..*

*Kynthia will stay silent but bow her head respectfully to the wolf spirit*

*April Ghostfoot turns to the south*  "South Wind! Bringer of the eternal fire! South Wind! You who gave us the fire of rage within, that we may strike swiftly against our enemies, come to us! We thank you for your fiery anger and your guardian protection!"

*Kai-Yang arrives, glancing around the moot gathering. He glances towards the area where the guests are seating, then over towards Jeremy and Draka.*

with that the fire elemental a great firebird lands on the south side looking north

*Jeremy smiles and gestures very subtly with a motion of his head to come and join them.*

*Kaitana sees a spirit of her element and bows respectfully to the firebird as it arrives.*

*Kynthia she bows to the elemental spirit*

*Kai-Yang moves quietly and respectfully over towards Jeremy and the rest of his pack, taking a seat.*

*April Ghostfoot turns to the west*  "West Wind! Bringer of the rain! West Wind! You who gave us the Changing Ways, come to us! We thank you for the many shapes you’ve shared with us!"

*Ewan will keep his head bowed in honor to all the spirits equally.*

with that a hare spirit pads up and sits on the west side, a powerful white doe.

*Amber Tyme keeps her head bowed honouring the spirits arriving.*

*Draka nods respectfully as the next spirit appears, he nods to Aiden in greeting, having forgotten to do so, waving lightly to Kai*

*Daniel` and the rest all respond with respect and humility towards the spirits, bowing heads properly*

*Kai-Yang smiles and nods to Draka*

*Jeremy tries to make eye contact with Aiden to get him to join the pack too*

*April Ghostfoot turns to face the north* "North Wind! Bringer of cold from the mountain! North Wind! You who brought us the Gifts and the Sacred Ways, come to us! We thank you for your great wisdom and great strength!

*Aiden O`Riely nods back to Draka, then glances to Jeremy, and Kai, offering a silent greeting as well. He yawns slightly, then looks back to the spirits. Aiden's sitting next to Draka and Jeremy already.*

*Kaitana pays proper homage as each of the spirit children of Gaia appear, showing them respect and deference.*

*Amber Tyme trembles holding onto Ewan's hand.*

*Ewan will hold Amber's hand.*

with a gust of the great north wind, a Pegasus spirit lands bowing its head towards the center of the circle standing on the north side.

*Kynthia will bow again to the hare spirit ...acknowledging each spirit as they appear*

*Ekko_Crinos lowers her ears and bows her head to the Pegasus spirit as she sits there*

*Draka nods respectfully to the Pegasus*

*Lainie Corwin will also give respect to spirits as they come*

*Adrienne will bow her head respectfully to all of the spirits as they arrive.*

*Kynthia she bows her head to Pegasus spirit as it appeared*

*April Ghostfoot stands Hands held high, eyes closed*  "Inner Wind! Bringer of blessings from Gaia, from within us! You who hold our Mother’s power within us, come to us all! We thank you for your spirit, and your inner peace."

*Lainie Corwin slips around to join Jeremy and Draka*

with that unicorn appears in the center of the circle looking around at those gathered. before rearing up letting out a loud whinny

*Ewan closes his eyes and feel the umbra about himself feeling the Spiritual world about him and taking in it's essence.*

*Jeremy bows deeply to Unicorn, as does Daniel*

*Draka bows his head respectfully to the unicorn spirit when it appears*

*Kai-Yang will bow respectfully*

*Kaitana bows to the Unicorn and blows in the direction of it's face in solemn greeting.*

*Lainie Corwin bows to the unicorn spirit before her*

*Amber Tyme bows to the Unicorn*

*Kynthia she smiles and bows her head respectfully to the unicorn*

*Shadow wind bows her head to the spirits that come.*

*Ewan keeps his head bowed to honour the spirit that have come.*

*Ekko_Crinos scratches her neck and keeps her head down, listening an waiting*

*Aiden O`Riely pats his pockets, looking for a pack of cigarettes that was never awakened >.<, he glances to his pack, then back to the spirits and leans back.*

*Shadow wind will shift then, letting out a howl for the dwindling kin.*

*Draka blinks as Wind howls suddenly*

*Amber Tyme opens her eyes looking over at Wind*

*Hale will shoot a glance at Wind.*

*Ekko_Crinos perks her ears...and looks at Wind oddly..*

*Ewan will look over as Wind breaks the silence of the ritual.*

*Adrienne blinks and looks at Wind.*

April Ghostfoot: “The lupis howl is done by any or all of the lupis born of the caern. it is in honor of those lupis kin and the dwindling wyld. “

*Aiden O`Riely shakes his head towards Wind, then leans back again, and looks towards the spirits. Son's still cowering by Kaitana's feet. The bird's still up in the trees, staying quiet, but defiantly twitching.*

*Edelamar watches Wind and pushed down a look of insault.*

*Ekko_Crinos perks her ears and glances at Edelmar and then looks on, wondering*

*April Ghostfoot clears her throat*

April Ghostfoot: “Garou shall NOT mate with garou!”

*April Ghostfoot slowly starts walking the circle*

*Draka tilts his head a bit, furrowing his brow.. wondering why this is being brought up at the moot*

*Kaitana stands silent and tall, arms crossed and back straight as the litany is read.*

*Kai-Yang raises an eyebrow at April's interjection*

*Shadow wind returns to homid, leaning against breeze, watching April, and no one else.*

*Kynthia she heard the howl and lofted a brow nothing else could be seen outwardly as she listens to April*

*Daniel` listens at the reading of the litany*

*Edelmar says nothing*

April Ghostfoot: “Combat the wyrm where ever it breeds, where ever it dwells”

*Adrienne says nothing, does nothing, just watches April as she continues on.*

April Ghostfoot: “RESPECT the territory of another.”

*Kai-Yang nods, seeing where April is going with this, he thinks*

*Ekko_Crinos crosses her arms over her chest and lifts her head slightly, glancing at Edelmar strangely a bit*

*Draka flicks his eyes over the gathered crowd, sitting quietly*

*Fiona Sinclair lofts a brow.*

*Ewan will just sit back.*

April Ghostfoot: “Accept an honourable surrender.”

*April Ghostfoot looks to Ewan nodding*

April Ghostfoot: “SUBMISSION to those above your station. “

April Ghostfoot: “The first share of the kill to the highest in station.”

*April Ghostfoot nods again to Ewan*

April Ghostfoot: “Yea shall not eat the flesh of humans.”

*April_Ghostfoot glances around*

*April_Ghostfoot looks at kynthia*

April Ghostfoot: “Respect those beneath you, all are of Gaia.”

*April Ghostfoot looks around again sternly* "The Veil shall not be lifted"

*April Ghostfoot looks to Ekko*

*Kynthia listens as she watches the rites mistress*

April Ghostfoot: “Do not suffer others to tend to your sickness.”

*Ekko_Crinos watches the theurge and listens on*

April Ghostfoot: “The leader may be challenged anytime during peace”

*April Ghostfoot looks around again*

April Ghostfoot: “The leader may NOT be challenged during a time of war.”

*Kai-Yang ponders the specifics of the rite-mistress' emphasis, glancing softly around as she does*

April Ghostfoot: “You shall take NO actions that cause a caern to be violated.”

April Ghostfoot: “These are the laws of the garou, these are the laws this caern lives by first and foremost. This moot is now open.”

*Daniel` wonders what happened with the litany interpretations submitted by all the philodox.*

*Amber Tyme listens to April speak.*

April Ghostfoot: “Tomorrow opens the cracking of the bones, be prepared."