Cris Chaos

Name: Cris (Last Name Unknown)

Alias: Cris Chaos

Affiliation: Good Mostly

Sex: Female

Height: 5,9

Weight: 125

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Brown Red

Age: (Optional)


Entropy (Cris can cause thing to just kind of happen, like someone’s gun to jam or for a car to suddenly skid into someone running after her, this on the other hand doesn’t help if the person has another gun or if the car running into them is only a minor inconvince.) 

Luck (Cris can also cause thing to happen in people’s favor, like her own. She can bend the odds to work with her not against her.)

Note: Both Entropy and Luck can back fire on her, she’s manipulating chaos and random events, these things don’t like to be put into order so some times they might have good things happen to those that she’s trying to do harm to or bad things happen to her when she’s trying to make good things happen.

Teleport (she can go from one place to another though she seldom ends up in the right place.  She can also randomly teleport herself somewhere witch always seem to work much better.)

Time Travel (Cris never uses this, it’s makes her horribly ill and loose a good part of her memories.  She’s used it once to get to the past.  She might not even have this power.)

Athletic (Cris is also very athletic and can do the jumping from roof top to roof top, but this isn’t in anyways a superpower.)


Summary: Cris believes she’s come back from the future to kill her father; unfortunately she only has a hand full of memories to go on, and doesn’t even remember her last name.   Cris commands Chaos, or well at least can try from time to time.  She can never say what will happen or if something will even happen.  

Cris suffers from a major bipolar disorder and maybe even a multiple personality disorder; her moods can some time change her personality completely.  Because Cris is so unstable maybe she’s just insane and doesn’t come from the future at all? Maybe she comes from another dimension being unable to control her Chaos powers, maybe the man she’s come to kill doesn’t exist at all.   Or maybe she’s just from a ward of an insane asylum.


            I’m spinning I know that much, I’m spinning like a top in mid air.  I can feel the air and I can smell ocean (it’s making me sick.)  

            Now I’m falling, that’s making me sick as well.    I’m in water now. Maybe I’m drowning.

            Maybe I’m going to die?   I feel soil under my hands now the darkness is breaking and I’ve found land.  I crawl out of the water and feel the air I gasp and begin to throw up.  

            I hate Time travel, it makes me sick, and I think maybe I’ve done it once before but never this far back.  Never have I travel so far like this.   The source of my power doesn’t like it either; it’s punishing me for it.

            My body might be splitting apart if feels a bit like that.

            “Are you alright?” there’s a man sitting on the pier fishing; maybe I’ve startled him.

             I get to my feet, my stomach is empty but my body is still aching.  “I’m fine.”  Focusing is hard, very hard.

            “Did you get messed up at a party, you one of them goth kids?” he asks, he sounds half disgusted and have worried.

            Goth, I like the ring of that though.  I smile and feel warm again, “Goth kid yep, hey what day is it?”

            “Tuesday…” he says sounding a bit shocked.”

            “Oh good Tuesday sounds like a spiffy day, where am I?”

            “New York?”

            “Sounds great, New I like that.” I begin to walk into the city, soaking wet but sure he’ll be some where in this time.

            I suddenly start to feel a bit depressed know that I’ll have to kill him, I can’t remember why all I know is that daddy’s done something horrible, something that can’t be forgiven, something that can’t be stopped…. daddy needs to die.